# How to Set Up Autoresponder Email Notifications

If you want to send an instant, pre-written email to every visitor who successfully fills in the data input on your popup and subscribes to your mailing list, then what you need is to set up an autoresponder email.

Here’s how:

1. Create a new popup by clicking “New Campaign” or select an existing popup campaign on the “Campaigns” screen on the dashboard.

create a new campaign

2. Then, from the “Customize” step, go to the “Form” element of your popup.

selecting form element

3. On the “Notifications” part, turn on the “Autoresponder” toggle.

turning on the autoresponder toggle

4. Then, click “Edit your autoresponder” to set up your autoresponder by filling in the sender name, reply to, subject, and email body parts.

edit your autoresponder part

The sender’s name can be your name or company name.

5. Add your company’s email address (it can be a no-reply address, too) into the “Reply-To” field. Enter the Subject. This will be your autoresponder email’s subject line. The bottom box is the main body of the email template. You can edit, format, and style it as you like.

editing autoresponder email notifications

The “Smart Tags” dropdown menu consists of the system field tags and the unsubscribe tag. From the “Smart Tags” modal, you can add smart tags to your autoresponder email notifications as well.

Note: Popupsmart pulls the data for the tags from popup system fields. For example, the email address tag () dynamically changes into the entered email on the popup when sent. Tags do not replace dynamically on the builder.

Note: You can also set up autoresponder email notifications by going to the “Settings” part and scrolling down to the “Respondent Email Notification” part as shown below:

respondent email notification on settings part

The setup process is the same as we have explained above.

If you have any questions about setting up autoresponder email notifications, Contact us via live chat or email us at [email protected].