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  • STEP #1Choose your and template

    Choose your desire according to Your needs.

  • STEP #2Customize and target

    Select popup design that fit your business goal.

  • STEP #3Publish, analyse and integrate.

    Customize your campaigns without technical knowledge and publish them instantly.

Solutions for your use cases

Popupsmart provides the most conversion ready feature to get more leads via popups.

  • Grow Email List
  • Collect Form Submission
  • Increase Phone Calls
  • Promote Your Products
  • Show Up Notifications
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  • Grow Email List arrow pointing to the right
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  • Collect Form Submission arrow pointing to the right
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Core Features


Create attractive, impressive popups and customize them easily.

  • Brand New Designs
  • 4 Popup Types
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to Customize
  • GDPR Ready


Segment your visitors based on user experience and behavior.

  • Exit-Intent Trigger
  • In-Activity Sensor
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Scroll Trigger
  • After X Seconds


Integrated with your third-party apps.

  • Local Storage
  • Zapier
  • Mailchimp
  • Mailerlite
  • Google Analytics


Get the data to boost your conversion rates.

  • Conversion Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Smart Success
  • GA Events
  • GA Goal Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should use Popupsmart?

    is a potent conversion optimization tool; therefore, it is suitable for marketing agencies, bloggers, e-commerce websites, and all medium-scale and smallscale companies.

    Let me explain it differently. If your business goals include growing email list, increasing phone calls, designing a website that is compliant with cookie laws, collecting form submissions, promoting your products, and showing up notifications, you definitely need Popupsmart’s conversion-driven popups on your website.

  • What is required to use Popupsmart?

    You are not required anything to use Popupsmart. All you need to do is to , design a popup or select one of our predesigned popup templates, and embed the popup code to your website.

    Popupsmart can be installed on every website platform on the internet. Moreover, we offer integrations with the most powerful digital solution providers.

  • Do I need to have coding skills to use Popupsmart?

    No, you don’t need to have any coding skills to have great popups on your website via Popupsmart. You may create your popup via , and the only requirement including a code is to paste the embed code to your website’s source code that you obtain at the end of the editing process.

  • Do I need to have design skills to design popups with Popupsmart?

    No, you don’t need to have design skills to design stunning popups with . We offer more than 35 free popup templates that alter according to your selected business objective. You can choose one template and customize it as you wish. There will also be some design limits and recommendations for you to build

  • Why should I choose Popupsmart over similar popup apps?

    You should choose to work with Popupsmart over similar popup apps because our popup service is the most cost-effective one. We offer 7/24 free live chat opportunity. Also, our advanced features are great for driving conversions to your website. 

  • What are the advanced features of Popupsmart?

    Perfect designs - easy to customize popup designs, no coding knowledge required, powerful display sounds and effects, fully responsive popup designs, browser compliant popups, GDPR-ready popup templates.

     exit-intent triggers, scroll triggers, geo-located targeting, in-activity censor, traffic source targeting, device-based targeting, remarketing opportunity.

    Flawless integration opportunities - , MailerLite and Popupsmart integration, ,

    Actionable insights - Instant event and goal tracking, real-time engagement statistics.

  • Can I get free help while getting started with Popupsmart?

    Our success team would love to assist you with getting setup on your website. We are also aware of that setup process may confusing; therefore, we offer free help for building your first popup campaign and embedding it to your website.

    Additionally, our digital specialists would like to help you in every matter of obtaining success in digital. Do not hesitate to communicate with us via live chat on 7/24!

  • Does Popupsmart offer annual payment plans?

    Yes, offers annual payment plans, but you cannot purchase a yearly redemption plan from the . If you demand to have an annual agreement, contact us via live chat to start our partnership for your organization’s conversion with up to 30% discount.

  • Will Popupsmart slow down my website?

    The answer is a big no! is carefully developed with performance in mind. Our embed code performs in a way that your website load time does not change.

  • Can I use Popupsmart on client sites?

    Yes, you can create popups for your client websites via . You can sign up for our to get additional features such as custom fonts, custom CSS, display sounds, display effects, and dedicated success manager. Then, you have all you need to deliver a top-notch experience for your clients.

  • How to grow your email list with popups?

    You can while providing the best user experience with  and conversion-ready popups.

  • Should I increase phone calls with popups?

    You may acquire phone call popups, which will increase your call traffic. It is also an excellent incentive to encourage traditional-minded users to buy online. are mobile compatible; hence, the website calls ara mostly made from mobile devices.

  • Should I collect form submissions with popups?

    You can gather personal information of your visitors with Popupsmart, , to know your users better and segment them according to their engagement activities.

  • Should I promote my products with popups?

    You may market your products by pointing the right segment in your target market. Offering something irresistible like coupons and discounts via Popupsmart’s would make your visitors take the desired action of your business.

  • Should I show up notifications with popups?

  • How to create a popup in 3 minutes?

    1. or create one if you have not already.
    2. Select a business objective to see goal optimized popup designs.
    3. Design a popup campaign from the “Design” tab on the Smart Editor.
    4. With the “Display” tab, determine when you want to show popups to visitors, and to which audience group you want to show your popup campaigns.
    5. Make integration with applications such as MailChimp and Zapier. Also, it is possible to connect your Popupsmart account with a webhook.
    6. See the number of popup impressions, popup displays, actual conversions, and your campaign’s conversion rates in the “Analytics” tab.
    7. Embed the popup code to your website source code.
    (Paste the code between body tags)

  • How to create a GDPR-compliant cookie popup?

    Here are ;

    • Consisting of specific information about data types,
    • Presenting clear information about the purposes of cookies,
    • Explaining tracking technologies in use on the website,
    • Requesting before the settings of cookies in users’ browsers,
    • Clearly stating which action will signify consent,
    • Having a link to your Cookie Policy, which includes the details of cookie usage, purpose, and related third-party activities.
    • Giving users the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of various types of cookies,
    • Enabling users to make subsequent changes anytime,
    • Letting users withdraw their consent whenever they want,
    • Recording and sending the data to be stored as evidence securely.

    Would not you like to have cookie law compliant, ready-to-use cookie consent popup on your website in 3 minutes? Then, use .

  • Why should I use popups?

    The main reason for getting a on your website is to provide a compelling call-to-action.

    Rather than that, popups interrupt your visitors while they try to leave the website, which puts an engagement opportunity front and center.

    Popups can also break inattention blindness and encourage an online conversion.

  • How do popups convert?

    Popups can grow your email list, drive blog subscriptions, promote your content, and fuel lead generation. What I mean is yes, . The average conversion rate for popups is 3.09%, which is almost equal to PPC ads!

  • How do you make a popup?

    Your developer can create a popup by using CSS and javascript code. Or, you may cooperate with  to have conversion-ready, stunning designed popups on your website.

  • What is the difference between lightbox popup and full-screen popup?

    A lightbox popup is a popup that appears on top of the page content, and the rest of the page will seem darker, while the full-screen popup is a popup that fits the browser screen of a user.

    You may have a lightbox or full-screen popup on your website by obtaining a .

  • How to create exit-intent popup?

    2. Click the “Create New Popup” button.
    3. Design your popup campaign.
    4. Go to the “Visitor Behavior” feature under the “Display” tab. Determine an “On Exit Intent” intensity.
    5. Save and publish it on your website.

  • How does exit-intent popup work on desktop and mobile?

    On the desktop, the website tracks the mouse movement of a visitor. As the mouse is moving to the “exit” tab, the popup is displayed.

    On the other hand, on mobile, the website tracks the scroll behavior of a visitor. As the visitor suddenly scrolls up the related page, the popup is displayed.

    Popupsmart’s exit-intent technology perfectly works for both desktop and mobile devices. 

  • Can a popup affect SEO?

    Yes, .

    Google’s aim is always to improve the user experience. It believes intrusive interstitials lower experience and impact bounce rate, exit rate, and even time-on-site of a website.

     If your popup is considered as intrusive interstitials, Google will not let you rank higher. So, be careful when you select a popup service.  offers conversion-ready popups that comply with Google’s requirements.

  • How to create a popup in Wordpress without a plugin?

    Here is explained  
    1. Create your free account in Popupsmart. 
    2. Click “Create a New Popup.” Do not forget to enter your campaign name and your website URL. 
    3. Select your business objective to see related popup designs. 
    4. Design your popup via Popupsmart’s Smart Editor. 
    5. Determine display options on how your popup should appear. 
    6. Integrate your popup with MailChimp, Zapier, or connect to a webhook. 
    7. Click “Save and Publish” on the right corner of Smart Editor. 
    8. Copy the popup code for Wordpress to your clipboard. 
    9. Go to the “Appearance” section of your Word Press account.
    10. Click on “Theme Editor” in the below of Appearance on the left navigation bar. 
    11. Reach to the “Theme Header” code page below “Theme Files” on the right side of the page. 
    12. Paste the code provided by the popup publish-page before closing the “head” tag. 
    13. Click on the “Update File” button.

  • How to make a popup in Webflow?

    Have a via Popupsmart, a better ;

    1. Log in to your Popupsmart account.
    2. Design your popup campaign.
    3. After you have completed the editing process, copy the provided code to your clipboard.
    4. Go to “Custom Code” section on your Webflow website admin panel.
    5. Paste the popup code and click “Save Changes.”

  • How to add a popup to Squarespace?

    Have a via Popupsmart, a better ;

    1. Log in to your Popupsmart account.
    2. Build your popup campaign.
    3. After you have finished with the editing process, copy the provided code to your clipboard.
    4. Go to “Advanced Settings” on your Squarespace website admin panel.
    5. Click “Code Injection”, insert the popup code, and save.

  • How to create a popup in Wix?

    Have a via Popupsmart, a better ;

    1. Log in to your Popupsmart account.
    2. Create your popup campaign.
    3. After you have completed the editing process, copy the provided code to your clipboard.
    4. Go to “Settings” on your Wix website’s admin panel.
    5. Click “Advanced Settings”, “+New Tool” and select “Custom.”
    6. Paste the popup code and click on “Save.”

  • What are the best popup plugins for Wordpress?

    • MailOptin
    • Popup Maker
    • Popup Builder
    • Icegram
    • Popups
    • Better Coupon Box
    • Checkout Boost
    • Boost Sales
    • Hustle
    • Ninja
    • Sumo
    • Popup Ally 

    To , go to the related article!

  • What are the best popup apps for Shopify?

    • Abandonment Protector
    • Quick Announcement Bar
    • Better Coupon Box
    • Sales Pop
    • Pop-Up Window
    • Pixelpop Popups & Banners
    • Popup Upsell on Exit & Visit
    • Privy
    • MailMunch
    • Popup
    • Justuno Popups & Exit Offers

    To , click!

  • How to start learning about email marketing?

    Email marketing has an average return on investment (ROI) of 3800%. This is why you definitely need email marketing to decrease the cost per conversion.

    If you have not begun to learn email marketing yet, we recommend you to read our , which explains all the aspects of email marketing in detail.

  • How to grow my email list?

    The most precious solution for both building and growing an email list is to have popups that offer something valuable in exchange for the email address of website visitors, and that includes an attention-grabbing call-to-action.

    Rather than that, go to the  to learn more about the subject!

  • How to calculate email marketing ROI?

    Email marketing ROI (%) = (Gained Value from Email Campaign – Spent Amount for Email Marketing) / (Spent Amount for Email Marketing)

    Email marketing ROI is an essential indicator of the success of your digital campaign. You can use  without a sign-up requirement.

  • How to calculate popup marketing ROI?

    Popup marketing ROI (%) = (Revenue from Popup Campaign - Spent Amount for Popup Campaign) / (Spent Amount for Popup Campaign)

     enables you to estimate the total profit of your investment on a popup builder.

  • How is the conversion rate calculated?

    (Total Attributed Conversions / Total Measured Clicks) * 100

    To textualize the formula, think of like that if your  is 20%, it means 20 out of 100 people visiting your website, convert.

  • How to convert website visitors into customers?

    Popupsmart is an excellent conversion optimization toolkit to enable you to convert visitors into customers.

    Rather than that, go to the detailed article called “” to learn more about how to obtain conversions.


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