What is a Success Popup? How Does it Work?

A success popup will be displayed when a visitor fills in the required input field or clicks on a button of the main popup.

1. After you create your main popup, you can add your success popup by clicking on the “Add new step” on the “Customize” step.

adding a new step button

2. You can choose your success popup's position, type, and layout.

customization steps of success popup

3. Don’t forget to save the changes once you’re happy with how your success popup looks.

save button of success popup

4. Now, we need a trigger to show the success popup. For this, go to the Main Popup. Select the button you want to add a trigger to.

main popup buttons

5. In the “Action” section of your button, choose “Show the Page.”

main popup button action

6. Select your success popup from the “Page” below.

🔔 Note: If you have two buttons, you can choose a different action for the other one, such as “Close.”

page step of main popup

🔔 Note: You can change your success popup’s name by clicking on the three dots as shown below.

changing thename of success popup

Your success popup will appear once visitors click on your button!

Have more questions about success popups? Feel free to contact us!