How to Create a Full Screen, Lightbox, and Floating Bar Popup

Popupsmart offers various popup types to ensure you convert customers without disturbing their user experience.

Following this guide, you can easily create a full-screen, lightbox, or floating bar popup on Popupsmart’s simple popup builder.

1. Create a new popup by clicking the “New Campaign” button. Enter your campaign name and choose a domain.

new campaign button on dashboard

2. You’ll see a wide range of templates on the next screen.

popup type selection

In the “Discover popup templates” section, you can choose a template from “Light popups,” “Fullscreen,” or “Floating Bar.”

Select a popup type and adjust its on-screen position according to where you want your popup to show up on your webpage.

The smart popup builder will instantly show how each popup type looks.

3. After choosing your popup type, customize your popup as you like. We have so many options that you can play with your popup as you want!

popup customization step

See our “How to Customize My Popup” article for more information.

4. Now, you can continue with the “Segment” and the “Publish” steps. Enjoy your conversions!

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