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Textpattern is an open-source content management system that offers website construction and all-purpose content management.

Popups are among the best triggers for raising your website’s conversion rate if you require a solution to persuade visitors to perform the necessary action.

You can make eye-catching popups with the popup builder Popupsmart and target your audience strategically to enhance interaction and increase conversion.

Create Your First Popup

How to Add a Popup to Textpattern CMS

1. Sign up to Popupsmart and sign in to your account.

Popupsmart Registration

2. Click on the “Embed Code” section to get your unique embed code.

Popupsmart Embed Code

3. An embed code modal will show up. Copy your Popupsmart embed code to the clipboard.

Copying Popupsmart Embed Code

4. Go to your Textpattern CMS website’s admin panel, click “Presentation,” and select “Pages.”

Selecting Pages on Textpattern CMS

5. Click on the “archive,” paste your embed code before the body tag, and save it.

Adding Embed Code to Archive Page on Textpattern CMS

6. Click on the “default” page, paste your embed code before the body tag, and click on the “Save” button.

Adding Embed Code to Default Page on Textpattern CMS

If you have other pages and want to add your embed code to them, you can apply the same method and save your changes.

7. Go to your Popupsmart dashboard and click on the “Websites” part from your profile menu.

Popupsmart Websites Dashboard

8. Click on “New Website” to add your Textpattern website.

Adding New Textpattern Website on Popupsmart

9. Enter your Textpattern website’s URL to the “Add a new website” part and save it.

Adding Textpattern Site on Popupsmart

10. Now, your Textpattern website is verified.

Verified Textpattern Website on Popupsmart
🔔 Important: If you see your website unverified, click the “Unverified” button, and from the opening modal, click “Verify website,” then return to your dashboard and click “Refresh.”

For further details about the verification of your website, see How to Verify Your Website.

11. Now, you can build your converting popup campaigns quickly! Click on the “New Campaign” button on the dashboard.

Creating a New Popup Campaign on Popupsmart

12. Create your popup campaign according to your needs and click on the “Save” and “Publish” buttons when satisfied with your popup design.

Publishing the Popup Campaign on Popupsmart

Voila! Your popup campaign has been published successfully.

Textpattern CMS Popup FAQ

Do I need coding skills to add Textpattern CMS popup via Popupsmart?

No! You can add popups to your Textpattern CMS website without knowing how to code. A popup builder like Popupsmart makes it easy to add popups to Textpattern CMS sites. Simply add your embed code to the theme’s file editor and boost your conversions!

Can I create a Textpattern CMS lightbox popup with Popupsmart?

Sure! With Popupsmart, it’s simple to make a fully customizable Textpattern CMS lightbox popup.

Additionally, we offer a variety of popup designs, including full-screen and floating bar popups. Choose one that will work for your Textpattern CMS website and begin independently modifying it!

Can I create a Textpattern CMS mobile popup with Popupsmart?

Absolutely! Popups that you design using Popupsmart are responsive to mobile devices. This will enable you to effectively reach your target audience by including mobile-responsive popups on your Textpattern CMS website.

Can I create a Textpattern CMS popup contact form via Popupsmart?

Yes! Popupsmart makes it simple to develop Textpattern CMS popup contact forms. Using our drag-and-drop popup builder, you can add email inputs and other components to communicate effectively with your visitors.

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