How to Add a Privacy Policy on Popupsmart?

Do you want to put a privacy policy statement on your popup to build trust with your customers?

You can do that using Popupsmart with ease by following the instructions below.

1. Go to the "Customize" section on the popup builder. Then, add a form input element or choose the form element on your popup.

form customize

2. After choosing the form, you need to add a new form input under the Content section of the Form.

add new form input

3. Select "Notice and Consent" from the "Add a New Form Input" section.

notice and consent

4. Write your privacy policy text & customize your text according to your needs. Also, you can toggle on "Required" to request your visitors' consent to your privacy policy by adding your required message as well.

privacy policy content

When you finish editing your “Notice and Consent” button, click the Save & Publish buttons.

See "How to Customize My Popup" for further details about customizing your popup's elements.

You can earn your visitors' trust by being open and clear about your business's privacy policies now!

Have more questions about adding a privacy policy on your popups? Feel free to contact us!