How to Add Lottery Ball Gamification on The Popup?

Lottery ball gamification is one thing your visitors need to be used to seeing, in a very good way. The unique look and action of this kind of popup will boost your engagements 100%.

That’s why now, let’s add some Lottery Ball Gamification to our popups!

1. After signing into your Popupsmart account, create a campaign on your dashboard or edit the existing campaigns.

create a new campaign

You can choose a blank popup or a ready-made template to customize among different types of popups.

We’re moving forward with a ready-made template to show how to add a lottery ball smoothly.

2. Lottery ball works in your popups, just like an image. First, if you have any image or Lottie on your popup, you need to delete it.

deleting image from popup

3. Then, click “Add a new element” and choose the Lottery Ball among the components.

selecting lottery ball element

You can drag and drop it from the left-hand panel until you’re happy with its location.

dragging lottery ball element to left column

4. From the “Game Settings,” you can customize the weighting factor, label, discount code, and success actions.

game settings of a lottery ball game

5. By clicking on “Create a new step,” you can create a “Success” page for winners or a “Failure” page that unlucky visitors will see.

creating success and failure steps

See “How to Create a Multi-step Popup?” for further information.

✅ Important: If you choose a ready-to-use template, customization will be super fast and professional-looking for each step.

6. In the Style section, select the Lottery Ball element to customize it with beautifully created theme colors.

adjusting lottery ball element on style step

7. Don’t forget to customize the “Success” and “Failure” steps according to your taste as well. In the example below, we customized the “Success” page.

customizing other steps of lottery ball popup

See “How to Customize Popup Style” for further details.

8. You can see how your popup looks on mobile and desktop; just click on the desktop and mobile icons above.

mobile view of popup campaign

🔔 Note: Don’t forget to save the changes to your popup and publish it if you are happy with the final look.

So, that’s how you can add a Lottery Ball to your popups easily!

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us!