How Debug Mode Works

If your popup has a problem, say it doesn’t appear on your website, you may quickly locate and resolve the issue on your own.

Popupsmart has a Debug Mode, which reports what’s working correctly or incorrectly with your campaign.

❗️Important: For the Debug Mode to work, you must first save and publish your campaign. The preview displays the problems with the most recent version.

In order to use the Debug Mode, you must also verify your website. Learn more about how to verify your website.

1. On the “Publish” step, next to the “Publish,” you will see a bug icon that says “Debug,” as shown below.

selecting debug mode on builder

2. By clicking on “Debug,” you can open your popup’s debug mode. The Debug Mode modal will appear on the popup preview window on your website. No one else will see it; it’s a preview.

debug mode on the website

To check your popup’s targeting settings, you can use this feature. It will show you what is wrong with your targeting settings so that you can fix them quickly.

Have further questions related to the debug mode feature? You can always contact us!