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Instapage is a landing page builder software with various practical solutions for online marketing campaigns.

Are you trying to find a better popup builder for your Instapage website to boost sales? Popupsmart is available to help you!

Popupsmart provides completely editable popup design templates that work with the Instapage platform. With the help of our advanced targeting options and display choices, you will be able to communicate with the appropriate members of your audience.

Create Your Instapage Popup for Free

How to Create a Instapage Popup with Popupsmart?

By following these steps, you can create an Instapage popup with Popupsmart quickly:

1. Create a Popupsmart account and sign in.

Popupsmart Registration Page

2. To obtain your unique embed code, click the “Embed Code.”

Embed Code Button

3. The Popupsmart embed code will be displayed in a modal. Copy your embed code to the clipboard.

Embed Code Window

4. Go to your Instapage website from the “Landing Pages” section and click on the “Edit Design” part.

Editing Instapage Website

5. From the “Settings” section, select “HTML/CSS.”

Selecting HTML/CSS on Instapage

6. Paste your embed code to the “Body” part and click on the “Save” and “Update” buttons.

Pasting Code to Body Part on Instapage

7. Next, go to your Popupsmart dashboard and click the “Websites” part under your profile.

Website Button on Account

8. To add your Instapage website, click the “New website” button.

Add Website Button

9. Enter your Instapage website in the “Add a new website” section, then click “Save.”

Instapage Website
🔔 If you see your website unverified, click the “Unverified” button, and from the opening modal, click “Verify website,” then return to your dashboard and click “Refresh.”

For further details about the verification of your website, see How to Verify Your Website.

10. To create a popup campaign, go to your dashboard and click the “New Campaign” button.

New Campaign Button

11. Create your popup campaign and adjust it, considering your needs. Then, click the “Publish” button on the left-hand panel when done.

Publish Your Popupsmart Campaign

12. Then, you will see a modal that says “Successfully Published.”

Publish Success

Instapage Popup FAQ

Do I need to install plugins to display an Instapage popup?

Not at all! Popupsmart lets you build Instapage popups without ever requiring you to set up any plugins or extensions. Simply copy and paste the following embed code into the template file for your website. That’s it!

Do Instapage popups cause slow-down in website speed?

Your website speed won’t be an issue if you use Popupsmart to build your popups. Popupsmart uses a single line of code, about 97 KB long, to run on your website. As a result, you can enjoy more conversions while your site loads quickly by using attractive popups.

Can I create a lightbox Instapage popup with Popupsmart?

You can, indeed! To make sure you get what you need for your Instapage website, Popupsmart offers a variety of popup types. You can design floating bars, full-screen popups, and lightbox Instapage popups.

Can an Instapage popup increase phone call traffic?

Absolutely! To experience it for yourself, sign up for a free Popupsmart account to create an Instapage phone call popup. Then, you can quickly boost your phone call traffic and form better relationships with your visitors.

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