Desktop & Mobile Views Working Method

Popupsmart not only offers popup solutions for desktops but also for mobile. It is a piece of cake to create mobile adaptable popups on Popupsmart’s simple builder.

1. From your dashboard, click on “New Campaign” to create your popup. Then, choose a template that fits your needs among various customizable templates.

create a new campaign

2. You need to click three dots next to the mobile icon to enable or disable mobile and desktop devices for your campaign.

enabling and disabling desktop and mobile view part

3. You can see how your popup looks on mobile devices by clicking the mobile device icon as shown below.

seeing mobile view of a popup campaign

Modify your popup by including the elements and styles you want.

Important: To help you to create perfectly designed mobile adaptable popups, all style changes are working together with the desktop view.

That way, you will be able to create popup campaigns that are responsive in both mobile and desktop devices.

Note: You can create separate popup campaigns by disabling the desktop view as we have explained above, if you want to show a different popup for mobile devices.

Have additional questions about mobile & desktop view working options? Contact us.