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What is October CMS?

October is a content management system (CMS) platform, initially released in 2014, designed to help developers create and edit a website.

October CMS home page
  • It is a free and self-hosted platform via which users can do tasks such as managing the text, image or video content, designing the look of their websites, tracking user sessions, hosting forums, and gathering visitor comments.
  • October CMS is preferred for its simplicity and advanced security. They claim to return website building or web design and development workflow, which have become complicated and confusing back to basics with simplicity.
  • Any website from simple promotional websites to high-load social networks can be built via October.

What are October CMS’ Features?

Some of the features of October CMS are:

1. Laravel PHP Framework

October is built on Laravel PHP Framework which is frequently updated with new PHP capabilities. As it does not impose any restrictions on page structure, CSS, or HTML markup, it allows web designers to freely create and design websites using their imagination.

2. Simple Template Engine

October uses Twig as its template engine which has a simple and modern template language. Twig allows developers to separate their data from the templates.

3. Organized Back-End Design

With its simple interface, October’s back-end design offers fundamental building blocks such as Pages, Partials, Layouts, and Components. Each building block is essential to create a website, and developers can use them without encountering any complexity.

4. Extendibility and Customization

October users or developers can extend and customize the CMS with separately installed plugins which can seamlessly integrate with its backend and front-end.

5. No Programming Skill Required

With its user-friendly interface, not only developers but also non-technical users can easily manage page contents, images, videos, other files with the WYSIWYG editor and edit website menus with plugins.

6. Growing Marketplace

Users can find third-part plugins and themes from October’s marketplace. Users can also develop their own plugins, reuse them, and share with the community in the marketplace.

7. Easily Applied Updates

October CMS provides regular safe core updates without breaking users’ websites. Users can easily apply updates with a single click.

8. Advanced Security

October CMS core is based on the Laravel framework, so the only file that can be accessed directly is index.php from the root directory. Any suspicious activity would be eliminated before it reaches the internals.

9. Translatable Content

With a free translate plugin, users can translate the contents.

10. Documentation for Easier Learning Process

As mentioned before, October CMS is user-friendly. With documentation and support, they make the learning processes of the interface and its usage easier for developers.