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What is a Floating Bar? - Floating Bar Definition

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Floating bar popup or floating bar campaign is a type of popup which is displayed as a bar on top or the bottom of a web page. It locks to its place and stays visible when a user scrolls through the page. Floating bar popup is one of the most used popup types by famous brands because it;

  • Grabs the visitors’ attention,
  • Does not disturb the users,
  • Does not block the web page content,
  • Does not lower the UX.

Using sticky floating bars on a website helps to promote campaigns without annoying users. Although we call floating bars ‘popups,’ they have some functional differences.

Floating bars, also known as hello bars, stick to the bottom or top of a web page and stay in their position when scrolled up and down. On the other hand, popups in general are windows that ‘pop up’ on the screen.

Just like other popup types such as sidebar popup and full-screen popup, floating bars prompt customers to take the desired action that leads to conversion (providing information, subscribing, making a purchase, etc.)

Why You Should Use Floating Bar Popups

When used correctly popups increase the conversion rate optimization. Floating bars provide a correct use of popup campaigns and help boost conversions. Here’s why:


Most people find popups annoying and intrusive. This is true in some cases when popups aren’t designed and used correctly. However, floating bars are not intrusive like traditional popups.

Take a look at our article about Popup UX Design to ensure your popup design is correct.

While traditional popups invade the whole page and prevent user engagement, floating bar popups do not hurt the user experience as they do not interrupt the visitor’s engagement on a web page.

Brings More Engagement

Floating bars work like sticky notes. They stick to the web page and reminds the visitors to take action or draws their attention to a campaign. However, floating bars do not come in between the content and the user while grabbing visitors’ eyes.

So, floating bars or hello bars gently stay in their positions without preventing visitors from engaging with a website.

Uses of Floating Bar

Floating bars are applicable to almost any campaign that aims at more conversions. Here are some of the floating bar uses:

  • Floating bars provide an easier way to grow email lists.
  • Floating bar popups or hello bars welcome visitors.
  • They are ideal for announcements & upcoming events.
  • Website owners can increase engagements.
  • They can be used for product or service promotion.
  • They ensure more visitors see sales, discounts, and coupon codes.

You can create a floating bar for free with Popupsmart popup builder.

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