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What is Drip Marketing? - Drip Marketing Definition

Drip marketing is a strategy mostly used by email marketers characterized by a constant flow of sending electronic marketing material for a certain time period. Drip marketing is also known as "Drip Campaign", "Lifecycle Emails", "Automated Email Campaign", "Marketing Automation", or "Auto-Response Campaign".

You may use other types of mediums (such as direct mail, social media, SMS etc.) to apply drip marketing.

Drip Marketing Scheme

The primary goal of an email drip marketing campaign is to attract the right subscribers who will be exposed to the goods of the organization repeatedly and for a long time.

One way to build an email list and obtain user engagement at the same time is launching a drip email campaign.

Drip Marketing Campaigns

To constitute an effective email drip campaign, you need to determine the things you want to automate:

  • Checkouts,
  • One-off website visitors,
  • Engagement,
  • Set up of onboard user accounts.

Don't tell anyone, but the secret to generating an effective drip is to feed your insights with results from your existing drips and to customize them accordingly.

Types of Drip Campaigns

1. Top-of-Mind Drips Help keep your leads engaged with your company throughout the sales process.

2. Educational Drips Provide relevant product information to prospects to prepare them for purchases.

3. Reengagement Drips Are designed to win-back the interest of cold leads.

4. Competitive Drips Target your competitor's customers by explaining the benefits of switching to your product.

5. Promotional Drips Entice prospects with limited-run promotions and special pricing offers.

6. Training Drips Can be used for new clients or internally used to move readers through a training program.

Why Use Drip Campaigns?

Executing a drip campaign is a great way to maintain consistent growth and automate manual tasks which are time-consuming, delicate, and demanding in nature.

Successful Drip Campaign Examples

1. Headspace welcomes new users with a playful drip email and a brief explanation about what they offer.

Headspace welcoming-drip-marketing-email

2. Box employs drip campaigns to teach people how to use their product.


3. Fairfield uses drip campaigns to confirm user reservations, and show off some of their hotel amenities.


4. Sark eMedia's 30-day Blogging Challenge aims to teach different ways of writing content for the challenger's blog while targeting a specified objective.


How to Create Drip Campaigns

You may create your drip campaign and schedule when emails are sent automatically to subscribers by using a marketing automation tool.

Suggested Marketing Automation Tools;

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