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Sidebar Popup Definition- What Is A Sidebar Popup?

A sidebar popup is a type of popup which pops up on the screen as a window while browsing a website. Sidebar popups are the most used type of popups due to their non-intrusive appearance. You can create a sidebar popup for free with popupsmart.

These types of popups appear on the right or left side panels of a webpage. They may include calls to action (CTA) buttons and images depending on their design.

Unlike full screen popups or overlay popups, a sidebar popup does not disturb the user since it does not block website content.

sidebar popup example

Users can keep on engaging with the website content while a sidebar popup is still open. This feature is what makes them popular and better for the user experience (UX) of a website.

Why Is Sidebar Popup Optimum For Websites?

Marketers generally prefer to use popups for advertising and generating leads on their websites.

In that sense, popup windows can be seen as multifunctional tools. Whether it is sidebar popup or any other popup type, if configured and customized carefully, with popups, website owners can:

Generate leads / obtain new subscribers: Site owners can obtain new subscribers to their mailing lists by displaying a popup subscription form on which users can leave their email addresses. This way, marketers can speed up the buying journey and grow mailing lists easily.

Promote products or specific content: What can be promoted with popups and increase sales and engagement is almost limitless. Site owners can promote products, e-books, blog posts, and so on with sidebar popups or other popup types.

Boost engagement: Popups can boost user engagement by drawing their attention and offering discounts, sales, etc. Additionally, popups allow site owners to reduce bounce rates by detecting users’ exit intent and asking for their emails, phone numbers, etc. to communicate with them.

Although all popup types serve similar marketing purposes like the ones above, sidebar popups are the most user-friendly types which may contribute to higher conversions and better SEO.

How to Add a Sidebar Popup to Your Website

Popup service provider tools like Popupsmart provide simple popup building for anyone.

Site owners can achieve even higher conversion rates with advanced targeting systems that Popupsmart offers. Targeting systems ensure that popups are viewed by the right audience at the right time.

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