What is Call-to-Action?

Call to Action (CTA) is all of the warning messages inviting the user in accordance with a specific purpose.

You can see the most common CTAs almost every day, such as "Add to Cart ”, "Buy Now”, "Subscribe”, or “Download for Free“. You encounter CTAs in almost every digital platform from e-commerce sites to technology sites, news sites, and corporate websites; mostly in the form of a button.

CTAs are becoming ordinary and losing their effect because they are everywhere on the web. In other words, it is difficult to deliver the message to the user or potential customer.

How an Effective CTA Should Be?

  • Clear: You can create your CTAs with a direct and straightforward leaning because users would want to know what happens when they present the desired action (for example, when they click the button).

  • Design: A good CTA is not just about the right text. It also needs to have the right colors and design. For instance, a CTA of interest can be created with the right color, correct shape, correct contrast.

  • Positioning: The position of CTA in the web page is as important as the text, format, color. In an e-commerce site, the product page must have the "Add to Cart” button in the correct place, or the "Sign Up” button on a landing page should be placed in the appropriate place with the appropriate magnitude. You may examine whether CTAs are used correctly or not by analyzing of performing regular tests.

Effective CTA Samples

CTAs with Social Evidence

Social proof is to provide testimonials from previous users to convince the user and to create a perception of reliability.

Customized CTAs with Retargeting

By using Facebook Pixels or Google Remarketing offerings, you can present CTAs to segmented users who have visited certain pages or performed specific actions on your website. With a more personalized communication experience, the likelihood of user engagement will increase. For example, you can increase the conversion rate by showing ads which encourage people who have viewed certain categories on your e-commerce site or who have added products to the shopping cart but have not completed their order.

Call to action retargeting example

In the example above, there is a Facebook Carosel ad for Red Beard Coffee, which targets real coffee drinkers. The CTA of "Earn 50% Discount” by giving a discount code to a specific audience can be the example for retargeting.

Highlight Problem and Offer a Solution Using CTAs

Whether you sell products or services, you can attract users by highlighting a specific problem which your potential customers may have faced with. Then, you emphasize that you have the solution to this problem, with the help of a CTA.

Highlight a problem and offer a solution with your products or services using call to action

In the example above, you can see a brand that offers stock photos. “Don't settle for bad stock visuals. We have real visuals from the real world” completes the text with "Use better visuals" CTA and is able to draw traffic to the website.

Be Positive and Deliver Exactly What Users Want

Be Positive and Deliver Exactly What Users Want Call to Action Example

Neil Patel who most people following foreign sources of the digital marketing sector are familiar with, communicates with his users by "Do you want more traffic, more sales?" CTA. The CTA is successful to encourage users to write their email addresses on the relevant form. This also gives the user the chance to get in touch with site admins who are exactly there to help.

Use CTAs Effectively

The most important feature of CTAs is that they have differentable by the user. Different fonts, different colored-texts, different sizes are often used in CTAs. However, in Instagram, which is very important for almost every brand today, it is not possible to create a differentiated call to action button.

Nevertheless, the space reserved for the website link on Instagram bio section enables user to have different colored and a thicker font texts. This means that you can use your creative CTA there.

Customizable Instagram Bio, Call to Action on Instagram

In the example above, you can see a customized CTA link on Instagram.

Have Simple But Creative CTAs

Sometimes, when you say it should be "better ”, or “more creative", nothing comes up. In such cases, simple thinking will save lives. Simple CTAs attracting the attention and sympathy of the target audience are more clickable than you think.

Let us find your next car. This will be much easier than drawing. Simple but Creative Call to Action Example

The above is a delightful visual example of a simple and creative CTA. "Let us find your next car. This will be much easier than drawing." Don't you think it's sympathetic?

Because the company did not get the expected results from the A/B split test, they thought they should go with something simpler, so they have prepared this image and rewarded with an increase in conversion rates by 33.5%.

Feel Free to Try Different Fonts in Your CTAs

call to action different font example

CTA text is written in a darker box compared to the background color. This box in the form of a button is not interesting when it is viewed as a CTA. But CTA text in different colors and fonts in the button draws a greats attention and encourages clicks, right?

Most designers and marketers do not prefer such sharp transitions between fonts, however, using the right color and the right fonts can really serve its purpose.

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