What is a Newsletter? Definition & Purpose

A newsletter is a tool that helps you contact your customers directly via e-mail. It may be the most direct way to let your customers know there is a discount, a new product, etc. Also, it helps you to remind your brand to your customers on a regular basis.

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What is The Purpose of a Newsletter?

Interacting with customers has always been a good practice in the industry. But a newsletter’s only purpose is not just to remind them of your presence.

The main purpose of a newsletter is to create call-to-action messages – and to guarantee your message is delivered to your customers by emailing them directly. In other words, you want to make your customers interested in your brand.

Thus, another purpose of a newsletter becomes visible. If your customers or visitors respond to your CTA messages, this will yield in traffic on your website. A newsletter is a great tool for your visitors to grow a habit to visit your site.

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Why is a Newsletter Important for Email Marketing?

Using a newsletter has some benefits you can not find in any other marketing strategy. The first thing is that via an email you can show the character of your brand. In social media, you are expected to limit your message.

This may make your message generic. However, you can deliver messages in your own style via emails.

The second thing is emailing has been proven to be more fruitful in terms of rates of sales and visitors. People spend a good amount of time checking their email boxes. It is a place where people visit often.

Also, people claim to be more affected by emails sent to them. They are more likely to base their purchasing decisions on emails sent to them.

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