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Opt-Out Definition - What is Opt-Out?

Email opt-out is an email marketing approach which gives a subscriber the freedom to unsubscribe from a mailing list whenever they no longer want to receive emails from the email sender's company. This process also known as unsubscribing.

CAUTION! CAN-SPAM Act has created an obligation for companies to include an unsubscribe link in every email with leads allowing subscribers to opt-out any time they wish to.

Email Unsubscribe - Opt-out

Why do subscribers opt-out?

  • Visitors may not be aware of their subscription activity.
  • Subscribers are overwhelmed with the organization's email marketing campaigns, that is why you need to set a schedule for your email sending frequency.
  • Emails that subscribers receive may not be displayed properly or not be mobile responsive.
  • Message content may be irrelevant from what the subscriber wants, therefore email list segmentation or sending customized emails are fundamental necessities.
  • Too many promotional emails may distract receivers and create a perception of unvaluable content in email marketing efforts.

How to reduce email opt-out?

  • Segment your mailing list in order to not send irrelevant content to irrelevant susbscribers.
  • Allow your audience to set an email receiving frequency and enter their content preferences.
  • Communicate with your customers through different channels so that they don't get bored of having different types of emails (promotional, newsletter, announcement etc.)
  • Send emails regularly to create the expectation of receiving emails from you.
  • Make your subscribers feel special by customizing your offerings, using friendly language, or calling them by their name.
  • Encourage your audiences for engagement by sending dialog, feedback and quiz types of emails.
  • Reengage with opting-out customers to ask them why they are leaving.

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