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Click-Through Rate (CTR) Definition - What is CTR?

Click Through Rate is the percentage of people who saw a search result, ad, or e-mail and then clicked through to access your website. (clicks / impressions=CTR)

What is click through rate

CTR is the English abbreviation of Click-Through-Ratio. CTR is also called the click through rate. The click-through ratio is expressed as a percentage. It shows the ratio of the number of people who see an advertisement or search engine result and the number of people who actually click on the link to your website.

CTR in Ads

In the case of an advertisement, CTR is a key factor. The higher the CTR, the more people who have seen the ad also clicked on it. CTR is also a factor in determining the quality score in AdWords. Increasing CTR can include making the ad more attractive to the target audience.

CTR in Search Engines

The CTR in search engines indicates how often people click on your ad through the search engine after viewing it. The height of the CTR depends on your spot in search engine results. Ads that are in the top spot in search engine results deliver a higher CTR than ads that are at the bottom. Besides the spot of the ad in search engine results, an attractive text can also provide a higher CTR. If your ad is more attractive than those above you in search engine results, you may still have a higher CTR. And this contributes back to a better quality score!

CTR is also an important metric in SEO. If you have a good meta title and description, you can increase your CTR. You can use our free SERP preview tool to increase CTR.

Quality Score

If all your ads have a high CTR, it means that people find your ads useful or relevant. Google rewards this by giving high CTR ads a higher quality score. A higher quality score can help reduce costs and improve your ad position.

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