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What is Sense of Urgency?

Sense of urgency refers to communicating with your website visitors or subscribers in a way that encourages them to act promptly, decisively, and without delay.

It is a method that is very widely used by smart digital marketers and businesses to boost sales. And guess what? It is working.

The human mind processes information for a while before making a decision. The golden rule here is to prevent customers from processing and excessively thinking about whether to buy your product or not!

How to Create a Sense of Urgency?

Want to create a sense of urgency among your prospects which will lead to an increase in sales relatively? Then:

Follow your competitors who are succeeding in their campaign by including a sense of urgency in their CTAs. Then, use the ideas that fit your business goals.

A man running not to lose the chance for limited time offer in email marketing with a sense of urgency

Use understandable and unambiguous language in your campaigns. Give your digital messages via time-sensitive phrases.

Place emphasis on the likelihood that visitors might not get the same opportunity again.

Point out the possibility of sold out in a short time.

Don't use the sense of urgency tactic a lot because otherwise, people would reject buying from you without offering a campaign or discount.

Add a time counter to your digital campaigns such as an email marketing campaign, social media posts, and so on.

Highlight potential savings if the product is purchased right away.

Instances of Digital Sense of Urgency Messages

“Act fast and save 30% on winter clothes. Limited time only.”

"Last chance! Extra 20% off sale ends at midnight."

"The biggest campaign of the year is almost over."

"Only 3 left from our limited edition color."

"The clock is ticking! Claim your coupon now."