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Email List Definition - What is an Email List?

An email list is basically a collection of email contact information from people who gave the required permission to receive updates and promotional emails from a business. In other words, it is a compilation of prospects' or leads' email addresses, which is used in email marketing by digital marketers.

an illustration of collecting emails to build an email list

Why is an Email List Important?

  • Emails are direct and personal. Therefore, they provide you with the opportunity to create personalized campaigns and original content.
  • Your digital marketing and SEO efforts may go to waste if platforms like Google, Facebook, or Twitter change their policies. However, you own your email list and it cannot be influenced by the decisions of third parties.
  • People check their email inboxes several times a day, which offers you a chance to communicate with them whenever you want.
  • By segmenting your email list, you can deliver highly relevant offers to people interested in your product or service.

Which Priorities are Important While Building an Email List?

  • Quality: Obtaining real information from people who check their email inboxes frequently.

Relevance: Including people who willingly want to receive emails from your business and are interested in your industry.

  • Volume: Focusing on the quantity of subscribers.

===Caution: Quality is much more important than quantity in email marketing, so buying an email list to increase your reach is always a terrible idea!

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