Conversion Rate Optimization Free Ebook

69 Pages - 24 Chapters - PDF

With this e-book, you will gain in-depth knowledge of conversion rate optimization and bring a high return on investment to your company by applying CRO precisely.

Here is what you will learn from this ebook:

  • What conversion means, what micro and macro conversion examples are,
  • What conversion rate means, and how you can calculate your conversion rate,
  • What conversion rate optimization is, and CRO focuses,
  • Why you should apply CRO operations (benefits of CRO),
  • Webpages and website elements influencing your CRO process,
  • Conversion rate optimization tips for your business success,
  • 5 phases of CRO process,
  • Different types of CRO tools to help you achieve your business goals,
  • How to analyze data to improve your CRO practices,
  • CRO metrics to measure your CRO practices,
  • CRO experts' contact information to follow for growing your knowledge.
Conversion Rate Optimization Free Ebook

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