Landing Page Definition - What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is referred to as your web page which is created to capture the attention of your customers in exchange for an offer.

Grabbing a customer's attention may be gained by offering an ebook, a course, or a template. The offer should have enough differentiated value for a visitor to share his personal information in exchange for obtaining it.

Landing Page Definition in Wikipedia

Types of Landing Page

Lead Generation Landing Page

Lead Generation landing pages:

  • Are typically created for collecting leads (personal information of visitors),

  • Have a web-formed call-to-action button,

  • Are generally used for B2B marketing.

Click-Through Landing Page

Click-Through landing pages:

  • Are typically created for e-commerce purposes,

  • Have a simple call-to-action button,

  • Are generally used for B2C marketing.

Types of Landing Pages: Lead Generation Landing Page and Click Through Landing Page

The Difference Between a Homepage and a Landing Page

A website's homepage generally has several links and calls-to-action while a business' landing page has one, single link. Having one link rather than offering several links is far better because visitors are not distracted. It has also been proven to increase conversion rates.

the difference between homepage and landing page: number of landing links, calls-to-action