11 Best Shopify Popup Apps: Comparison / 2022

If you’re running an e-commerce store and looking for some ways to increase your conversions for shopify and drive more sales, you’ve found the best way to this post. Here you can find the main features, pros, cons and pricing options of the 10 best Shopify popup apps to boost your conversions

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Why You Should Use Popups on Your Online Store

If you’re running an e-commerce store and don’t use a popup, especially the exit-intent popup which is my best, there is a problem here.

Of course, we can’t say that it’s something you must do. However, considering the possibility of skyrocketing your conversions, I highly recommend implementing popups to your website, immediately!

The very basic purpose of a popup is to provide a powerful call-to-action & that is what you need.  🙂

Well, you can announce your store’s best selling items, or special discounts to encourage the purchasing process. Also, lead generationis another key point for your conversions. Thanks to popups, you don’t have to knock the door of your customer’s and ask for their email addresses! 🙂

What is a lead?

Look at the statistics!

One of our clients has some trouble getting new subscribers. In this case, with a sidebar opt-in form, we drove 2,128% more email captures. Also, I personally tested a website. It was receiving almost 20 subscribers per day. After implementing a popup with custom displaying rules, it started to receive 130 emails per day.

So, don’t underestimate the power of popup builders. As I’ve said a thousand times before, they are beneficial, as long as they’re used in a PRODUCTIVE MANNER!

Why Triggering Email Subscription is Important?

The answer is quite simple. It gives you many other chances to convert them, even better!

It’s something you can’t miss at all! You should fully focus on how to bring your customers back and convert them into your loyal fans.

There are many other hacks and tricks you should consider. That is why I highly recommend checking these below:

8 steps to learn email marketing

Email List Building: 11 Proven Methods to Grow Your Email List (for Beginners)

So, let’s dive into the best Shopify popup apps in the market. I hope you find it useful to find the right one that best fits your business!

Take a deep breath. 🙂

11 Best Shopify Popup Apps Comparison Table

1. Popupsmart

Let’s start with my favorite Shopify popup app that will boost your conversions. Popupsmart Shopify popup builder enables you to catch your website visitors and convert them into your loyal customers. You can create marketing automation with simple tools that work related to your customer’s behavior.

It comprises email sequences to gain customers and make them return back to your website. It offers predesigned templates and Popup & Email editor to keep your brand’s voice.


  • No-Code Tool
  • Don't Require a Shopify App
  • Mobile-friendly
  • GDPR Ready
  • Compliant
  • Smart Mode backed by AI
  • 55 Popup Templates
  • 22 Visitor Targeting Options

Create a popup for free with Popupsmart!

Rating: 4.9

2. Quick Announcement Bar

As it understood from its name, it is a useful Shopify popup app used for announcements.

Well, you can inform your clients with a display banner on your website. With the help of the “call to action button” on the banner, visitors can see the page with a single click. So basically, you can reach an unlimited number of impressions without a developer. That’s what we’re looking for these days. It’s quick & easy.

With Quick Announcement Bar you can offer targeted discounts based on your business dynamics, express the holiday and promotion mood to your customers and eventually generate more sales!

Quick announcement Shopify popup plugin example.


  • Configuration
  • Scheduling
  • Easy to Setup
  • A/B Testing
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Customizable
  • Responsive

Shopify popup plugin example of Quick Announcement.


  • Button Animation comes with a premium package.
  • Geo-targeting comes with a premium package.
  • Custom CSS comes with a premium package.
  • Auto scheduling comes with a premium package.

Pricing: $9.99-$8.25 charged monthly based on different pricing plans or $99 once per year.

Rating: 4.9

3. Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box is another popular Shopify popup app to convert more of traffic into customers effectively.

Better Coupon Box stands for boosting your conversion rate with your special offerings and discounts. You can easily capture leads to generate more sales and recover abandoning carts to increase your conversions. Better Coupon Box is trusted by a huge number of people. I think, providing a coupon code really motivates people to make purchases.

Better Coupon Box popup example


  • Responsive & User-Friendly
  • Exit-Intent Technology
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Theme customization
  • Integrations

Popup example of Better Coupon Box Shopify Popup Plugin.


  • All important features comes with premium version. So, it’s free to install but in order to use this tool properly, you should switch your pricing plan.

Pricing & Review: For premium features: STARTER ($30/3 months), PRO ($54/ 6 months), PLUS ($99/a year) / 4.8

Pricing: $30-$54-$99 charged monthly based on different pricing plans.

Rating: 4.8

4. Sales Pop

Sales Pop Shopify popup app helps you build social proof. Also, it shows your store’s purchasing activities. Let me describe the process for you.

When customers know what other people are purchasing from your store, it builds a positive effect and encourages them to purchase products. So, it provides a better experience in terms of increasing customer engagement.

So, if you’re looking for a simple service without depth features but still works well for your conversions. It is definitely for you!

Sales Pop Shopify Popup Plugin example.


  • Responsive
  • Customizable
  • Real-time Notifications Popup
  • Free

Sales pop design examples.


  • Doesn’t have advanced features.
  • No Advanced Targeting
  • No Exit-Intent Trigger

Pricing: Free

Rating: 4.8

5. Pop‑Up Window

Do you want to let your clients know about your special sales or promotions? Pop Up-Window makes it better, for you.

This Shopify popup app provides an easy to use tool to grow your marketing and sales. You can either use pre-made templates or custom images with texts and set some rules for your popup.

You can also add an email signup form and add your new subscribers to your MailChimp, or Klaviyo list automatically.

Pop-up Window Shopify Popup Plugin example.


  • Fully Customizable
  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive
  • Integrations
  • Coupon Code Options

Pop-up Window newsletter sign up example.


  • No Exit-Intent Technology
  • No Advanced Targeting
  • Doesn’t offer Advance Tracking Metrics
  • MailChimp and Klaviyo Integration come with pro paid plan.
  • You can’t give the coupon to new subscribers with a basic plan.

Pricing: $5.95-$9.95$-12.95 charged monthly based on different pricing plans.

Rating: 4.8

6. Pixelpop Popups & Banners

Pixelpop enables you to capture emails and sync them directly to a mailing list in MailChimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, or Conversio.

Also by adding a banner, you can encourage your customers with your special offers.

In order to promote your services you can create popups very easily and you can also time your popups with exit-intent delays, page delays, and time delays.

So, Pixelpop is one of the best Shopify popup apps for increasing conversions.

Pixelpop popup building dashboard.


  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Premium customer support by Pixel Union
  • Promo Bar
  • Various Popup Types & Themes
  • Responsive
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Frequency Controls
  • Analytics
  • User-Friendly
  • Integrations

Pixelpop email signup newsletter.


  • Charged based on popup views
  • 500 monthly popup views are limited in the free plan.
  • Time delays come with Premium Plans

Pricing: Free-$12-$24$-48$ charged monthly based on different pricing plans.


7. Popup Upsell on Exit & Visit

Popup Upsell on Exit & Visit helps you convert your visitors with popups that run your discount campaigns and much more. Actually, it is very beneficial for converting your first visitors into your loyal customers. When a user is visiting your store for the first time, they get a special offer in a popup window.

Also, with exit-intent popups, you can convert your abandoning visitors. Both tricks can help you gain more newsletter subscriptions to your email list.

Popup Upsell discount coupon popup.


  • Fully Customizable
  • Exit-Intent Technology
  • Mobile Responsive
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Analytics

Popup Upsell popup examples.


  • Integration with MailChimp and Omnisend only available in advanced pricing plan.
  • Analytics comes with an advanced pricing plan.
  • There is no 10 high converting popup templates in the free plan.


Free- $19.95 charged monthly

Rating: 4.8

8. Privy ‑ Exit Pop Ups & Email

You can grow your customer list from your Shopify store and increase your conversions with Privy. How? Let me tell you!

Exit-intent driven popups & banners, flyouts, scroll boxes, and announcement bars are ready to boost your conversions.

Well, Privy is used by a huge number of small and large e-commerce businesses. People prefer this Shopify popup app because they can create popups with targeting options to pay customer’s attention and get benefit from Auto-syncing contacts to MailChimp + Klaviyo. So, Privy is a good solution for reducing cart abandonment and increase conversions.

Privy Shopify Popup Plugin to boost sales.


  • Customizable
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Email Autoresponders
  • A/B Testing
  • Redemption Tracking
  • Integrations
  • WYSIWYG Designer
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Reporting

Measure the performance on Privy Shopify Popup Plugin.


  • You can’t remove the Privy logo with the free plan.
  • A/B Testing comes with the premium plan.
  • Advanced targeting rules available in the premium plan.
  • You can’t target displays by URL with free plan.

Pricing: $24-$79-$299 charged monthly based on different pricing plans.

Rating: 4.7

9. MailMunch ‑ Email Popup

Trusted by over 400,000 businesses, MailMunch is one of the best Shopify popup app used for converting website visitors.

You can create eye-catching email popup forms, sync your email subscribers to your email service.

MailMunch Shopify popup plugin.


  • Customizable
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Exit-Intent Technology
  • Analytics
  • WYSIWYG designer
  • Autoresponder
  • Integrations
  • Affordable

MailMunch Shopify popup builder.


  • Prices are much different than what is said. If you want any kind of premium template, you need to pay 24.95$ a month, which is far more than the 5$ or 10$ premium plans.
  • A/B Testing, Analytics, High Converting Templates, Coupon Codes
  • Drip Campaigns, Autoresponders, Drag-n-Drop Builder only available for premium versions
  • Insufficient Customer Support

Pricing: Free-$4.99-$9.99 charged monthly based on different pricing plans.

Rating: 4.7

10. Popup ‑ Easy Free Popup

You can convert your website visitors with Easy-Free Popup. If your aim is to grow your subscribers’ list, I’ve found the newsletter signup popup useful. Also, there are many other things you can do with Easy Free Popup, of course, these are not so advanced actions.

For example, you can collect feedback with a survey popup or create urgency by embedding a Countdown Timer. Also, you can show your special discount codes or promotions with a custom call to action button to redirect users to your sales page. These are all expected and mutual features that other popular tools offer.

Easy Free Popup Shopify popup plugin.


  • Mobile Responsive
  • Access to 50+ POWr apps
  • Exit-Intent Technology
  • Frequency Control
  • Free

Popup Easy Free Shopify plugin example.


  • Only integrates with PayPal
  • Not effective for email marketing growth
  • Not satisfying for high-value target

Pricing: Free

Rating: 4.7

11. Justuno Popups & Exit Offers

If you’re running a Shopify store Justuno is one of the most appropriate conversion apps for your business. So, generating sales and growing an email list is easy with lead capture forms, popups, push notifications. Also getting benefit from up-selling, cross-selling, abandoned cart recovery, free shipping banners, and spin-to-wins is not a big deal thanks to Justuno.

Justuno Shopify popup plugin.


  • Exit-Intent Technology
  • Analytics
  • Mobile & SEO Friendly
  • Retargeting & Geo-Targeting
  • Countdown Timers
  • Dedicated Support
  • Integrations

Analytics of Justuno Shopify popup plugin.


  • Have some triggering issues.

Pricing: Free-$19-$49-$99 charged monthly based on different pricing plans

Rating: 4.6

So far, I tried to describe the essential points of the 11 best Shopify popup apps. I hope it will be helpful for you to pick the right tool regarding your business objectives.

Another shopify app comparison is about email marketing apps on shopify.

Interested in driving more traffic to your Shopify site? Check out Shopify SEO Checklist: How to Rank Your Store #1.

Don’t forget to share your experience, additional information or comments below!

Thank you for your time!

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