10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins: Comparison / 2019

Are you someone who is not satisfied with the conversion rate of subscription form on the website?

If so, welcome to the club. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. If you want to change the things with the help of digital marketing, you’ve found the best way to this post. Today we’re talking about the best WordPress popup plugins that will boost your conversions in a very short time.

After reading this article, you’ll have a deep understanding of the pros & cons about those WordPress popup plugins, pricing plans and much more!

If you’ve been already using a WordPress popup plugin, I hope this article will help you compare it with the other services. If you’ve just started to think about implementing a popup plugin to your blog or website, I hope this article will help you find the best tools on market.

Let’s deep down and see HOW WE REALLY NEED THEM!

Enjoy your time. 🙂

Do You Need a WordPress Popup Plugin?

As we all know, email marketing is the heart of everything you need.

  • Do you want to lead generation?
  • Do you want to get more subscribers?
  • Do you want to engage with your customers?
  • Do you want to increase your sales?

Wordpress popup plugin to increase conversions.

Whatever you want, you need EMAIL MARKETING!

Imagine, what can trigger your email marketing efforts?


That’s why a WordPress popup plugin is exactly what you need!

No matter how you like them or hate them, popup gets huge results. All you need to do is, using them properly!

In this case, you should definitely check out these blog posts to understand how to use popups effectively and get some good results!

Popups Convert

Should We Use Email Newsletter Popups?

Have a look at this statistics!

  • According to Entrepreneur, pop-ups helped them to increase subscriptions 86% and sales 162%.

  • Nikki McGonigal who is a food craft blogger stated that when she compared the results after 8 months, the light-box form drove over 7,000 additional subscribers.
  • The sidebar form had a subscription rate of 4% while the light-box form converted at 5.5%.  That is 1,375% more subscribers.

It’s massive, isn’t it?

Beside those plugins, don't forget, you can create popup in Wordpress without plugin. How? Click and learn!

10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins Comparison Table

Wordpress Popup Plugins Comparison Table.

MailOptin WordPress Popup Plugin

By using MailOptin, you’ll not only increase your conversions but also boost lead generation and automation. You can create your popup campaigns with an easy to use form builder and template builder. So, you don’t need to have a development background to use it’s simple drag & drop builder.

MailOptin WordPress popup plugin.


  • GDPR compliant
  • Lightbox/Popup
  • Before & After Post opt-in forms
  • Sidebar/Widget opt-in forms
  • Calls to Action display targeted messages
  • Up to 3 opt-in forms can be created
  • Page Level Targeting
  • Scheduling
  • A/B Testing
  • Exit-Intent Technology
  • Slide-In
  • Scroll Trigger
  • AdBlock Detection
  • Analytics
  • Custom CSS
  • Autoresponder


  • Email Automation comes with Pro or Agency pricing options.
  • Display rules and triggers.

Pricing: Standart: $69, Pro:$169, Agency: $269 / Rating: 4.9

Popup Maker is used in 300.000 + websites worldwide. Also with 2,698 unique reviews, it scored 4.9. So, it is one of the best WordPress popup plugins in the market.

  • Version: 1.7.30
  • WordPress Version: 3.6 or higher
  • Tested up to: 5.0.1

Popup Maker is perfect if you want to create a responsive popup with WYSIWYG editor. So, with theme builder, you can create your own popup themes and arrange some displaying parameters. Also, you can set the frequency at which popup forms will appear on your site with cookies.


  • Exit-intent Technology
  • Scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Advanced Theme Builder
  • Age Verification Modals
  • Scroll Triggered Popups
  • AJAX Login Modals
  • Forced Interaction
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Scheduling
  • Videos
  • Integrations


  • AB Testing
  • Pre-made Themes
  • The extensions such as Exit-intent, analytics and more comes with “extentions bundle” with a monthly fee.

Pricing: Free Core Plugin, $ 16 for Extensions Bundle / Rating: 4.9

Popup Builder has 100.000+ active users around the world. You can create promotional modal popups to increase conversions of your website.

Popup Builder dashboard for WordPress.


  • Unlimited popup creation and customization.
  • Animation
  • Time-based segmentation.
  • Compatible (WPML & DIVI).
  • Plenty other 3rd party supported plugins.


  • Advance Targeting comes with the premium option.
  • Scheduling comes with the premium option.
  • Popup showing frequency comes with the premium option.
  • Analytics comes with the premium option.
  • The exit-intent popup comes with the premium option.
  • Age restriction, video, Woocommerce popup etc.comes with a premium option.

Countdown popup example of Popup Builder.

For details please check this out:

Pricing & Rating: starts from $71 to $149 (billed yearly) / 4.8

Icegram WordPress Popup Plugin

As one of the best WordPress popup plugin in the market, Icegram enables you to convert your visitors with beautiful opt-ins.

  • Version: 1.10.25
  • WordPress Version: 3.9 or higher
  • Tested up to: 4.9.9

The most convincing part of Icegram is you can use this service totally for free!

The difference between Icegram and most of the other services is that it’s not only a popup service. It comes with converting messenger, hello bar and toast notification features.

Icegram wordpress popup plugin example.


  • Advanced Targeting.
  • Add custom CSS and JavaScript in the popup body.
  • More flexible targeting options such as pages, posts, and devices.
  • Create time targeted popups and optimized lightboxes.
  • Sleek Action Bars for lead generation.
  • Toast Notifications.
  • Appealing Slide-in Messengers
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • A/B Testing
  • Integrations
  • Free

Icegram wordpress popup plugin illustration.


  • The user interface is difficult and it doesn’t provide a drag & drop builder.
  • It offers only 20 templates.
  • The built-in templates unpleasant when you compare the other services.
  • Exit-intent popup comes as premium feature.

For details check this out:

Pricing: Free / Rating: 4.7

Popups WordPress Popup Plugin

  • Version:
  • WordPress Version: 3.6 or higher
  • Tested up to: 4.9.9
  • PHP Version: 5.3 or higher

Popups plugin enables more than 60.000 people to show their important messages, increase their social followers, add call to actions and grow their email list with simple popup designs.

Popups WordPress plugin example.


  • Compatible with the major form plugins like MailChimp or MailPoet.
  • Multiple display filters
  • Geo-Targeting


  • A/B Testing comes with premium version.
  • Analytics comes with the premium version.
  • Animations come with the premium version.
  • Support comes with the premium version.
  • Exit-Intent Popups comes with the premium version.
  • Advanced Features comes with the premium version.

Pricing: 39$-350$ / Rating:4.7

Beeketing Apps for WooCommerce

  • Version: 3.8.3
  • WordPress version: 4.4 or higher
  • Tested up to:5.0.1
  • PHP sürümü: 5.6 or higher

Beeketing is a great tool for both lead generation and increasing conversions. It has 8,000+ active installation and rated 5 stars! Beeketing supports businesses with some powerful apps with coupon popups, exit-intent technology and email marketing. Let’s have a look some popular tools offered by Beeketing!

Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box popup wordpress plugin.

With this free optin tool, you can offer a special discount in exchange for new social followers or email subscribers. It also integrates with all the major email marketing platforms and auto-syncs collected emails into your email marketing list.

Better Coupon Box is a free opt-in tool that you can create your popups in 60 seconds to convert your visitors. With the exit-intent trigger, you can convert your abandoning visitors into email leads. Better Coupon Box has integration with plenty other famous email services.

You can trigger your campaigns based on specific pages, customer segments and much more.

Checkout Boost

Checkout Boost WordPress popup app created by Beeketing.

With Checkout Boost, you can increase your store’s checkout rate and gain new customers every purchase. Basically, you provide special discounts or coupon codes with beautiful popups. That’s how you encourage them to share their carts on social networks.

You can also prevent cart abandonment with exit-intent technology of Checkout Boost’s.

Boost Sales

Boost Sales WordPress popup plugin app of Beeketing.

Boost Sales enables you to show your relevant products or great alternatives to your customers to increase sales and conversions. When visitors add an item to the cart, a popup will appear to upsell them a list of better options by using Beeketing AI that they might be interested in.

Furthermore, you can increase value by cross-selling the products. When they see a product in the bundle, a corner popup appears with a special effect to grab their attention and suggest the whole pack. Also, you can use the Game design technique to motivate the purchasing process.


  • Convert visitors into adding items to cart
  • Increase the checkout rate & prevent cart abandonment
  • Recover abandoned carts & promote repeat purchases
  • Build long-term customer relationship & retain loyal customers
  • Quick Facebook Chat App
  • Integrations
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Provides UI/UX

Beeketing wordpress popup plugin example popup.


  • Lack of ability to customize popups
  • When someone you don’t know send messages, you don’t always get notified.
  • No A/B testing.
  • No Geo Targeting.

Pricing: Beeketing is a SAAS platform. Ranges from $8 – $49 / month based on the features.

Rating: 4.5

For details check this out:

Hustle WordPress Popup Plugin

  • Version: 6.0.5
  • WordPress version: 4.6 or higher
  • Tested up to: 4.9.9

Hustle is a perfect online marketing tool for WordPress. You can create email opt-ins, popups, slide-ins and floating social bars to increase conversions of your website. Also, you can customize the design very easily.

Hustle dashboard of WordPress popup plugin.

It has an advanced behavioral targeting system such as use time, on-click, scroll, location, position, page, post, login, category, device, tag, and referral link.


  • Advanced Targeting
  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Animations
  • Analytics
  • Integrations
  • Themes


  • A/B Testing comes with the premium version.

Pricing: $49 monthly / Rating: 4.4

Ninja WordPress Popup Plugin

  • Version: 3.2.6
  • Version: 4.4 or higher
  • Tested up to: 4.9.9

You’ve probably heard Ninja Popups before. Actually, it’s one of the popular WordPress popup plugins in the market.

It is a highly popular WordPress popup plugin, sold on CodeCanyon and developed by Arscode. Considering it’s functionality, features, easiness of integrating and pricing, this situation is reasonable.

Actually, with Ninja Popups, you can really convert your abandoning visitors. The most important part is you don’t have to an expert to make it happen 🙂

Exit intent popup example of Ninja WordPress popup plugin.

With the help of the drag and drop builder, you can create popups in a few secs and start getting benefit from that!

Also, you can optimize your popups by tracking analytics. So the Google Analytics integration is useful!

Creating first popup on Ninja WordPress popup plugin.


  • Exit-intent
  • User inactivity
  • Scroll depth
  • Time
  • Animations
  • Click (for two-step opt-ins)
  • Scheduling the campaign
  • Setting a cookie to see the popup performance
  • Customizing CSS
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • Fully Compatible


  • I can’t really say that Ninja Popup offers you flexible targeting options except page level targeting.
  • Offers 65+ pre-made templates but customizing them is difficult.

Ninja WordPress popup plugin examples.

Pricing: $26 / Rating: 4.26

For details, check this out:

Sumo WordPress Popup Plugin

  • Version: 1.30
  • WordPress Version: 3.0.1 or higher
  • Tested up to: 4.9.9

Sumo has 100,000+ active installations and it stands for helping small and large businesses to increase their conversions. It provides an easy tool to build an email list, reduce cart abandonment, and increase the value.

Sumo WordPress Popup Plugin.


  • Sumo Shortcuts for ECommerce
  • Integrations
  • All-in-one Marketing Toolkit
  • Free Customer Support
  • Complaint with Google
  • ROI focused Dashboard

Sumo popup example.


  • A/B testing comes with the e-commerce package for 79$. premium option.
  • Customer Success Management comes with the ecommerce package for 79$.

Pricing & Rating: 29$-79$ / 4.2

PopupAlly has 10.000+ active users because this WordPress popup plugin offers a great service for free.

  • Version: 2.0.2
  • WordPress Version: 2.3 or higher
  • Tested up to: 4.9.9

Exit intent popup example of PopupAlly WordPress plugin.

PopupAlly offers a lightbox popup to build a list and convert abandoning visitors with Exit-Intent technology. Also, by designing and embedding an optin box to your website, you can increase your conversions immediately. Creating a popup with flexible drag-and-drop design templates is helpful for user experience.


  • Integrations
  • Exit-Intent
  • Advanced settings of Drag-and-Drop Design Editor
  • Advanced settings of Popup Design
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • Mini-Survey Popups
  • Easy Visual Editor
  • Add Videos and Social Media Sharing Code
  • Support & Tutorials


  • Almost all features come with the premium version.

Pricing & Rating: $99 (1 year) / 4.1

WordPress popup plugins are essential to convert your visitors into regular audience. Believe me, gaining loyal customers is not something happens in a few days. That’s why you need strategic tactics!

In this case, I’ve tried to compare the best WordPress popup plugins in market just for you! I hope it makes it easier for you to pick the right service based on your business goals.

Hope you enjoyed my article and if you have been using any of these plugins that are listed above please share your experience.

Thank you for your time!

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