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14+ Best Shopify Landing Page Examples

Each type of landing page serves a unique purpose, and when used correctly, they can dramatically increase your conversion rates.

I'll show 14 Shopify landing page examples that effectively use product-focused pages, bundle deals, seasonal themes, and lead capture pages.

You can find out how to make the most of each type of landing page by looking at these examples.

What is Shopify Landing Page?

A Shopify landing page is a specific page on your Shopify store made for a clear purpose.

It's designed to focus on a certain product, sale, or event and encourages your visitors to do something, like buy a product, join as a member, or discover a new collection.

Unlike some websites, where you can only access landing pages through special links, with Shopify stores, you can generally use these pages as part of your website.

For example, you want to make a landing page to showcase your new collection of eco-friendly clothes.

On this page, you will show off these products, tell about their eco-friendly features, and let visitors buy them easily.

So this shouldn't just be through a link; It should be a page they can find while browsing your site.

minimal shirt product landing page example

Types of Shopify Landing Pages

Shopify stores have various landing pages, each serving a different purpose in your ecommerce strategy.

Here are some common types:

1. Product Pages: Detail individual products with features, prices, and reviews to aid purchase decisions.

2. Collection Pages: Group similar products, like winter clothing or eco-friendly items, for easy browsing.

3. Bundle Pages: Offer sets of related products at a deal, encouraging bulk purchases.

4. Promotional/Sales Pages: Showcase special offers and sales.

5. Lead Capture (Opt-In) Pages: Collect visitor information for newsletters or discounts, fostering customer relationships.

6. Seasonal or Event-Based Pages: Feature products for specific seasons or events, like holiday decorations.

7. Pre-Launch or Coming Soon Pages: Build anticipation for new product launches or store openings with email sign-up options.

8. Bestsellers Pages: Highlight top-selling products, aiding customers in decision-making.

9. New Arrivals Pages: Showcase the latest additions to keep the store current and encourage revisits.

10. Customer Testimonial or Review Pages: Display customer feedback to build trust and credibility.

11. Collaboration Pages: Highlight partnerships with brands or influencers to attract their followers.

12. Limited-Time Offer Pages: Create a sense of urgency with deals available for a short period.

13. Subscription or Membership Pages: Promote recurring product deliveries or member-exclusive benefits.

14. Content-Rich Pages (Blogs, Guides) Offer blogs or guides, providing valuable information and improving SEO.

Now, let's get inspired by some examples of these Shopify landing pages!

Different Types of Shopify Landing Page Examples

1. Bruvi: Product Landing Page Example

The specific product page showcasing Bruvi's coffee machine is an excellent example of a Shopify landing page.

Every detail is carefully added; I didn't find anything that I didn't need or wish I had this information!

Let's take a look at some parts of the page together:

bruvi product landing page eample initial section with a video element

First, they have included a video of how Bruvi works, which is only 2 minutes long.

This is great because you don't even have to scroll down further; I think this video leads visitors directly to the "Get Bruvi" button.

But the rest is also definitely worth a look 🔽

bruvi product landing page example with a unique selling proposition

Bruvi has 4 unique selling points on why it "tastes better".

Keeping the points short but adding learn more for those who want to know more is really well thought out.


Bruvi is not afraid to compare its features with well-known competitors. If you are confident in your product, such a move will make you stand out.


This is my favorite! QR feature is exactly what I was looking for on a product page. 🌟

Bruvi quickly put their coffee machine on my desk with a QR code scan.

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2. Press: Collection Landing Page Example

Visiting the 'Health Boxes' section on the Press Shopify store, each product, like juices or smoothies, has a clear icon, guiding me right to what I'm looking for without any hassle.

press collection landing page that show health boxes with clear items

The layout is uncluttered, the images are appealing, and I spotted a nice discount offer on multipacks, which caught my eye.

press collection landing page that show multipacks with ugc integration

I was impressed to see photos of people using the products when I hovered over them. 🌟

This is a great type of UGC integration that makes the experience more real and engaging.

To add something like this to your site, you can go to our blog post called "Best 19 UGC (User-Generated Content) Platforms for Brands".

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3. Pipcorn: Bundle Landing Page Example

On the Pipcorn Shopify store, the "Build a Bundle" is in the navbar.

This feature allows me to mix and match my favorite snacks, creating a personalized bundle.

pipcorn bundle landing page example that shows initial part of the page

I can choose different pack sizes and see the price right away, which is super convenient.

This customization aspect likely improve the average order value for Pipcorn, all while giving me a tailored shopping experience. It's a win-win.

pipcorn bundle landing page example that shows bundle deals

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4. L’ange: Promotional/Sales Landing Page Example

It's a perfect move for a Shopify store like L'ange to turn its 7th-anniversary celebration into a landing page.

This increases credibility as it means the L'ange has survived the challenges of ecommerce and has a proven track record of customer engagement and satisfaction.

lange promotional landing page example first part

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5. Cowboy: Lead Capture (Opt-In) Landing Page Example

Here is an example of a really cool lead capture landing page! It meets the primary goal of opt-in pages exactly.


Cowboy's compelling offer of a test ride is an excellent value proposition for collecting customer details.

cowboy opt in page example with test ride strategy

It allows potential customers to schedule a bike test ride at their preferred location.

Even if someone books a test ride but doesn't attend, Cowboy now has that person's email address, which opens the door for future marketing opportunities to convert them into a customer.

cowboy opt-in page example with test ride strategy steps

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6. Allbirds & Valesca: Seasonal Landing Page Example

Allbird’s seasonal page is designed to offer a 'solution' (weatherproof footwear) when customers need it most - the hallmark of effective seasonal marketing.

allbirds seasonal landing page example with a banner

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On the other hand, this seasonal page from Velasca gives me everything I'm looking for in a seasonal page! A great seasonal theme and surprising discount!

valesca seasonal landing page with a surprising discount

They also included a mini guide on redeeming this code, which enriched my shopping experience.

valesca how to use promo code step

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7. mnml: Coming Soon Landing Page Example

In mnml's coming soon laning page example, products are clearly marked as 'Coming Soon', which sets the right expectation for visitors.

mnml coming soon landing page example

Being able to add products to a waitlist and, on top of that, showing the prices of upcoming products helps customers to make purchasing decisions in advance, which can increase the likelihood of conversion.

If these pages are exactly what you are looking for, you should look at the "30 Coming Soon Landing Page Examples" content, where you will see 30 different types.

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8. FIGS & Allbirds: Bestsellers Landing Page Example

As I browse the FIGS bestseller landing page, the simple layout immediately stands out.

And with clear filtering options right at the top, I can effortlessly customize my view to find exactly what I need in terms of color, size, and style.

For a Shopify store, a page like this is invaluable.

figs bestseller landing page example with a clean layout

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Another good example is again from Allbirds. Allbirds has created a beautiful banner for their bestseller page, making the user feel clearly which page they are on.

allbirds bestseller landing page example with banner

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9. Verve: New Arrivals Landing Page Example

Verve's 'New Arrivals' page is clean and straightforward, the clear 'New Arrivals' labels on each product are helpful, and the ability to sort by bestsellers is a clever touch.


This kind of page is essential for Shopify stores to showcase newly added products and keep the shopping experience fresh.

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10. Pela: Review Landing Page Example

The Pela customer review landing page is a perfect example for a few reasons.

pela customer review landing page that show initial part

First, the banner announcing that over a million people have switched to Pela is a bold statement that immediately boosts the brand's credibility in my eyes.

pela customer review landing page that show top three review

I really appreciate the layout that showcases the three featured reviews - it's a clever way to provide a quick snapshot of customer satisfaction without overwhelming visitors.

pela customer review landing page that show ugc integration

In this page, UGC is the most effective element for me.

Seeing real customers sharing their photos adds authenticity and brings the products to life, which makes me feel more connected to the brand.

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11. Lulu and Georgia x Elan Byrd: Collaboration Landing Page Example

A well-crafted landing page by Lulu and Georgia showcases the products in a lifestyle context, which helps me imagine how these products might look in my own space.

lulu and georgia product landing page example first part

Phrases like "from the ground up" create an emotional connection, influencing me to appreciate the craftsmanship and story behind the collection.

lulu and georgia collabration landing page example second part

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12. Lulu and Georgia: Limited-Time Offer Landing Page Example

I chose the limited-time offer example again from Lulu and Georgia's landing pages.

lulu and georgia limited time offer landing page example navbar

This limited time offer tab, which appears in the "Sale" with a different color in the navbar, immediately catches the eye.

Using a prominent header that announces up to 20% off select styles immediately catches my attention. It creates a sense of urgency that motivates me to take advantage of the deal before it's too late.

lulu and georgia limited time offer page example

The categorization of sale items under easily identifiable tabs such as 'All Sale,' 'Furniture,' 'Rugs,' etc., simplifies my browsing experience.

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13. Satya & Missoma: Membership Landing Page Example

Satya's customer loyalty program is really inspiring. With the title "Join the Inner Cyle", it gave me the feeling of being part of a special team.

satya membership page initial part

Satya then informs visitors about what this membership is all about. The “Ways to Earn” section is laid out in a grid layout, almost like many Shopify stores.

satya membership page that shows ways to redeem

It also encourages members to join by keeping the ways to earn simple. For example, you earn 20 points just for signing up, which is already your main goal.

satya membership page ways to earn part

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So it's natural to wonder what happens when you collect these points. Satya clearly states how much discount you will get in return for the points.

As I said, the grid layout is very popular for membership pages because, as you can see, it shows the visitor the simplest way they will get if they do what they want.

Missoma's pages are as simple as Satya's. It's good to keep things clear and simple when creating membership page. 🙂

missoma membership landing page example that shows ways to earn

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14. Parachute: Blog Landing Page Example

Parachute's blog landing page is simple and exemplary.

parachute blog landing page example with clear categorization

Rather than overwhelming visitors with many different blog posts that they may not be interested in, it is a good move to categorize blog posts as Parachute does.

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How to Create a Landing Page in Shopify?

Whether showcasing a new product collection, running a promotion, or building an email list, a well-designed landing page can be the difference between a browser and a buyer.

Here’s a streamlined guide to creating an engaging landing page within Shopify, no matter your level of technical expertise.

1. Shopify Liquid (Requires Coding)

Liquid is an open-source template language developed by Shopify. So, Why use Liquid for your landing page?

Well, using Liquid allows for unparalleled customization. You have full control over the structure and content of your landing page.

Okay, let’s go with the steps:

Step 1: Create your Custom Page

  • In Shopify, click on "Online Store", then "Themes," and on your courage, click on "Edit Code". Don't worry, we can do it together :)
shopify create shopify landing page edit code step
  • Now, create a new template for your landing page. Choose "Page" as the type and give it a descriptive name, like "custom-landing.liquid".
create a shopify landing page add a new template part

Step 2: Adding Content to Your Landing Page

  • Use HTML, CSS, and Liquid syntax to structure your page. For example, you can create sections for the header, featured products, testimonials, and footer.
  • Liquid tags like {{ content_for_header }} and {{ content_for_layout }} help you organize your content effectively.

Step 3: Embed a Signup Form and Add a CTA Button

  • Integrate a signup form using Liquid and Shopify's form functionality. For example, {% form 'newsletter' %} liquid tag to create a lead generation form.
  • Implement an engaging Call to Action (CTA) button using HTML and Liquid. Customize the button text, style, and link to direct users to the desired action.

If you haven't decided on your CTA's look, check "10 Landing Page Call to Action Tactics to Boost Conversions" to persuade your visitors to click!

Step 4: Save Your Changes - Your Custom Page Template

  • Save your changes and preview the new template to ensure it looks as expected.
  • Assign the template to a specific page in the Shopify admin. Select your custom Liquid template from the "Template" drop-down menu when you create or edit a page.

2. Product Collections

Creating a landing page in Shopify using product collections is a straightforward process. Here's a quick guide:

Step 1: Create a Collection

  • Go to the "Collections" section under "Products" on your Shopify admin.
  • Click "Create collection" and add products either manually or automatically.

If you learn more about collections on Shopify, look at "Shopify Collections: A Guide to Organizing Your Shopify Store."

create a landing page on shopify with collections first step

Step 2: Customize Your Collection

Step 3: Optimize for Search Engines

  • Fill out the search engine listing preview to improve SEO.

Step 4: Implement Tracking

  • Note any tracking parameters for your marketing campaigns to fine-tune targeting.

3. Shopify Landing Page Apps (Built-in)

Creating a landing page for Shopify using built-in Shopify apps is a straightforward process that doesn't require coding knowledge.

Here's a simple guide to do it:

Step 1: Pick an App

  • Head to Shopify App Store.
  • Search for landing page builders like "PageFly," "Shogun," or "Zipify"
  • Install your preferred one.

Step 2: Build Your Page

  • Open the app in Shopify.
  • Select a template or start with a blank page.
  • Drag and drop elements (images, text, buttons) to design your page.

Step 3: Publish

  • Save your design
  • Click 'Publish' to make your page live.

4. Third-Party Shopify Landing Page Builders

Step 1: Choose Your Builder

  • Explore popular options like Leadpages, Unbounce, Landingi, or Instapage.
  • Pick one that aligns with your style and needs.

Step 2: Create and Customize

  • Dive into the builder’s interface and select a template or start from scratch.
  • Customize it with a unique Buy Button for your Shopify products.

Step 3: Integrate with Shopify

  • Once your design is ready, export it as HTML if your builder allows.
  • Add it to your Shopify store as a new page template.

Step 4: Launch and Learn

  • Go live with your new page.
  • Use the platform's analytics tools to refine and optimize.


In summary, great Shopify landing pages, like the ones we've explored, are crucial for driving sales and engaging customers.

Each type, from product-focused to seasonal themes, serves a unique purpose in your ecommerce strategy.

Using tools like PageFly, Shogun, or Zipify Pages simplifies creating pages that are visually appealing and highly effective in converting visitors.

By focusing on critical elements like clear headlines, compelling CTAs, and high-quality images, you can craft landing pages that resonate with your audience and significantly boost your store's performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Do I Find a Free Shopify Landing Page Template?

For free Shopify landing page templates, you should check out apps like PageFly, Shogun, or Zipify Pages.

These landing page builders offer a variety of templates, some of which are free.

They’re user-friendly, and you can tweak them to suit your style without coding. Add one of these apps to your Shopify store and browse their template library to get started.

2. What is the Best Shopify Landing Page Builder?

The best tool to create a landing page on Shopify depends on what you like and need.

Here are the most well-known Shopify landing page builders:

  • PageFly: This app offers a free plan with limited templates, but it's a great starting point. You can drag and drop different elements to build your page.
  • Shogun: Shogun has a user-friendly interface with various templates, including some free options. It's perfect for those who want to create a more sophisticated design.
  • Zipify Pages: While Zipify Pages may not offer a free plan, they have a range of templates optimized for conversion, which can be a great investment for your marketing efforts.

3. What is the Best Practices for Shopify Landing Page Design?

When designing a Shopify landing page, sticking to some tried-and-true best practices can really help boost conversions. Here's a quick guide:

  • Clear Headline: Make it catchy and straightforward – let visitors know exactly what you're offering.
  • High-Quality Images: Use clear, attractive photos of your products. If you can, prepare a short video for your product.
  • Strong Call to Action (CTA): Use a bold, clear CTA like "Buy Now" or "Learn More" – it should stand out on the page.
  • Simple Navigation: Keep it clutter-free. Too many links can distract from your main goal.
  • Customer Reviews: Add a few top reviews for social proof.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensure the page looks great on phones and tablets. When preparing a responsive landing page, it will be useful to look at mobile landing page examples.
  • Fast Load Time: Optimize images and content for quick loading.
  • SEO Elements: Include relevant keywords in your content and meta tags.
  • A/B Testing: Regularly test and tweak elements like headlines, CTAs, and images to see what works best.

Stick to these points, and you'll create effective, conversion-focused landing pages for your Shopify store.

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