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30 Coming Soon Landing Page Examples to Excite and Motivate

Coming soon landing pages are the most exciting factor before the website’s real launch.

You can excite your visitors and increase their curiosity about your brand.

Landing pages can also host the coming of a new collection, and this is another excitement for your visitors.

Therefore, we have decided to collect different types of coming soon landing page examples to excite and motivate you to have a good one.

We hope they can inspire you for your own coming soon landing page if you need some brilliant ideas.

What is a Coming Soon Landing Page?

A coming soon landing page is a temporary landing page that generally informs visitors about the current under-construction status of your website.

You can consider the coming soon landing page as an informative page before your launch.

Or, in other words, coming soon landing pages are pre-launch pages.

On the other hand, you can display your oncoming products and collections on the landing page of your website.

How to Create a Coming Soon Landing Page- 9 Tips

Creating a coming soon landing page can be more important than you think because though one or two mistakes cannot hurt your brand image, you will not be able to create the impact you want to show if you repeat the same mistakes.

To consider them one by one:

1. You need to reveal the summary of your page content to provide the benefit and catch the attention of your visitors.

2. Graphics and design are the other most important factors to engage your visitors.

a table clock on a yellow and pink colored layer

3. Using a countdown can help you create a sense of urgency and make your visitors act to join your waitlist.

4. Speaking of the waitlist, adding a bar to collect email addresses by including the sense of getting early access for wishlist will help grow your email list.

5. The clear value proposition will draw attention and keep your visitors. If your value proposition is not clear enough, your customers will leave without any impact created.

a person addressing people in a conference

6. Another important detail is to give importance to not being a cliche with your introduction. Using relevant mottos and words is important, but being impressive is more important.

7. Also, including social links to the landing page can help you create a connection with your visitors because they will be your followers at the same time.

8. Although using social proof may sound weird at first glance, if you have users testing your product or emphasizing the quality beforehand, sharing their social proof may help you increase reliability.

9. Last but not least, you need CTA (call-to-action) buttons to make people interact with you with your coming soon landing page.

30+ Coming Soon Landing Page Examples

We have collected different types of landing page examples from famous content management systems (CMSs) like Shopify, WordPress, GoDaddy, and Webflow.

There are some independent CMSs in the list, and feel free to jump among them.

Shopify Coming Soon Page Examples

As the most famous e-commerce site, Shopify coming soon page examples are highly efficient, and let’s start by looking at them!

1. Adored Vintage

Adored Vintage is a feminine clothing brand founded in 2012 as an online store, and it still operates to the customers’ tastes.

the popup on the Adored Vintage's landing page

Though there are no ‘coming soon’ announcements at first, there is a popup welcoming you and asking for your email address.

By filling in this popup, you will be able to join the VIP list and get informed about the campaigns, offers, and promotions earlier.

This is not a brand’s product launch but the announcement of potential products, so the brand prefers to share its products and deals with its customers per se.

By doing so, it is possible to be in touch with your customers and grow your email list.

2. Suta

Suta is an Indian-wearing company designed and handcrafted by weavers with a combination of culture and modernity.

the newsletter popup of Suta on its landing page

Like Adored Vintage, Suta does not present any launch or coming soon products.

However, the important part is the brand announces the opportunity for early access with a popup while collecting email addresses.

Email addresses help to connect with your customers and let them know the latest update about the brand.

As you can understand, popups are also another way to support coming soon landing pages.

3. Uppercase Magazine

Uppercase Magazine is a quarterly magazine featuring ideas, crafts, designs, and illustrations published since 2009.

the pre-order part of Uppercase Magazine

You may not be able to see any coming soon announcements, but a video that introduces the magazine and details of the brand.

Scrolling down the page, you will see the Pre-Orders part at last. It is the part when the coming soon part is activated.

Uppercase Magazine displays the encyclopedias that will be published in the coming months of the year.

By showing this specific part, you give your visitors a chance to welcome the products beforehand.

4. Cowboy

Cowboy is a connected electric bike brand with a different and strong sense of engine for urban riders.

the landing page of Cowboy

That is another version of the Shopify coming soon landing page, but this time we have a very fancy example.

Cowboy has an interactive above-the-fold part that is quite impressive when considering it for the first time.

The brand presents booking the test ride, so it tries to create the coming soon effect with you.

You can easily click the CTA button at the header, or a popup will offer the chance to book a test ride. The popup will lead you to the page where the details of the test ride are shared.

If you take a deep look at the website of Cowboy, you will be able to see that different popups are available to get informed by the brand before other visitors.

To cut a long story short, it is possible to say and see that though it does not seem direct coming soon landing page, the buttons and the conduct provide this idea.

5. Notice Hair Co.

Notice Hair Co. is a natural hair products brand with economical prices.

the last part of the Notice Hair Co landing page with a sign up popup

The landing page of Notice Hair Co. does not give the sense of a coming soon page at first, yet by scrolling down; you can see that the brand helps your mind that there is more.

By the way, since the website is not that long, it is another factor that the products are about to come and increase in number.

When you ask where the idea is, it is on the footer part of the website.

There is a classic bar where you can enter your email address and get informed about coming updates.

Also, the brand always gives a sense of community and ethnicity from the beginning, so it will make you feel you want to be part of the ones ready for the improvements.

WordPress Coming Soon Page Examples

WordPress is one of the most widely known CMSs, so the second category is WordPress coming soon landing pages to take a look.

6. Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo is the official website of the zoo where people can get the chance to connect with people with animals.

Houston Zoo landing page with the ticket reservation opportunity

The landing page of Houston Zoo is on this list since it shares the reservations and the schedule of the zoo visits.

It has a very clear value proposition, and it is direct to the point with its aim.

When visitors want to learn the time and the events that are located in the zoo, they can easily get the information.

Also, there are social media links to create followers on the Houston Zoo’s social media accounts.

It is important to recognize and mention the use of real events images on the website.

7. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is an American singer and songwriter, and its official website is on the list as well.

Katy Perry's official website

The websites of celebrities are among the coming soon landing page examples when they are used correctly.

When it comes to the official page of Katy Perry, we directly encounter the dates of the concerts, and there are other blog posts related to the person.

Scrolling down the page, the interaction is nourished with the Katy Perry videos and products, where people are directed to the shopping page.

To draw the attention of visitors, there are newsletter options on the footer of the website. It provides that if people do not always follow this page, they can be updated through emails.

8. Nesswell / The Ness Card

Nesswell is the website of the Ness card. The Nesswell is an anagram for ‘wellness’.

Nesswell's landing page with green oriented landing page

When considering the website of the Ness Card, we are directly able to see that they offer the Ness Beta Card.

The CTA button is in the right position to see and recognize.

Another best part about the coming soon landing page is that the brand clearly states the advantages and the terms for the visitors who are interested.

The use of social proof is all present and correct. It works as a successful incentive for the brand.

In terms of design, we can say that health and wellness are correlated with the color green and white, which implies purity.

Finishing the landing page with another CTA button and a reminder make Wellness one of the best examples of this list.

GoDaddy Coming Soon Page Examples

GoDaddy is known as a web hosting company that provides domain names, websites, and online ideas.

It is also one of the easiest ways to build a website with components and its editor.

When it comes to the point, GoDaddy coming soon landing page examples are enlightening.

9. Women Working in Technology (WWT)

Women Working in Technology is a brand that holds virtual conferences for the sector’s promotion and situational awareness.

the welcome part of the Women Working in Technology landing page

The website of Women Working in Technology (WWT) is a clear website for enthusiasts.

When the website is examined, the visitors are welcome with the introduction of the Events and more.

The reason why the website is clear is that the community gives the necessary information for leading the About page.

As an illustration impact, a video about the events is used, and then the partners are introduced to the visitors.

Scrolling down the page to find out more, the board members are displayed, and the details of the events are revealed.

Since the idea is highly niche, the visitors should be fond of discovering the page and learning the details.

The missing part of the page is the CTA button that will direct the visitors to the event details.

10. Janz Revolver

Janz Revolver is a German custom-made revolver brand.

the landing page's above-the-fold part of Janz Revolver

The website of Janz Revolver is for both the coming soon and the stock announcement.

Firstly, the brand welcomes visitors, and they inform the visitors with very limited information.

If the visitor clicks the CTA button to get in touch with the brand, the sign-up section and contact information are asked.

The contact number is shared near the header, so if the visitors want to contact the brand, they can do it without wasting time.

The coming soon impact of the brand is given with the stockyard of the products.

11. Got Good Bones

Got Good Bones is a creative and informative group that connects buyers and sellers for the love of antiques, items of furniture, and further on.

Got Good Bones's landing page with a welcome above-the-fold

The website of Got Good Bones welcomes visitors with an informational popup to reveal the dates of the auctions. For the sample images, people are directed to the related page with this popup.

By visiting the landing page, visitors can have the chance to get in touch with the group to have knowledge about what Got Good Bones do.

This is among the most informative landing pages because it all gives the videos, images, and contact information for the visitors.

12. The Wood Den

The Wood Den is a rustic furniture brand made by hand by interested woodworkers.

the Wood Den's above-the-fold with a video

Regarding the Wood Den, this is a direct and supportive above-the-fold part where the location is revealed.

The floating bar of the brand at the top shows the tour chance, and you can simply go there or contact them.

The brand also shares the works and provides the chance to explore the pieces worked on before.

The virtual tour is displayed with video, the sales are visible for visitors, and the about part of the brand is also available.

The use of social proof is done with the reviews of previous customers. At the end of the page, there is a subscription bar to collect email addresses.

13. Cory Mathews/ Cory Mathews Men’s Grooming

Cory Mathews is a brand that deals with men’s grooming and personal care products.

Cory Mathews Men’s Grooming’s website uses a popup for the products since it is an online part of their promotion.

The website also gives a chance to book as the coming soon impact. But this time, you determine the coming soon date for yourself.

Products and featured products are shared for the marketing of the brand.

The sharing of the Instagram account of Cory Mathews Men’s Grooming forms the social link on the landing page.

14. Amici Barbers

Amici Barbers is a luxury barbershop which provides full service for men.

the landing page of Amici Barbers for men's grooming

The website of Amici Barbers also uses a popup to welcome and informs visitors about the hours when the barbershops are open.

If you go with the guide of the popup, you will be directed to the information page.

However, if you want to take advantage of the coming soon page where you can determine the date and hours, you will go to the barbershop.

When you head to the landing page directly, you can book your appointment yourself.

Besides, the social link on Facebook can help the brand win followers and likes on the social side.

To keep the contact, you can subscribe to their newsletter as well.

15. Liquid Bidding

Liquid Bidding is an auction platform that hosts different types of items and apparel.

the landing page of Liquid Bidding with blue-oriented background

Liquid Bidding may be the clearest website in this list because the only thing that matters here is that upcoming auction dates are revealed.

Coming soon dates are revealed for the auctions different from the others since you can get detailed information about them when you click on them.

You can enter your information to get email updates and newsletters for the visitors.

The missing part can be the design because since only the auctions are shared, there is not much-elevated part for the visitors.

Webflow Coming Soon Page Examples

Here are the inspirational Webflow coming soon landing pages that we have picked for you.

16. Before Sunset AI

Before Sunset AI is a productivity app solution powered by AI for teams and groups.

Before Sunset AI's homepage with an image from dashboard

The website of Before Sunset AI is highly engaging in terms of design and description.

The ‘Request Access’ button is at the top of the website, and each visitor has the feeling of coming soon impact.

When you click the button with CTA, you are asked to join the waitlist with your email address.

Following the landing page, the brand tells why you should use Before Sunset AI if you care about time management and the productivity of your team.

We see who should use the product and the features that most probably might matter to the users.

Approaching the end of the landing page, we see ‘Coming Soon’ features about the product.

In general, the buttons and the product in use are located wisely and goal-directedly.

17. TakeProfit

TakeProfit is a platform for traders who want to take a profit.

Takeprofit's landing page, a huge button on a black background

TakeProfit’s interface is fancy, and we mean that. :)

Different from the other websites in this list, visitors see and are directed to the platform with a huge arrow.

TakeProfit uses the CTA button as “Join Private Beta” at the top, and this is where it is important for the coming soon impact.

There is a humorous and entertaining side of TakeProfit as well. Also, the brand keeps it from the beginning until the end.

For the ones who like the website and keep scrolling, another CTA button to get started is located in order not to miss any chance.

18. Superthread

Superthread is another productivity app for teams that want to work effectively and faster.

the landing page of Superthread, which is a productivity app

This is one of the right uses of the coming soon landing page example with the clear value proposition and the use of CTA.

The examples are interactive and ready to be examined in detail in order to satisfy the visitors’ curiosity.

After describing the product in detail and interactively, there is another button with the proper chances and explanations.

19. Creative South

Creative South is a premier art and design event.

the colorful above-the-fold of Creative South

The website of Creative South is another example of a successful Webflow coming soon landing page because the design of the page is so elaborate.

The dates and the details are clearly stated with the right buttons and the proper above-the-fold part.

You can see the video, speakers, workshop tickets, schedule, accommodations, and sponsorships in order while scrolling down the page.

The website is interactive and satisfying enough to register for the event.

20. Coco

Coco helps you control finances and the builders by helping businesses in a friendly way at the same time.

Coco's website with mottos and introduction

Coco’s landing page might not seem like a coming soon landing page until the end because the waitlist is at the end of the page.

By entering your email address, you are able to join the list.

Through the landing page, you can see the details and information about the brand. Then, the decision to join or not depends on you.

Visitors may misjudge the situation of getting the app currently or not, but if the visitors are determined to get the app will continue to scroll to join the list.

21. Superlist

Superlist is like a to-do list app where the productivity of the teams is managed.

the above-the-fold of the interactive website of Superlist

Another interactive website design belongs to Superlist, and it is possible to ‘Join private beta’ with the CTA button.

Not only the above-the-fold part but also the rest of the landing pages are open to engage and interact with the website.

Also, the interaction of the website makes visitors scroll down the page and learn the details of the brand’s features.

Other Coming Soon Page Examples

We want to show you coming soon landing pages from different CMSs.

22. Lazy

Lazy is a tool used to show keyboard shortcuts and save time.

the landing page of Lazy which is a shortcut tool

The website of Lazy can be the most informative coming soon landing page example of this list.

Along with its informativeness, the interactivity supports all the details of the tool.

The illustrations elaborate on the website and the brand. Also, this shows the area of use, which is quite descriptive for the ones who do not know anything about the tool.

By sharing the reviews, social proof is provided, and people are more prone to trust the brand.

At the end of the landing page, we see a waitlist that needs requested access. That is how the brand can grow its email list and reach the target audience.

23. Arc

Arc presents a developed version of a search engine or a browser.

Arc browser's landing page which has a pink background

Arc prefers to be revolutionary with its landing page and reflects a more lively perspective to the visitors.

This time, we do not witness an informative landing page, but it creates curiosity and excitement for what is next for the coming soon impact.

On the other hand, the brand may not have used the right CTA for the button because using the ‘Try it for yourself’ doesn’t give direct meaning to calling for the waitlist.

When the button is clicked, the visitor is addressed to a form to spare the spot for himself/herself or themself.

24. Threads

Threads is a platform designed for the teams as their workspace or a place where they can catch up.

Threads landing page with neon background

The coming soon landing page of Threads is catchy and sufficient with the clear value proposition, the button with CTA, and the satisfying design.

The illustrations are provided with the video, interactive images, and the flow of the website.

The features are ordered for the likes and interests of the visitors.

Another effective move from Threads is their use of testimonials.

The button with CTA is used at the end to draw and not lose the attention of visitors.

25. Tana

Tana is a tool used for productivity and knowledge management systems by teams.

the landing page of Tana which is a productivity management system

Tana’s website turns out to be one of the most interactive coming soon landing pages with the above-the-fold part.

The tool is introduced with an explanation and a video for people to relate.

Ordering the features and the use of the system help visitors to wait for more information.

Like other websites, there are reviews from users, which are extremely useful and precious for a brand.

People who scroll with curiosity until the end come across an access opportunity, but you need to share your email address to get early access.

26. Telekinetic Yeti

Telekintic Yeti is a band composed of two men that deliver psychedelic music.

the landing page of Telekinetic Yeti which is a music band

The website of Telekinetic Yeti is similar to the example where we examine Katy Perry’s website.

The above-the-fold part hosts the button to ‘Click Here’ to catch the visitors at first glance.

The social media pages are shared to gain followers, and the tour dates are revealed to the fans or the visitors.

By sharing the links to the tours, the website eases the work of the visitors.

Also, the videos from the concerts and the press are shared with the reviews on the landing page from different perspectives.

27. Runway Financial

Runway Financial works for the answers to financial questions with individuals and investors.

the landing page of Runway Financial

The website of Runway Financial reveals a sense of humor about their aim for visitors.

The interaction of the website is provided by Svelte.

When it comes to the coming soon landing page part, it is possible to see the above-the-fold part for requesting access.

The general overview of the website has some missing parts compared to other examples, but as a coming soon page, we can say it gives the necessary information for the very first introduction.

28. Manor DAO

Manor DAO is an investment platform that is related to a pool suite offering and NFT at the same time.

Manor DAO's landing page with a sample image

The Manor DAO’s landing page is not clear and classical like the other website examples because the main aim of the brand is to create curiosity.

It highlights the necessary points and tells the story of the brand without giving much detail.

The images are shared with a concept, and at the end, it calls out for membership with the submission.

It is possible to say that this is not the best coming soon landing page because not all the necessary information is provided.

However, the excitement and the motivation to discover the brand are supported.

29. Relay

Relay is an anomaly company that provides tools for bad actor management in EVs (electric vehicles).

the above-the-fold part of Relay

We can see the button with CTA to get early access to the management system.

With a general overview, the landing page gives the details, features, and how it works as part of the brand.

Though the website is not satisfying enough in terms of introduction, it is the direct part where we can see the early access opportunity.

30. Steam Deck

Steam Deck is an all-in-one personal computer for gaming.

the above-the-fold part of Steam Deck with the gaming tool

The coming soon landing page of Steam Deck starts with an interactive above-the-fold video.

On the header, there is a button “Add to Wishlist” to give the coming soon impact. And the detailed information is available as well.

Scrolling through the page, there are examples and pricing details.

With features and video games, Steam Deck is introduced to visitors.

The Reasons Why Coming Soon Landing Pages Are Important

The coming soon landing pages are vital because they can help a lot of things in general. Let’s discover what they are as well.

  • You can announce and market your website, app, service, or products before your launch and release date.
  • It is possible to support your SEO and SERP ranking with proper keywords, supportive keywords, and domain ranking.
  • Growing your email list is another reason why coming soon landing pages are vital because since there may be a waitlist, wishlist, or early access, they all can help collect submissions.
  • You can have the chance to get to know your potential visitors and customers.
  • If you share your social media accounts, you can start collecting followers.
  • You will be able to deliver the process of your website and your product information.
  • You can collect feedback from your visitors on the pre-launch page and make developments accordingly.

All in All

In conclusion, we believe that these 30+ coming soon landing page examples are successful and inspirational in many cases.

You should keep in mind that we have collected the current version of the websites, so the coming soon announcements may be eliminated when you search for this article.

We have aimed to display the most functional samples and tell you the critical tips for creating an effective coming soon page.

And we hope that these tips and examples can help you develop your own coming soon landing page.

The Frequently Asked Questions

Coming soon landing page examples might sound pretty obvious, but there are some niche questions that need to be answered.

Do I Need a Coming Soon Page?

It depends. If you have not launched your page yet and want to add excitement to your launch, you can use it even if it is not a necessity. Also, if you present a new collection with your products, the coming soon pages can help your process, but still, it is not a necessity.

Is It Possible to Track the Performance of a Coming Soon Landing Page?

Yes, it is. If you add a button to lead a detailed page, you can count the clicks and views. Or, you can add a waitlist bar and collect email addresses from your visitors if they are interested. That is how you can calculate the interaction that people have with your brand and coming products.

What is the Difference between the Coming Soon Page and the Maintenance Page?

A coming soon page tells the visitors that there is a website to be live or presents the chance to get early access, and so on. However, a maintenance page shows that the website is under maintenance and be ready after the detailed construction to develop the page. Also, it is important to keep in mind that a maintenance page can be used to prevent users from experiencing any downtime issues.

How Important is the Design of the Coming Soon Landing Page?

Since the first impression matters for most of the visitors, the design of the coming soon landing page will affect the psychology and the perspective of the visitors as well. Therefore, it is best to consider the design and the content of the page at the same time because your churn rate may increase because of the inconvenient design that gives them unreliable sense.

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