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13 Opt-In Page Examples for Higher Sign-Up Conversion

You’ve come to the right place whether you’re looking to start from scratch or improve your current opt-in page.

Today, we will focus on 13 opt-in pages essential for building a solid subscriber base and boosting conversion.

Let’s explore what sets these pages apart and how to apply these learnings to your opt-in page.

What is an Opt-In Page?

An opt-in page is a type of landing page that offers value in exchange for your visitor's email or contact information.

This value can be anything from free shipping for your product to signing up for your newsletter or the chance to attend your webinar.

These high-converting lead magnets are the best way to build a long-lasting bond with your visitors and convert them into customers by providing ongoing value.

Difference Between Opt-In Page and Landing Page

As already pointed out, an opt-in page is a kind of landing page; however, not all landing pages are opt-in pages.

The simplest ways to distinguish this:

A landing page provides general information about your product or service and includes multiple CTAs, while an opt-in page focuses only on collecting the visitor's email or contact information.

What About Opt-In Forms?

You've probably come across a newsletter opt-in form in the sidebar of a blog page before, just like Shopify's blog!

shopify optin form in the blog sidebar

So, an opt-in form is an element found on an opt-in page or embedded within other website pages.

Elements of a Successful Opt-In Page

Before you create an opt-in page, you know that visitors are not willing to share their contact details.

This is why the focus should be on creating a user-friendly experience and the quality of the value you offer.

Here are the key elements that make an opt-in page successful:

📌 Captivating Headline: Your headline is your first impression. Make it count by being both engaging and directly relevant to your audience’s interests.

  • You are here to rebuild your health! Let's go for a brisk walk.
  • Explore your financial goals with us – grab your free ebook now!
  • Join our cooking class for delicious experience. Reserve your spot!
  • Tech enthusiasts, unite! Don't miss our upcoming webinar on the latest trends.
  • Love our planet? So do we! Discover our eco-friendly deals.

📌 Unique Selling Proposition: Whether it's access to a newsletter, a free e-book, or exclusive offers, the value should be clear and compelling.

📌 Minimalistic Design: Avoid too much information or too many images; provide a straightforward path with a single CTA.

📌 Strong Call-to-Action (CTA): Your button shouldn’t just say ‘submit.’ Make it exciting, make it promising. Tell them exactly what they get by clicking.

  • A button says “Get My Free Ebook” instead of “Submit”.

📌 Concise Form: Keep your form to the bare essentials. The fewer fields you have, the more likely users will complete it.

📌 Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure that your opt-in page is fully responsive and looks great on mobile devices, as a significant portion of web traffic comes from mobile users.

13 Opt-In Page Examples for Effective Lead Generation

Opt-in pages are highly effective for lead generation in digital marketing, but only when done correctly!

So, let's look at 13 various opt-in pages that will help you build an email list of potential customers.

1. Backlinko Newsletter Opt-In Page

Backlinko is a website that specializes in offering in-depth SEO training and resources.

Only two scroll downs are needed to view their complete opt-in page, making it a really effective opt-in page example.

backlinko newsletter optin page example

View opt-in page example 👀

Why it’s standout:

  • Social Proof: The impressive subscriber count adds a "join the club" appeal.
  • Brand Logos: Support from well-known brands increase brand credibility and authority.

2. Dorie Clark E-book Opt-In Page

Dorie Clark is an author, speaker, and business educator known for her work in the areas of marketing, personal branding, and professional development.

Dorie's page specifically prompts visitors to enter their name and email to unlock a free self-assessment workbook

dorie clark ebook opt in page example

Why it’s standout:

  • Trustworthy Signs: The page shows famous names like "The New York Times" and has a big award title. This makes people trust her because they see she's known by important groups.
  • Big Wins: It tells us Dorie is one of the top business thinkers and the best at teaching communication. This shows she's really good at what she does.
  • Lots of Followers: It says "Join 71,000+ Smart People," which means a lot of people like her work. This makes new visitors think it's a good idea to join too.

View opt-in page example 👀

3. Make Webinar Opt-In Page

We wanted to add this webinar opt-in page of Make for simplicity.

They divided the page into two: on one side is the value clearly presented to the user, and on the other is a basic form.

make webinar announcement optin page

View opt-in page example 👀

Why it’s standout:

  • Subtext: Provides additional context and sets expectations for what the visitor will learn. Social proof is also used with an emphasis on 950 million members.
  • Intentional Simplicity: The absence of imagery may be intentional to focus on the purpose, but adding some relevant visuals can engage users.

4. Wyser Download Report Opt-In Page

Wyser’s opt-in page is a good example of using multiple CTAs that all link to the same point on the page—the form.

You can access the form right away with a single click, whether you read the top of the page and fill out the form or go to the end to be convinced.

Why it’s standout:

wyser download report optin page example
  • Content Description: A brief description outlines the report's value, addressing the IT talent search and HR trends.
  • Form Fields: The form requests detailed contact information, which is standard for B2B lead generation strategies.
wyser download report optin form

View opt-in page example 👀

5. Adjust E-Book Opt-In Page

The Adjust e-book opt-in page stands out with its integration of a video, which offers a dynamic way to engage visitors without overwhelming them with text.

adjust e-book opt-in page example

Why it’s standout:

  • Video Element: With a video that provides a quick overview or introduction to the content, visitors may be more willing to provide information.
  • Testimonial: A quote from a reputable source adds credibility and real-world context, enhancing trust.
  • Opt-in Form and Trust Signals: The presence of well-known brand names alongside this simply designed form is not by chance. It builds trust and encourages sign-ups.
adjust e-book optin form with a social-proof

View opt-in page example 👀

6. CoSchedule Marketing Plan Course Opt-In Page

CoSchedule is a good example in that it includes an upgraded paid option on the opt-in page that allows visitors to choose according to their needs.

coschedule marketing plan optin page first part

Why it’s standout:

  • Text and Copywriting: The headline speaks directly to the visitor's desire to improve marketing results; alt text emphasizes the potential for increased results.
  • CTAs: Two clear CTAs, one for free course enrollment and another for accessing premium resources.
coschedule marketing plan optin page second part
  • Social Proof: Features a testimonial for credibility.
  • Placing the Upper Deal: A free course with a higher deal on the page allows visitors to choose based on their needs and creates more sign-up opportunities for you.
coschedule marketing plan optin page last part

View opt-in page example 👀

7. Yoga Journal Subscription Opt-In Page

Yoga Journal's Outside Plus is a comprehensive subscription package for wellness enthusiasts, offering a persuasive opt-in page with clear benefits and a straightforward subscription process.


Why it’s standout:

  • Design & Layout: Natural landscape background sets the tone for the outdoor and wellness lifestyle subscription, with a clear layout emphasizing social proof.
  • Benefits of Membership: On the entire page, 6 different benefits provide a smooth transition by making a fade effect with scroll down. We have included only one of them here.
  • Membership List View: Brief benefit descriptions maintain simplicity, and including actual prices ensures the benefits are tangible.
yoga journal outside subscription plan list

View opt-in page example 👀

8. Blue Apron Subscription Opt-In Page

Blue Apron's opt-in page stands out because it has a clear headline offering a substantial discount to incentivize action.

blue apron first orders offer into the optin page

View opt-in page example 👀

Why it’s standout:

  • Clarity of Offer: The headline is direct and offers a compelling discount, one of the most effective ways to encourage sign-ups.
  • Layout & User Flow: The clean layout presents information in an easy-to-follow order and directs users from the offer to benefits and sign-up options.
  • Benefits: Key benefits like "No Commitment," "Personalized Menus," and "Convenient Delivery" are clearly displayed.

9. Restream Product Promotion Opt-In Page

Restream's opt-in page has five sections. Considering that this is a product promotion page, 5 seemed reasonable to us :)

restream product promotion optin page first part
  • Opt-in Form Section: The page starts with a bold, engaging headline and a straightforward opt-in form, encouraging immediate action.
  • Benefits Section: Here, the page lists the key features of the service using concise, easy-to-understand language.
restream product promotion optin page second part

View opt-in page example 👀

  • How It Works Section: This part breaks down the service's process, providing clarity and reducing confusion.
  • Analytics Section: Focused on measurable outcomes, it shows potential users the tangible benefits of the service, like tracking viewer engagement.

10. Quip Free Routine Opt-In Page

Quip's opt-in page is a good example due to its engaging and interactive approach.

By incorporating a quiz to determine the user's oral care routine, it creates a personalized experience.

get quip free routine builder with quiz optin page example

Why it’s standout:

  • Value Proposition: It promises a personalized routine, suggesting a customized solution for the user.
get quip free routine builder with quiz optin page example second part
  • Engagement through Quizzes: The quiz engages potential customers by making the opt-in process interactive and personalized.
  • Incentive: Provides an example of personalized product recommendations that add value to the engagement process.
  • Subtext: "We're sending emails less frequently." It addresses the biggest obstacle to sharing visitors' information.
get quip free routine builder with quiz optin page example last part

View opt-in page example 👀

11. Customer.io E-Book Opt-In Page

The Customer.io opt-in page stands out with its vivid, story-telling illustration that visually represents the messaging landscape.

customer.io optin page example first part

Why it’s standout:

  • Value Proposition: Outlines the benefits of downloading the report, such as gaining insights for 2024 to optimize messaging strategies.
customer.io optin page example second part

View opt-in page example 👀

  • Social Proof: The lower section mentions over 7,000 companies that trust the service, adding credibility.
  • Dual CTA: Offering a demo or starting a trial caters to different stages in the customer journey.

Opt-in pages aren't limited to standalone formats; they can be integrated as popups on your website.

Whether you include just the form and text, add a countdown, or gamify your popup, it's all up to you.

Now let's take a closer look at examples of this:

12. AppSumo Popup Opt-In Page

AppSumo's popup opt-in is an effective example due to its direct offer of a 10% discount, an immediate incentive to subscribe.

appsumo popup optin page example with offer

13. Maguire Popup Opt-In Page

The Maguire pop-up is a strong example because it offers a clear benefit: 10% off the first purchase in exchange for email.

Popups are one of the simplest ways e-commerce sites collect visitors' contact information.

shopify store maguire popup optin page

How Can People Access the Opt-In Page?

Considering that opt-in pages are often standalone web pages that are not immediately visible, it is important to use a variety of tactics to attract potential subscribers to these pages.

Here's how people can access your opt-in page:

  • SEO: Your optimized page may appear in search results when people search for relevant keywords.
  • Paid Ads: You can run ads linking to your opt-in page on platforms like Google, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Email Marketing: You can email your existing subscribers with a link to your opt-in page.
  • Backlinking: You can provide links to your opt-in page from external sites.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Influencers can promote your opt-in page to their followers.
  • Internal Site Links: Links can be strategically placed on your website to direct people to your opt-in page, which is a popular strategy in e-commerce websites.


Wrapping up, we've walked through some top-notch examples of opt-in pages that can seriously boost your sign-up conversions.

It's clear that a mix of great incentives, a personal touch, and a smooth user experience can make all the difference in turning visitors into a loyal subscriber base.

Keep these examples in mind as you craft or revamp your opt-in page, and remember, the simpler and more genuine your offer, the better the connection with your audience.

Now, go ahead, apply these insights, and watch your sign-op conversion grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Tools Can I Use to Create an Opt-In Page?

There are various tools available to create opt-in pages efficiently.

Some popular options include landing page builders like Unbounce, Leadpages, and Instapage.

These tools provide user-friendly interfaces, templates, and customization options for designing and optimizing opt-in pages.

Additionally, email automation tools such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or Constant Contact often offer built-in features for creating and managing opt-in forms.

2. How to Create an Opt-In Page Right Now?

When setting up an opt-in page, think about what you want it to do first. Is it for gathering emails or sharing e-books?

Use tools like Unbounce or Mailchimp to make things easy. Keep your page simple with a killer headline, and just ask for the basics in your form.

Your call to action should be bold and tempting, making visitors want to click.

And hey, don't forget to spread the word on social media or through ads.

Keep an eye on how well it's working and tweak it as needed.

3. Are Popup Opt-In Pages Effective?

Definitely, popup opt-ins are solid for grabbing attention and getting sign-ups.

And with no-code popup builder like Popupsmart, making them without needing tech skills is a breeze.

You can customize them just like any opt-in page with loads of options to make them fit your style and speak to your visitors.

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