SERP Preview Tool

SERP Preview Tool

<meta name="title" content="Enter your Meta Title here! Make sure it encourages clicks.">

<meta name="description" content="Enter your Meta Description here! Don't forget to include the keyword(s) of your page content to meta description.">

Cut and paste the code into your <head> to have the meta tags on your HTML site.

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Enter a Title that describes your content that encourages clicks

Enter your Meta Description here! Don't forget to include the keyword(s) of your page content to meta description.

This tool freely simulates Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The main benefit that you gain from using this tool is to maximize your click-through rate (CTR) in search engines.

In other words, this tool enables you to increase the organic search engine traffic and improve your rankings relatively.

This digital marketing tactic is useful to declare your webpage keywords and phrases.

Best Practices for Meta Title & Meta Description


You must have a meta description and a meta title for every single page on your website in order to better optimize your webpages with search engine results.

Here is an explanation of the two main elements that are displayed in a typical search engine result;

Meta Title

Search engines fully show a meta title up to 65 characters. After that, it will continue with ellipses (…)

You should include your brand name to improve search engine optimization efforts.

The meta title of a webpage should contain fundamental characteristics to encourage clicks!

Example Meta Title: How to Create Popup in WordPress Without Plugin? | Popupsmart

Meta Description

Search engines fully show a meta description of up to 155 characters, including spaces. After that, it will continue with ellipses (…)

The optimal meta description length is usually between 140 and 155 characters.

“Meta description” is also known as “Snippet.”

You must include keywords or key phrases of the webpage content to increase your ranking within search engine results.

The meta description of a webpage should include main characteristics to encourage conversions!

Example Meta Description: Let us help you in the digital world! Popupsmart’s free tool of Google’s SERP Snippet Optimization replicates the appearance of your webpage in search engine results.

How to Use the SERP Preview Tool?

To use the SERP Preview Tool of Popupsmart, respectively, follow the instructions below;

1. Enter your meta title,

2. Enter your meta description,

3. Paste the URL of the relative webpage,

4. Select a word that you wish to make bold.

Then the tool generates a pre virtual search result based on the input you have provided.