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20 Top Methods to Increase User Sign-ups

Increasing sign-ups can affect the course of events for good for your business, and it is totally up to you.

There are advantageous and disadvantageous times when collecting sign-ups.

However, we have the exact solutions to this problem.

With effective strategies and to-the-point tips, you will be able to see the impact of increasing sign-ups in both the short and the long term.

If you are ready to get sign-ups more than ever and support your business effectively, let’s start!

Why Is Increasing User Sign-ups Important?

Because of many reasons…

Sign-ups ease the interaction between the business and potential customers.

This interaction can create a bond and support customer loyalty.

two people dealing with computer for sign-ups

On the other hand, since you might want to hear more about the benefits of increasing user sign-ups, we prepared a list.

With user sign-ups, …

  • You create a customer base for yourself.
  • You solve the problem of collecting data.
  • You can learn your customers, so prepare personalized content for them.
  • You can determine your channels to reach your customers (if you allow different sign-up techniques)
  • You can form a community for different types of user-generated content
  • You can get high benefits from the conversions that are converted from sign-ups.
  • You can improve your product or service with feedback.

20 Strategies to Get More User Sign-ups

These strategies are the most impactful and organized ones that will help your business.

While applying, you may want to choose one or more among them, and it totally depends on you.

What you should do is choose the right one or ones for your business.

1. Assure Your Website is Ready

For starting a successful sign-up increasing process, you need to make sure that your website is ready for that.

Believe it or not, the design and layout of your website affect the minds of people about your credibility.

Besides, you should prepare the necessary content for your visitors.

You should consider the length, relevance, and satisfaction of your content as well.

Under the light of all these, you can decide if your website is suitable or not.

designing website with programmer

2. Know Your Target Audience

You may ask how it will be possible without increasing any sign-up, but you must have a target audience group when you start your business.

Measure their intent and activities. Then, focus on their tendencies even when preparing sign-up forms.

The most recommended part about the target audience is that you should try evoking emotions in your visitors.

team with analytics and statistics on the table in a meeting

Unlike popular belief, emotions or sensuality do not reflect weaknesses.

Quite the contrary, this can be the best game you will play while gaining your visitors.

By knowing your target audience, you will contribute to your customer loyalty programs of your business.

3. Locate Sign-up Clearly

This is another point you should determine while arranging your website.

You should locate the sign-up in a clear position, like the header or above-the-fold of your webpage, because it should be accessible.

Both with the appearance and position of the sign-up button, your visitors should see it.

Also, if your content is appropriate for this, you can embed a sign-up button there too.

So, the key point is that to increase sign-up, you should help your visitors reach sign-up 🙂.

4. Prepare an Effective Sign-up Form

Now, we are at a very critical step of getting more user sign-ups.

In the beginning, your sign-up form should not be complicated or too long to follow.

You should aim for something clear and concise, both with your questions and necessities.

Besides, on the form, there are some technical details that you should consider:

  • Don’t create too long questions, minimize all the things.
  • Make errors visible for your visitors in order not to ignore them.
  • Determine the obligatory and optional parts.
  • Decide the priority and ask for the most important at first.
  • Provide social channels to sign up.
  • Include terms and conditions section for privacy and security.
  • Optimize your form in a mobile-friendly way.
  • Don’t forget to send an email to confirm the sign-ups.

5. Utilize CTA

Encouraging is the best way to connect.

We generally adopt and emphasize the importance of CTA (call-to-action) in nearly most of the blog posts.

And here, it is way more essential to include.

You should lead your visitors to sign-up in a supportive way.

The next thing you should do is to ask if it is heartening enough.

If you can show and guide people with your CTA, then it’s a plus!

cooperation between collegues

6. Incentivize Your Visitors with Free Gifts

You know what they say, what goes around comes around.

Therefore, you need to give to take more.

The aim here is to collect sign-ups, so free gifts can be your go-to solution for increasing sign-ups.

All kinds of incentivization for your visitors will encourage them.

The best way to share your freebies can be using popups effectively and practically.

You do the magic with your popup by including the sign-up form and a related image of the free product.

Then, you are all set. The rest is up to your visitors.

free gift popup by Popupsmart for sign-up

7. Offer Discount Codes

Discount codes are the secret players of businesses.

They do not appear all the time until the game goes in an unwanted way.

The time when you think that the discount codes are your last chance to win. Then, make it more engaging than ever.

The best way we can suggest is to present your sign-ups with gamification.

By doing so, you present chances, possibilities, and fun to your visitors. Thus, you gain more than you expect.

discount code with gamificaition popup by Popupsmart for sign-up

8. Create a Sense of Urgency with Chances

This strategy is also among the most favored ones.

You present a time limit to your visitors to make them act as soon as possible.

You can add incentivization to the campaign, like discovering products or some coupon codes to use.

People fall in some kind of imperativeness when they see a countdown to sign up.

This makes them more prone to act faster and more direct.

However, don’t forget to give them something they should never miss.

countdown popup by Popupsmart for sign-up

9. Present Free Shipping

We have arrived at another favorite strategy altogether.

Free shipping makes engagement possible.

Sign-ups are generally supported by gifts, and free shipping is a specified gift for visitors.

Also, businesses generally provide free shipping from time to time.

Therefore, you might create a sense of exclusiveness while providing free shipping in exchange for a sign-up.

free shipping popup by Popupsmart for sign-up

10. Make Use of Social Media

Since the importance of social media is widely and clearly seen, we will not be telling about its importance.

You should include social media channels in your process to expand the reach of your campaign.

If you provide a campaign with freebies and premium gifts, more people want to hear about it.

Then, social media is the best chance for this.

social media popup by Popupsmart for sign-up

11. Apply Social Proof

Social proof may be more powerful than any other strategy in this list.

People believe in word-of-mouth, and the best way possible is to provide the necessary details for them.

With your sharing, you need to sustain your credibility and happiness.

That way, you can encourage people and make them believe in your brand’s quality and identity.

social proof sign-up popup by Popupsmart

12. Announce Special Campaigns

If you don’t find any reason to encourage people for sign-ups, here is the chance.

Special days and campaigns can always save you.

You don’t have to create a fully new campaign, but choose a specific time of the year and work on that.

However, some daily deals won’t kill you, so support and create special campaigns as much as you can.

special campaign popup by Popupsmart for sign-up

13. Support Visitors with Chats

When aiming for increasing sign-ups, you should be open to contact.

You must have a current support channel, but if you don’t, you must have one immediately.

Many people are apt to give up during the process of filling out the sign-up forms.

However, to prevent this problem, it is best to be accessible 24/7.

Since you can’t stay awake all night, we want to present budget-friendly advice for you, which is LiveChatAI.

LiveChatAI is an AI bot that can reduce human support and create direct solutions for your visitors.

When you train your AI bot according to the necessities and details of your business, you can leave the rest to LiveChatAI.

the homepage of LiveChatAI which is an AI bot to reduce customer support

14. Engage through Newsletter

Newsletters inspire and help share the content.

There are two different ways to engage through newsletters.

The first way is to send some encouraging newsletters to fixed email addresses and present what you offer.

Also, you can include social elements to increase sharing.

The second way is to activate users again through newsletters.

young woman examining and thinking

15. Use Gated Content

Since gated content causes interruption and distraction, people can get upset or sometimes mad.

But you can turn this situation into an advantage for you.

Because your main aim is to increase your sign-ups, you can create gated content that needs sign-ups easily.

Then, you will be dealing with only the leads that you should follow.

16. Try Membership Websites

Here is another way of gated content, but you can consider it more developed and conversion-focused.

Membership websites generally depend on subscriptions, which can help to get user sign-ups.

All you have to do is to create offers by knowing your target audience and their intent.

17. Provide Security and Guarantee

Security and guarantee are the critical points to consider.

You should display your terms and conditions of security along with maintaining a guarantee to your visitors. This can increase your sign-ups effectively.

On the other hand, if you don’t comply with data regulations, GDPR, and CCPA, depending on your region, this may cause problems.

This can cause more trouble with security for you and damage the brand in general.

18. Execute Referral Programs

This is an effective strategy that hides many details.

About how you will use referrals, you can add a sharing option at the end of the forms and expand.

Referral programs can even help you build communities with your sign-ups.

The main motif is that you should be aware that it is possible to leverage the impact of your brand while collecting more people.

19. Retain Your Visitors with Exit Intent

Of course, you have interesting content on your website.

However, it may not be easy to hold your visitors all the time.

At this point, you should keep your visitors from leaving your website and offer them sign-up.

We recommend you include a discount code or incentivization to encourage visitors.

This way, you will be able to grab their attention even while they are leaving.

exit-intent popup by Popupsmart for sign-up

20. Collect Feedback from a Different Perspective

You can lead your visitors to sign-up only with their experience on your website.

Or, it is possible to guide them after their shopping without any subscription or membership.

That way, you can not only increase sign-ups but also collect feedback from your visitors.

feedback popup by Popupsmart for sign-up

To Conclude

All in all, we have covered the best methods for increasing user sign-ups for your website.

While deciding, you might want to give your attention to some of them.

However, the most right thing to do is that you should decide the most suitable one for you.

Also, instead of waiting for user sign-ups to come, you should highlight your offers and promote your products.

Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

While increasing sign-ups, there are some points you should keep in mind.

Thus, you can consider viewing frequently asked questions as well.

What to Avoid When Trying to Increase User Sign-ups?

Generally, there are some top acts to avoid, like having a sophisticated sign-up form and not showing the advantages of signing up. Besides, you should do a constant analysis of your user data to keep you and your forms updated. The last but not least point that you should remember is that you shouldn’t ignore your users from mobile since they matter a lot to value.

Can I Convert Inactive Users to Active Ones After They Sign Up?

Yes, you can. If your signed-up users become inactive, you should reconsider and try improving your methods. The next move you should make is applying re-engagement strategies.

You can consider email marketing, promotional activities, or exclusive offers for the users who want to be retained.

What is the Right Time to Encourage Sign-ups?

It depends. Based on your target audience and their intent, you can choose different times. You can test the habits of your visitors and the ideal time to increase sign-ups. After the tests, you can determine the activity and responses of your audiences.

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