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Converting Coupon Code Ideas to Double Sales in 2024

Coupon codes have become a crucial element of e-commerce, giving companies a simple way to attract and retain customers. Nevertheless, coming up with coupon code ideas might be challenging.

Offering discounts and promotions using coupon codes is a proven approach to boost sales and increase customer loyalty, regardless of how big or small your business is. That's why we'll discuss various coupon code ideas in this blog post and best practices for putting them into use.

Without further ado, explore these discount code ideas and examples that will double your sales!

What is a Coupon Code?

the clothing brand Gap's multiple coupon codes on home page

A coupon code or a discount code is a marketing strategy that e-commerce businesses use to attract and retain customers. Customers can enter it to earn discounts or other incentives at the checkout. It normally consists of a combination of letters and numbers. Coupon codes can increase sales, customer loyalty, and revenue.

They can be used to promote referral discounts, limited-time specials, free shipping, package discounts, loyalty rewards, and so on. They can also be used to give discounts to first-time customers.

Coupon codes are a simple and efficient way for companies of all sizes to boost their revenue and create long-lasting customer relationships.

Coupon codes can be:

  • Unique ones that differ for each customer
  • Public codes that are available for everyone

You can use unique or public coupon codes to achieve your goals according to your business needs.

Best Coupon Code Ideas That Work & Examples

We gathered the 13 best coupon code ideas you can apply to your business, along with some examples. By exploring these coupon code examples, you can find suitable ones and develop your own properly.

1. Welcome & First Order Offers

Welcome and first-order offers are brilliant approaches to drawing in new customers and convincing them to purchase from your store.

Welcome coupon codes can be used when a visitor comes to your website for the first time or signs up. You can offer a discount to customers who make their first purchase with your store. This may attract new clients and entice them to make additional purchases.

first order coupon code popup example that says “Thank you for your first order”

You can advertise this coupon code on your website by using coupon code popups. As in this example above, offering a coupon code after the first order can encourage customers to make another purchase, leading to loyal customers.

Other ways to use welcome and first-order offers on coupon codes can be in social media posts, email marketing, and other channels.

2. Customer Referral Promo Codes

Using customer referral promo codes, you can thank your customers for suggesting friends and family to your business. This kind of code helps you grow your customer base and fosters brand loyalty among your current customers.

Customers can receive a discount or various rewards when they recommend their friends and family to your store.

customer referral coupon code popup example that says “GET $10 COUPON CODE”

Displaying referral coupon code popups on your website or sending emails to your customers can be an effective usage of these creative coupon code ideas.

You might create a referral program that enables customers to share a special code with their friends and family. Then, track and reward customers who successfully suggested your brand or products by applying this coupon code.

3. Product Bundling Deals

Product bundling deals are a wonderful method to boost sales and average order value. This can be an excellent strategy for upselling, cross-selling, or persuading customers to buy related products.

For various product categories or collections, you can offer various package discounts. This coupon code can be marketed through email marketing, social media, or on your website by clearly stating the value of the package deals, the discounts, and the expiration date.

a skincare product brand Function of Beauty’s product bundle coupon code example that says “New Year, Best You: Skin Trio Special”

For example, Function of Beauty creates a product bundling deal and gives coupon codes to its customers for a limited time. Their product bundling coupon code allows customers to create a bundle that includes various products.

It also emphasizes that customers can save money by using coupon codes for the bundle they create, and it is only there for a limited time, which triggers a sense of urgency.

See 11 Product Bundling Examples That Will Get You More Sales for various product bundling examples.

4. Limited-time Offers

Limited-time offers are a remarkable approach to increasing sales by creating a sense of urgency. Because this kind of coupon code is only valid for a short period of time, it motivates customers to act quickly and make a purchase before the deal ends.

This can be an effective strategy for selling off stocks or promoting new products. You can advertise limited-time offers on your website, social media channels, or email marketing using a countdown timer or an expiration date.

limited-time offer coupon code popup for Black Friday that says “GET 50% OFFCOUPON CODE”

For example, using a limited offer coupon code popup with a countdown timer can encourage your visitors to take the desired action as soon as possible before the deal ends.

This coupon code can be applied to all products, specific collections, or product categories, depending on your needs and business goals.

5. Seasonal Campaign Offers

Seasonal campaign coupon codes can be used to boost sales during particular times. Depending on the time of year or occasion, you can offer various discounts, free shipping, or other promotions.

Since during the holiday season, many people are shopping for gifts; you may create coupon codes or offer a discount on particular products during this season.

Dresslily’s seasonal campaign coupon code example for Valentine’s Day

For example, Dresslily adds a coupon code for Valentine's Day on the landing page and offers discounts for this special day.

In addition, the seasonal campaign is emphasized with the headline "One for you, one for your valentine," and a clear CTA button is added along with the coupon code "LOVEU," which fits the campaign's context.

6. New Product Arrival Offers

New product arrival offers are a great way to introduce new products to potential customers and drive sales. When you use this one with coupon codes, you can give your customers a discount, free shipping, or other incentives.

That way, you can encourage your visitors to purchase your new arrival products. This can be an effective strategy to increase conversion rates and promote new products to your visitors.

Priceless' new arrival coupon code-example that says "THE FIRST 100 ORDERS RECEIVE 20% OFF THE NEW DROP"

For example, Priceless offers a coupon code on new products and announces that with the headline "THE FIRST 100 ORDERS RECEIVE 20% OFF THE NEW DROP."

The brand creates a sense of urgency and FOMO by stating that only the first 100 orders can use this coupon code, encouraging visitors to take action before the offer ends.

Explore Top 20 New Arrival Email Examples to Jumpstart Your Campaign for effective new arrival email campaigns.

7. Free Shipping Coupons

Free shipping coupons are a fantastic method for customers to spend more money and boost average order values. Customers can be strongly motivated by this to buy more things, which can lead to a lower cart abandonment rate.

By lowering the overall cost of customers' purchases, these codes also contribute to greater customer satisfaction.

You can provide free shipping on all items, only certain items or product categories, or just for a certain amount of time. Also, proposing free shipping on orders over a certain amount can be a great way to encourage customers to spend more and make larger purchases.

Levenger’s free shipping coupon code example for the new year campaign

For instance, Levenger offers free shipping for $75 and gives a 20% discount to visitors for the new year campaign. The brand promotes its new product and aims to increase conversions with free shipping offers for a particular cart amount.

8. Exit-intent Offers

With coupon codes for exit-intent offers, you can boost conversion rates and lower cart abandonment. By using this kind of coupon code, you can offer visitors who are ready to leave your website without completing a purchase a discount or an exclusive promotion.

You can use popups with exit-intent technology, which recognizes when a customer is about to leave your website and shows a message with the offer. These offers can be useful for increasing user engagement and increasing sales.

exit-intent coupon code popup example that says “Wait!”

For example, this exit-intent coupon code popup grabs visitors' attention with the headline "Wait!" when they intend to leave the website. Discount codes for those leaving the website are offered, and a clear CTA button is given in this popup example.

9. Abandoned Cart Coupons

Using abandoned cart coupon codes, you can offer discounts, free shipping, and various offers to people who leave products on their shopping carts. That way, you can persuade customers to finish their purchases after leaving things in their carts.

As a result, you can reduce your cart abandonment rate and skyrocket your sales.

cart abandonment-coupon-code popup example that says “Hi Jenny, you still have 3 products in your cart for a week”

By adding popups like this one to your website, you can apply this strategy to your business. As in this example, you can personalize your popup campaigns and add a CTA button that takes visitors to their shopping cart.

Don't forget to add engaging headlines, images, and descriptions to your abandoned cart coupon popups to get better results.

10. Re-engagement Offers

Re-engagement offers can help you re-engage visitors who haven't bought from you in a while or haven't shown much interest in your business recently. A discount, free delivery, or other offers might be provided to customers with this coupon code.

These coupon code ideas for returning customers are a potent strategy for raising conversion rates. Depending on your needs and goals, you can send customers re-engagement offers via emails or popups.

re-engagement coupon code popup that says “TAKE 10% OFF”

For instance, you can re-engage with your returning customers by offering a discount code on a popup like this. Including a welcoming copy and attention-grabbing headline on your popup can be helpful to boost its interactions.

11. Review and Feedback Coupons

Review and feedback coupons are an ideal strategy to persuade clients to provide feedback on your products or services. Customers can be encouraged to give reviews or feedback if you offer them a coupon code.

You can offer your customers a discount for your products or services and offer gift cards or coupon codes that they can be interested in. That way, you can collect customer feedback and form better relationships with your target audience.

New Chic’s testimonial coupon code email example

For example, New Chic sends an email to gather feedback from customers and offers a $5 coupon. It can be useful to send emails like this to collect reviews and feedback from active users and customers.

Explore How to Ask for Testimonials for Your Business? 6 Quick Tips to learn more about asking for testimonials.

12. Loyalty Rewards for Loyal Customers

Offering loyalty rewards with coupon codes can help you increase your loyal customers. With this coupon code, you may reward consumers for reaching a given spending threshold or for making a certain number of transactions by giving them discounts, free delivery, and so on.

This can effectively raise conversion rates, improve revenue, and appreciate your devoted consumers. In addition, customers can move up the tiers as they make more purchases or spend more money, unlocking higher prizes and offers if you set up a customer loyalty program.

Sephora’s loyalty reward coupon code email

For example, Sephora announces its loyalty program and offers coupon codes by emailing customers. Details of the loyalty program and rewards are given clearly, and an encouraging CTA button is added at the end.

13. Newsletter Subscription Offers

If your goal is to grow your email list, newsletter subscription offers are a great way to achieve that and to build customer engagement. When a visitor signs up for your newsletter, you can use this promo code to give them a discount.

It may be a powerful strategy for boosting brand awareness and customer engagement. In addition, you can promote your newsletter subscription offers on your website and your newsletter content.

Once a customer subscribes, you can send customized coupon codes to them to increase interaction and form better relationships with subscribers.

Cook with Zing’s newsletter-subscription-coupon-code popup example that says,”Want 10% off your first order?”

For instance, Zing promotes its newsletter with a popup that has the headline "Want 10% off your first order?" and states what it offers. Also, "No spam, just the good stuff." is an encouraging copy example that will lead visitors to take action.

This engaging popup ends with a clear CTA button that says, "Get my code!"

Things to Consider for Coupon Code Campaigns

a MacBook that displays setting up discount code on Shopify and a cup of coffee next to it

Once you have decided which coupon code idea to apply to your business, you need to keep in mind these to get better results for your campaigns:

Setting up coupon code functionality: You can set up coupon codes' functions by following the instructions of your e-commerce platform. This will generally involve setting up a way to generate and manage coupon codes and a way for customers to use the codes at checkout.

Arranging expiration dates and usage limits: Specifying expiration dates and usage limits can be useful to create a sense of urgency and control misuse of the codes.

Offering a clear value proposition: Ensure that your coupon codes offer a clear value proposition. This will make it more likely that customers will interact with your campaigns and use coupon codes.

Including attention-grabbing elements: Adding clear CTAs and engaging elements to promote your coupon code campaigns can help you to get better results. That way, visitors will take the desired action quickly.

Tracking and analyzing coupon code performance: Use website analytics tools to track and analyze the performance of your coupon code campaigns. Track your coupon code campaigns to see what works best and which strategies don't. This will help you to understand where improvements can be made next time.

In Conclusion

To sum up, coupon codes are an effective solution for e-commerce companies trying to boost sales and increase user engagement. Businesses can attract new consumers, keep their current ones, and improve overall income by executing well-planned discount code campaigns.

Always provide a clear value proposition, set expiration dates, and refer to discount code ideas we explained in this blog post. Your coupon code promotions will undoubtedly provide results if the appropriate tactics are used.

We hope you found this article beneficial and explored the coupon code ideas you were searching for. If you have further ideas, feel free to reach out and share your thoughts in the comments section. 🤓

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Promote My Coupon Codes to My Customers?

You can advertise your discount codes to your customers in various methods, such as through email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, in-store or in-app notifications, and more. In addition, you can advertise your coupon codes through affiliate programs, your blog, and landing pages.

How Do I Choose The Right Discount Value for My Coupon Codes?

Determining the appropriate discount percentage for your coupon codes depends on several variables, including your target audience, your products, and your business objectives.

You can start by experimenting with various discount values, seeing the outcomes, and modifying the value as needed.

You can also utilize the information from your analytics tools to determine what kind of discount will benefit your customers the most.

Can I Use Coupon Codes for Upselling and Cross-Selling?

Yes, you can upsell and cross-sell products using coupon coupons. For instance, you could give a customer a discount on a more pricey or improved version of a product they are already interested in; you might utilize coupon codes to promote products.

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