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11 Product Bundling Examples That Will Get You More Sales

Product bundling is the practice of selling two or more products as a single package. It can be used to increase sales and reduce complexity and price. It can also improve customer satisfaction when related products are included in a bundle.

We compiled 11 best product bundling examples of famous brands for you. These product bundling examples can help you to decide how to bundle products in your business! In that way, you can skyrocket your sales and reach more customers.

Explore these product bundling examples and get inspired to build your own that will boost your conversion!

What is Product Bundling?

a shopping cart and a gift box with a lilac background

Product bundling is the practice of selling more than one product as a single package. It can increase sales, reduce complexity and price, and improve customer satisfaction.

This can be done to offer the customer more value for money, or it can be done to encourage the customer to buy additional products from the same line by upselling.

For example, if you’re selling shampoo and conditioner together, likely, people might not buy both products individually because they don’t need them both at once. But if you sell them at a discounted price, customers will be more likely to purchase them together.

You might also bundle two completely unrelated products together to make one product appear more valuable than it is.

For instance, if you sell an expensive watch with an expensive pair of sunglasses, people might assume that the watch must be worth buying just because it comes with sunglasses.

11 Effective Product Bundling Examples of Famous Brands

Product bundling can help you to boost your sales quickly. You can increase your conversions by combining related products, offering gift sets, and BOGO (buy one get one free) sets.

Here we compiled the top 11 product bundling examples of famous brands from that you can get inspiration.

1. Amazon

Amazon's iPad product bundling example

Amazon uses product bundling in most of its products. For example, for the iPad product page, Amazon includes a “Buy it with” section with tempered glass film and an iPad case that can be used together.

By adding products made to protect the product, Amazon creates a necessity to buy these products for its customers. It shows the total price of these products when they are also bought together.

2. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics' product bundling example that involves lip kits

Kylie Cosmetics is a brand with many kits involving related products. The brand announces its new collection by creating a product bundle most of the time. For example, the lip blush lip kits of the brand include two kinds of lip products that can be used together.

The shades of these two lip products are the same, but by recommending that it would look better if people used lip liners with lipstick, the brand upsells its other products.

After displaying the products with a clear product image and description, Kylie Cosmetics includes a CTA button, “Shop Now,” at the end.

3. The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s product bundling includes the advent calendar, among the most used product bundling types. The Body Shop prepares this advent calendar for the Christmas season, which can be bought as a gift.

Preparing a product bundling for your seasonal campaigns can be great since many people are searching for gift ideas. Including many different products as gifts and a kit makes your products look more attractive. In addition, you can add new products or those you want to stand out to your advent calendar.

The Body Shop's product bundling example of advent calendar

The Body Shop also designed Christmas-related gift wrapping for this advent calendar, which made the product packaging more attractive. The product’s headline is “Box of Wishes & Wonders,” which reflects the holiday spirit with positive phrases.

Below the headline, short descriptions of the calendar are given, along with how much money people will save if they buy this set rather than buying the products one by one.

After this small explanation, the “What does it do for you” section explains what this product bundle offers for customers.

Although it might seem like a long product description, The Body Shop properly explains where its products come from and summarizes their specific values.

4. La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay has a gift guide page with different product categories. The gift categories include best sellers, summer vacation skincare, gifts for her, gifts for him, skincare value sets, and self-care categories.

La Roche Posay's product bundling example of skin care value sets

In each category, related products are given with product titles and pricing details. Also, the brand includes star ratings of the products, which is a great way to display user ratings. In the skin care value sets, kits for different skincare routines are given, which can be used together.

Creating a routine and building a product bundle can significantly increase your sales. Since people are interested in a single product or a skincare need, seeing other related products that can be used in a routine can encourage them to buy the whole set.

5. L’Occitane

L’Occitane has various gift sets that can be shown as an example of product bundling. The brand usually brings products of the same collections in bundles and gift sets. Also, travel sets that include different kinds of products are available such as Men’s Travel Set.

L'Occitane's product bundling example that includes travel set

This travel set includes products with small amounts and various product types. In that way, people can try out different products at the same time and pack their stuff with products that take little space.

A clear image with products in the bundle is given, along with star ratings. Also, pricing details and shipping details are included on this product page.

Creating travel set like this is a great way to boost your sales and promote your products. Adding new products that need to be promoted can be useful, or you can add related products and similar collections in a bundle.

6. Lush

Lush's product bundling example with an advent calendar

Lush also uses advent calendars for product bundling. With the headline “Our Advent Calendar is back for a limited time,” the brand aims to grab the attention of its visitors.

Using the trigger word “limited time” creates a sense of urgency and encourages people to buy the advent calendar.

The description part explains which kind of products the advent calendar includes, and two headlines which are “With 25 products!” and “Reusable box.” These two headlines are added to emphasize the key features of the advent calendar, and they are eye-catching to grab attention.

Emphasizing that the advent calendar’s well-designed box is reusable is great since people can get encouraged with this detail. At the end of each text, the CTA button “Shop Now” is added properly.

7. The Ordinary

The Ordinary's product bundling that includes skincare set

The Ordinary uses the product bundling technique and creates “The Balance Set.” The set includes different products that can be used together, and the targeted skin types are also added.

By adding targets and which skin types these products are suitable for, The Ordinary makes its customers’ jobs easier. You can apply the same strategy by indicating what kind of audience your product sets are made for.

Product names in this set and star ratings are included as well. Clean images of products with reference to balance are added to the product page to grab attention.

8. BeardBrand

BeardBrand's product bundle that includes grooming kit

BeardBrand provides beard styling products in its product bundling. In addition, an attractive product image is added, and the description part explains what is included in this set with a well-written copy.

Star ratings of the set are added as social proof. Therefore, it can be said that it is another product bundling example that offers products that can be used together for the same purpose.

You can’t go wrong with adding related products into your product bundling since people are already interested in a specific purpose.

Also, if you have products that are not demanded too much but are related to a particular category that can be bundled together, you can include them to boost your sales.

9. Clean Beautique

Clean Beautique's product bundle that includes roulette box

Clean Beautique's product bundling is a bit playful compared to others. It is called a “Clean Beauty Roulette Box,” and the products inside this set are mysterious. It is a monthly subscription box and offers various products of the brand.

Creating a mysterious atmosphere like this with your product bundling can add playfulness to your brand. Also, people can get curious about what is in the set and get encouraged to make a purchase.

The description part says, “Ever felt adventurous enough to buy a product that is a complete mystery? Take a chance; it just may pay off.” which is an excellent example of a well-written and witty copy.

Images of potential products that can come with a set are given on the left, and the CTA button that says “Add to cart” is attached at the bottom.

10. Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty's product bundle that includes custom body wash and lotion

Function of Beauty provides a customizable product bundle for its customers. The brand’s set includes body wash and lotion, which can be customized according to different preferences and needs.

Offering your customers a customizable product bundling like this one can be useful to sell your products properly to the right customers.

Function of Beauty’s product page includes a quiz which is a brilliant idea to offer suitable product sets for different customers. It helps customers create a custom body care set they need and will get the most out of.

Apart from these, a general description of the customizable product set and clear product images are given on this page.

11. Zing

Zing's product bundle called "Mala's besties combo"

Zing uses a sense of urgency by stating that this product bundle is there for a limited run. Expressing that your product bundle is only for sale for a limited time, you can trigger your customers’ FOMO and boost your sales!

Zing’s Mala’s Besties Combo set includes random products of the brand. What kind of products are included in the set, with the pricing details and star ratings, are stated on the product page. Preparing a bundle that involves customer favorites can be a great idea.

In that way, you can show social proof with your product bundling and encourage your customers to make a purchase.

Wrap Up

That is the end of product bundling examples! By exploring these 11 product bundling examples, you can apply similar strategies to your brand to boost your sales.

Deciding on which products to include in a bundle is crucial, so ensure that you analyze your brand’s performance and keep in mind your target audience. Knowing your audience can be useful in creating proper product bundles that will convert more.

Don’t forget to optimize your product bundles according to seasonal marketing campaigns to get the most out of them. Also, feel free to share your product bundling ideas with us in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Product Bundling Effective?

Product bundling is effective because it is a way to improve the average order value of a product and to sell more at once. Bundling can also increase the demand for a product by making it seem like an “essential” part of a bundle or system.

It allows you to sell multiple products at once and to do so at a lower price than if the products were sold individually.

It offers an opportunity for cross-promotion as well. For example, if one of your products is more expensive, you can offer it as part of a bundle with another item that has similar appeal but costs less.

This way, customers who might be hesitant about buying something more expensive will be tempted by the other item included in the bundle.

What are The Types of Bundling?

There are many types of product bundling that you can apply to your business. However, these are the main types of product bundling:

  • Product line bundling
  • Cross-selling
  • Up-selling
  • Gift sets
  • Customer favorites that have a high ranking
  • BOGO (Buy one get one)
  • New collection bundling
  • Mix and match bundling

Which Kind of Products Should You Bundle?

Choices are endless, but following a pattern while deciding which kinds of products you should bundle can be a great idea. You can bundle:

  • Products that complement each other
  • Products that fit the same theme or aesthetic
  • Products that have a similar target audience
  • Products that can be used together
  • Popular, but not usually sold together products
  • Products that aren’t usually sold in the same store
  • Seasonal products for seasonal campaigns

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