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Top 20 New Arrival Email Examples to Jumpstart Your Campaign

If you plan to launch a new product or promote new collections, new arrival email examples can inspire you for your next email marketing campaign. In this blog post, we will delve into new arrival email examples, explaining what they are and the best practices for writing them.

We listed the top 20 new arrival email examples and their subject lines from various brands, so you can have an idea about what you can do for your campaigns.

So whether you’re a small business owner, a marketer, or simply someone interested in e-commerce, you can get inspiration from these examples!

What is a New Arrival Email?

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A new arrival email is sent to a company’s email list to promote and announce new products or services. These emails are often sent to entice customers to buy by creating excitement and anticipation about the new product. Business owners can use new arrival emails to highlight their latest products and services to their customers and boost sales.

Moreover, they can help you generate anticipation for your new products, which will eventually increase brand visibility. Companies in various industries can use new arrival emails, customized to meet each business’s specific requirements and target audience.

20 New Arrival Email Examples That Can Boost Sales

We gathered 20 new arrival email examples from famous brands that can inspire you. By exploring these emails, you can plan your email marketing campaigns and announce your new products properly!

1. Adidas x Gucci

a screenshot of new arrival email from Adidas x Gucci

Subject Line: Adidas x Gucci

Adidas and Gucci announce their collaboration with a new arrival email to their subscribers. This email includes a combination of both of their logos at the top. In addition, a clear product image is given at the center of the email, promoting the collection’s items.

The copy of this email is attention-grabbing and states the collaboration of these two famous brands. The sentence “The exquisite Adidas x Gucci collection has landed” has a confident and compelling message. It ends with a clear CTA that says, “Shop the collection.”

Also, a QR code is attached at the end of the email, making it easier for users to purchase.

2. e.l.f. Cosmetics

a screenshot of new arrival email from e.l.f. Cosmetics

Subject Line: Announcing something NEW, just for you 👉🏼

e.l.f. Cosmetics announces its new skincare collection with the headline “cancel your pores.” The email displays products in the collection with a clear image and explains the function of the products with a to-the-point copy.

The email is minimal yet significant enough to grab people’s attention with the product details and images. Apart from announcing its new collection, the brand states that they have free shipping on all orders at the top of the email, which can lead people to take action.

3. Apple

a screenshot of new arrival email from Apple

Subject Line: Get big sound from HomePod mini for $99.

Apple’s new arrival email introduces the HomePod mini simply and effectively. The email starts with the headline “HomePod mini packs a punch,” and below it, pricing detail is given along with CTA buttons that say “Buy” and “Learn more.”

The email continues with the in-depth details of the product with aesthetically pleasing product images.

a screenshot of new arrival email from Apple

Product features are given with single sentences and minimal images throughout the email. Considering the brand’s identity overall, this email fits Apple’s simple and functional style. The email ends with the sentence “All for $99.” and a CTA button “Buy.”

4. re_grocery

a screenshot of new arrival email from re_grocery

Subject Line: New Arrivals from re_grocery

re_grocery ’s new arrival email begins with the headline “New Arrivals” and a description of “Plastic-free picks to get excited about.” Then, new brand arrivals are introduced below with product images and descriptions.

Seeded Crackers and Strozzapreti & Rigatoni, which are the brand’s new products, are explained briefly, and the fact that these products are organic, vegan, and non-GMO is emphasized.

Products images and text colors are in harmony with each other, and the brand’s font is used throughout the email. Also, a call-to-action button that says “Shop Now” is added below each product to encourage people.

The email is aesthetically pleasing and significant enough to promote the brand’s latest products.

5. Mr. Porter

a screenshot of new arrival email from Mr. Porter

Subject Line: Our favourite new arrivals

Mr. Porter ’s new arrival email starts with “What’s new” and states that they have 370 new arrivals in various brands that week. Stating how many new products they have for the week shows the brand’s wide range of products.

Below the headline “THE WANT LIST” and the subheading “The new arrivals on our radar,” new arrival products are given. New products are introduced with clear images, product titles, and descriptions briefly.

The email ends with the encouraging sentence “Shop all the latest arrivals” and redirects subscribers to new arrival products. Mr. Porter, in this email, displays that they have a wide range of products simply, using short sentences and an organized style.

This type of email can work for you if you want to briefly announce new products in different collections.

6. Bloomscape

a screenshot of new arrival email from Bloomscape

Subject Line: New Arrivals Just In! 🌵🌿🍍

Bloomscape ’s new arrival email starts with eye-catching product images and the headline “Soaking in Summer with New Arrivals (and a new look!).”

The brand uses consistent fonts and colors, considering its overall style in this email. Below the headline, a description is added that starts with the sentence, “Summertime vibes are here to stay with our newest arrivals.” It can be said that Bloomscape uses a friendly and sincere tone in this new arrival email example.

Also, towards the end of the email, new products are introduced with pleasing images and product descriptions. Finally, the email ends with CTA buttons that say “Shop Now,” which is the essential element of product announcement emails.

7. Samsung

a screenshot of new arrival email from Samsung

Subject Line: The Frame is here, and its a masterpiece

Samsung announces its new product called “The Frames” with a well-written and designed new arrival email. The email starts with an attractive product image and the headline “Art when it’s off. TV when it’s on.”

In the description part, the product is introduced with its top features in a clear copy. Towards the end, the call to action sentence “The Frame is here. Buy now and choose one of three bezels worth £199” is written, which indicates the product’s pricing details and wide range of options.

This minimal email ends with a CTA button, “Buy Now.” Overall, it can be said that this new arrival email example promotes the product professionally and adequately explains its features.

Featuring a single product and providing its key features with an easy-to-read copy like this is a great way to lead people to take action.

8. Hardgraft

a screenshot of new arrival email from Hardgraft

Subject Line: Slip on these sneakers

Hardgraft ’s new arrival message is simple and descriptive, which is “THE NEW SLIP-ON SNEAKERS.” Below that, new arrival products are introduced with a short paragraph that is easy to read.

Also, the brand displays its new products with clear product images that look attractive together. Under the big product images, other products in the collection are also given with small images.

Hardgraft’s new product arrival announcement works perfectly for brands that prefer simplicity and want to focus on displaying the new products with eye-catching images. You can apply a similar strategy to your new arrival emails and introduce your products with their key features and various images.

9. Michael Kors

a screenshot of new arrival email from Michael Kors

Subject Line: Special Delivery: Limited-Edition Bags

Michael Kors ’s new arrival email, with an appealing product image, begins with the headline “ONLY 500 MADE,” which is a great headline example that triggers the sense of urgency. By indicating that there are limited stocks for your new arrival products, you can encourage your subscribers to take action quickly.

Below the headline, a short paragraph explains the limited-edition new arrival products and emphasizes that a “royal treatment” were given to these new products. Call-to-action buttons for these two products are given, which are “SHOP CECE” and “SHOP WHITNEY.”

Another product image is given towards the end, and locations of the brand’s stores are attached at the bottom.

Following the same strategy can be helpful if you have new arrivals with limited stocks you want to announce. A sense of urgency and emphasizing these products are exclusive can trigger your visitors’ FOMO.

10. Ashley & Co

a screenshot of new arrival email from Ashley & Co

Subject Line: Sit! Stay… You’ll Love This New Arrival

Ashley & Co ’s new arrival email message goes hand in hand with the context, which is a product announcement for shampoo for dogs. It begins with the headline “Ashley & Co. Pet Care: Our brand-new shampoo has tails wagging!” and product images are attached.

In the body part of the email, the new product’s features are explained briefly with aesthetically pleasing images.

a screenshot of new arrival email from Ashley & Co

Also, toward the end of the email, subscribers are redirected to the product page with the sentence “Order for your pup here.” The best part is that a puppy image is added at the end, which fits the email’s concept and increases its cuteness.

11. MailNinja

a screenshot of new arrival email from MailNinja

Subject Line: Something amazing has just landed!

MailNinja announces its new arrival, which is an email marketing calendar, and begins with the headline “Introducing your free email marketing content calendar.” Below the headline, the CTA button “Signup, free” is added and encourages you to sign up immediately.

The images of their new arrival are given clearly, and what people will encounter once they sign up is given in detail. In the description part, the function of the new arrival is given with easy-to-understand sentences.

Towards the end, it is mentioned that if users need any help, they can get extra support from the brand.

For further details, the “Learn more” button is added at the end of this new arrival email, which can be useful for those who wonder about certain aspects of the new products or services.

12. Italic

a screenshot of new arrival email from Italic

Subject Line: Tomorrow: Italic Beauty

Italic introduces Italic Beauty’s new collection before it comes. The email starts with headlines that say “COMING SOON & Tomorrow,” which creates excitement. Below these, “Get ready for a new era of prestige skincare.” is written, which states that the brand is coming up with revolutionary products that will mark a new era.

A CTA button is attached, saying, “Get notified first,” which can trigger customers’ fear of missing out. In the email’s body section, graceful product images are also added.

Announcing new arrivals before releasing them like this can be great for creating anticipation and fear of missing out on your customers. You might state your new arrival product’s launch time and create a countdown so that your customers can be informed about the exact date beforehand.

Towards the end of the email, the brand also promotes its customer loyalty program and its advantages to encourage its subscribers.

13. Alex & Ani

a screenshot of new arrival email from Alex & Ani

Subject Line: 30% Off New Arrivals 💫

Alex & Ani announces its new arrivals with a discount offer. The brand offers up to 80% off on new arrivals and emphasizes it by using large fonts. CTA buttons for various collections are given below the headline, and product images are added throughout the email.

another screenshot of new arrival email from Alex & Ani

Towards the end of the email, featured products are given with their pricing details, and the discount offer is stated again. Also, shipping and payment details are given at the end of the email to encourage visitors.

Announcing new arrivals and offering discounts, like in this example, can be great for boosting your sales and promoting your latest products.

14. Rifle Paper Co.

a screenshot of new arrival email from Rifle Paper Co.

Subject Line: New Spring Fabric is Here!

Rifle Paper Co. starts its new arrival email simply by saying, “INTRODUCING Primavera.” Then, a colorful and engaging product image is added, brief details of the new products are given. Also, CTA “Shop Fabric” is attached under the description part.

Throughout the email, product images are given, and their style goes hand in hand with the brand’s aesthetic. More details are given, and the “Read more” button is added for those who wonder more about the new collection.

another screenshot of new arrival email from Rifle Paper Co.

An image of an actual person using the product is given towards the end of the email, which can be great for promoting the latest products. By displaying your products with a human wearing or using them, your subscribers can get an idea of how they look in real life.

In the end, “Let’s Make Something” is written, and CTA buttons are added, encouraging subscribers to purchase new products.

15. Moment

a screenshot of new arrival email from Moment

Subject Line: 🍑 peachy merch is here 🍑

Moment ’s new arrival email starts with the headline, and a large and clear image of the product is given below that. Overall, the email’s style and colors go hand in hand with the product. Therefore, the same product color palette can help your email look consistent, as in this example.

Below the description, a CTA button that states “Get Yours” is added, which can encourage users at the beginning of the email.

another screenshot of new arrival email from Moment

Below that, another new arrival product of this collection is given with an image of a woman holding it. The copy that says “Available in limited quantities. Get ’em while you can.” is attention-grabbing since it triggers the sense of urgency with the word “limited.” At the end of this new arrival email, there is a CTA link for the new arrival collection.

16. J. Crew

a screenshot of new arrival email from J. Crew

Subject Line: Get ready to party…with 50% off new arrivals

J. Crew ’s new arrival email is an excellent example of a simple yet effective one with only images and call-to-action buttons. In addition, it offers a 50% discount on new arrivals in the subject line, which can encourage people to open the email and purchase.

The email starts with “Get ready to party…”, which fits the concept of the holiday season. Also, CTA buttons say “Shop festive new arrivals” and “Visit the Holiday Party Shop.” It is an excellent example for announcing new arrivals and including them in seasonal campaigns.

Other collections’ links and product images are also given toward the end. So if you are looking for a simple way to announce your new arrivals during the holiday season, you can use a similar strategy.

17. GAP

a screenshot of new arrival email from GAP

Subject Line: Start the new year off with fresh layers

GAP ’s new arrival email starts with an image that displays a new collection and the headline “NEW IN THIS WEEK.” In addition, the brand indicates new releases in the description and states, “welcome to your 2024 wardrobe.” Also, a CTA button, “SHOP WOMEN’S NEW IN,” is added, redirecting to the women’s collection.

another screenshot of new arrival email from GAP

Throughout the email, men’s, baby & toddler collections are given like this with collection images and descriptions. At the end of the email, the brand announces its sale on new arrivals with the headline “THE BIG GAP SALE” and a CTA button that states “SHOP NOW” added.

Buttons that redirect to various collections of the brand’s new arrivals are also given at the bottom of the email. Therefore, it can be said that it is a typical new arrival email that displays products in new collections and offers a discount to encourage users.

18. Athletic Brewing Co

a screenshot of new arrival email from Athletic Brewing Co

Subject Line: Introducing Athletic Lite

Athletic Brewing Co introduces its new arrival by saying, “THIS IS ATHLETIC LITE” at the beginning of the email. Then, a clear and attractive product image is given to grab attention. Below that, CTA that redirects users to order a new collection is added.

From the body part to the end, the top features of the new collection are given with well-written copies and images.

another screenshot of new arrival email from Athletic Brewing Co

Also, a button redirects users to a product video which is an example of engaging promotion of new arrival products. An image of a group of friends using the product is given, which can encourage users to purchase the product to use among their social circle. In the end, CTA buttons for text alerts and the brand’s customer loyalty program are given.

This new arrival email is interactive and engaging with various types of content, such as videos, texts, and vibrant images. Preparing a new arrival email and promoting your new collections like this can assist you in boosting your sales.

19. Adidas

a screenshot of new arrival email from Adidas

Subject Line: Superstar on par⛳️

Adidas’ product announcement email starts with the product name and an attractive product image. Products in the new collection are introduced with a short sentence, and CTA buttons are given below.

Toward the end of the email, a product image taken from a different side is added and described briefly. Overall, it can be said that Adidas’ new arrival email is short, simple, and to the point, with easy-to-read descriptions.

Featuring new collections with short sentences and well-written copies can be a great idea if you prefer simplicity for your email marketing campaigns.

20. Bellroy

a screenshot of new arrival email from Bellroy

Subject Line: Introducing: Bellroy Premium

Bellroy ’s product announcement for their new collection fits the brand’s style. The email starts with an eye-catching product image that features a new arrival product. The headline “The art of leather. With a new attitude.” is an excellent example of an engaging headline.

The new arrival product is introduced with a short paragraph, and the product image is given again with a “Shop Now” button

another screenshot of new arrival email from Bellroy

Also, a promotional video for the new arrival product is given in this email to grab subscribers’ attention. In the end, a quote from the brand’s founding designer is given, and the “View the collection” button is added.

Therefore, it can be said that this email is aesthetically pleasing and engaging for users with various elements in it.

Best Practices For Creating New Arrival Emails

A catchy subject line that draws the reader in is essential to crafting a successful new arrival email.

➤ Highlighting the advantages of the new product or service in the email can help to create interest and persuade subscribers to buy.

➤ A clear call to action, such as “Shop now” or “Learn more,” in the email helps direct the reader to take the desired action.

➤ Keeping the email visually appealing and straightforward to read encourages reader engagement and improves the reading experience.

two women working with their laptops and laughing

Attention-grabbing language in the email’s subject line can encourage recipients to open it.

➤ The email body’s use of clear, concise language helps in the efficient and successful communication of the message.

➤ Including eye-catching product images or videos in the email can help to engage potential customers.

➤ Making the email easy to read and browse helps maintain the reader’s interest.

➤ To find the best strategy, A/B testing various new arrival email subject lines or email layouts can be helpful.

Segmenting the email list can help to improve the email’s relevance and effectiveness for various customer groups.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, new arrival emails are an effective strategy for companies of all sizes and needs. They can raise awareness of new products and services, increase excitement, and boost sales. We have listed the top 20 new arrival email examples that can be helpful for you to step up your email marketing game and increase sales.

You can create effective campaigns by using successful models as inspiration and exploring the best practices for creating new arrival emails. Try out various techniques for your company through trial and error by getting inspiration from these examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are The Benefits of Using New Arrival Emails?

Business owners can use new arrival emails to highlight new products and services to their customers and boost sales. Additionally, they can help you create buzz and anticipation for your new products, ultimately resulting in a rise in brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Can New Arrival Emails Be Used By Businesses in Any Industry?

Yes, companies in any industry can use new arrival emails. No matter what kind of things you sell, you can find a way to include new arrival emails in your marketing plan. You can announce your new arrivals through email and increase user engagement, conversion rate, and sales.

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