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Free Giveaway Email Templates for Loyal Customers

When you give away something for free, it makes people want it even more. So when people see an email from you with a discount code or free item offer, they’ll jump at the chance to benefit from this great deal.

That’s why you should organize a giveaway email campaign!

You must pay attention to their style to get the most out of your giveaway emails. We listed the best free giveaway email templates and giveaway newsletter examples of famous brands so that you can create your own.

By exploring these, you can create your giveaway email newsletters and achieve loyal customers!

Importances of Giveaway Email Campaigns

a giveaway sign with a colorful background

Giveaway email campaigns are one of the most effective ways to grow your email list to increase sales. You can use them to promote your latest product or to offer a discount code for your products.

But what makes giveaway campaigns so effective, and why are they vital? Here are a few reasons why you should consider running a giveaway email campaign:

  • They are incredibly effective in increasing sales.
  • They have high conversion rates because people love free stuff! People are always looking for ways to save money or get prizes.
  • You can get your customers’ attention and interact with them on social media platforms.
  • They can help you to increase your email open rates and CTR.
  • You can build brand recognition and visibility, especially if you offer something your customers love to have or use (e.g., gift cards).
  • Giveaway emails can help you get more subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer

Free Giveaway Email Templates That You Can Use

Here we prepared giveaway email templates you can use in your email newsletters. These templates include emails to send before, during, and after giveaway campaigns.

By optimizing them according to your style and business needs in a few minutes, you can interact with your newsletter subscribers appropriately.

man writing an email using a Mac

Announce Your Giveaway

Celebrate Special Days With Giveaways

Subject line: Happy [Mother’s Day!] You Can Win a [$300 Gift Card… ]

Hi, [name]

[Mother’s Day] is around the corner, so we thought we could accompany you while you buy a gift for your loved ones.

By entering our giveaway, you can win a [$300 gift card!] All you have to do is click on the link below and fill out the giveaway form. We’ll announce the winners a week in advance so you can find the best gift for mothers.

Enter Now!

Announcement of Members Only Giveaway

Subject line: You Could Win a Trip to [London]!

Hey [name],

Thank you for being a loyal member! We wanted to give our members a trip to [London] to celebrate our achievement of [1M visitors.]

You can enjoy your time by visiting [the British Museum, Tower of London and Buckingham Palace] with your plus one.

Share a brief paragraph about why you want to go to [London] with us, and don’t forget to include why you choose to use our product at the end.

There will be [5] winners, and we’ll announce them on the [4th of August. ]

Share your copy with us from here.

Keep in Touch With Your Subscribers During Giveaway

Remind Your Giveaway Before It Ends

Subject line: LAST chance to enter!

Hello, [name]

We wanted to remind you that we created a giveaway for our visitors! If you missed our last email, we are giving away [the latest sunglasses in our collection.]

You still have the chance to enter our giveaway, so hurry up and enter now since it ends in [3 days].

Good luck!

Increase the Excitement of Your Campaign

Subject line: Hurry Up! Only 5 Days Left to Win a [Coffee Machine].

Hey, [name]

There are [5,000] visitors who have already entered our latest giveaway. If you haven’t entered it yet, click on the link below before it ends.

[Enter to Win]

We’ll announce the winners on [the 11th of September], so don’t forget to check your mailbox on that day!

See you soon.

End Your Giveaway With Final Email

Announce Your Winners Simply

Subject line: ANNOUNCEMENT! Winners of our [$100 gift card] are…

Hey, [name]

Here we have the list of the winners of the giveaway you’ve entered recently.

[list of names]

If you are one of the lucky participants, then congratulations! If you aren’t, don’t get upset because we love to make our customers happy from time to time. You might get a chance to win our [gift set] next time.

Have a great day!

Redirect Subscribers to Your Social Media Platforms

Subject line: Are you the chosen one? Let’s find out…

Hi, [name]

Thank you for entering the giveaway!

We announced our [gift box] winners on our [Instagram] page! We wanted to let you know if you don’t follow us on [Instagram] yet.

So go ahead and see if you are among the lucky winners, and follow us for giveaways that will take place in the future.

We always love interacting with you on our social media platforms, so don’t be shy and share your comments and ideas.

Hope to see you there!

17 Giveaway Email Examples You Can Get Inspired

We gathered 17 giveaway email examples for you so that you can get inspiration! By exploring these giveaway email examples, you can adapt them according to your company’s budget and target audience.

1. Crate & Kids

Crate & Kids' giveaway email's beginning

Crate & Kids’ giveaway newsletter’s headline “you could win a $500 gift card!” is a great one that attracts attention. Then, it briefly explains the giveaway details: customers sharing their kids’ space.

By organizing a giveaway that involves customer interaction, Crate & Kids does a great job of increasing its user engagement. Also, the brand includes a unique hashtag, “#cratekidsstyle,” and it can be helpful to boost brand visibility.

After a CTA button that says “Share your photos,” the brand includes a clear image of their product.

Crate & Kids' giveaway email's ending

Then the newsletter ends with the giveaway rules and another product image. The style of this newsletter is simple yet effective, and it explains the giveaway process smoothly.

Crate & Kids also used giveaway newsletters to get customer feedback. (Brilliant, right?)

Crate & Kids' customer feedback-related giveaway email

The headline of this giveaway email, “like it? love it? let us know.” is an excellent example of a direct and sincere copy. After the headline, an image of a child’s room, which includes the brand’s products, is added.

The description explains giveaway rules and conditions in two sentences: “Rate and review your favorite product for a chance to win a $1000 Crate & Kids Gift Card.” Contest ends May 31!”. It describes what people should do and aims to get customer feedback.

At the end of the newsletter, a CTA button that redirects visitors to write a review is added along with the brand’s hashtag. By saying, “Share your look with #CrateKidsStyle,” the brand can increase its brand visibility on social media, which can attract new customers.

2. Crocs

Crocs' giveaway email template

Crocs send a reminder of its giveaway to its subscribers with the headline “Remember to Join the Giveaway!”. In addition, details of the giveaway are given in detail, and the brand promotes its products.

With product images and customer photographs, people can clearly understand what this giveaway is all about. However, rather than putting a photo of their product, Crocs decided to use real people using their products, which can be more effective.

3. APTO Skincare

APTO Skincare's giveaway email template

APTO Skincare ’s newsletter headline is “GIVEAWAY!” which is created to capture subscribers’ attention immediately. Then, this giveaway email template includes an aesthetically pleasing image of the products.

The description part says, “Feeling lucky? Enter to win our entire collection of masks on Instagram!” which is a sincere and attention-grabbing sentence.

Then another description starts with the sentence, “This is not a drill!” Next, the giveaway rules are given in detail. Lastly, a CTA button that says “Enter to Win” is attached to the newsletter so that people can join it immediately.

In the email footer, the terms of the giveaway are given so that it would be more precise for the participants.

4. Barebones

Barebones' giveaway email's beginning

Barebones’ giveaway email template is a superb example of a travel giveaway. Since it is an outdoor products company, they offer a trip for their subscribers. However, Barebones decided to spice things up rather than a product giveaway and organized a trip for their customers.

The headline “Wildness is a Necessity” is an excellent starting point for a giveaway like this. Also, the background image is in harmony with the concept and the headline.

Then, the description explains this trip to a secluded cabin, starting with John Muir’s wildness-related quote. After an overview of this trip, details of the giveaway are also given.

Barebones' giveaway email's ending

Starting with a headline, “The Grand Prize,” Barebones elevates its giveaway as a grand prize. First, the total value of the trip is given, with info on what is included in it.

Then, an image of the cabin people will stay in is added, making a great end to this minimal but aesthetic giveaway email template.

Finally, this newsletter finishes with a CTA button that says “enter giveaway,” which is enough to tempt people to enter this giveaway.

5. H&M

H&M's giveaway-email-1

H&M ’s Father’s Day giveaway is an excellent example of a seasonal campaign. By organizing a giveaway for this special day of exchanging gifts, the brand aims to increase its user engagement and sales conversions.

H&M offers a grilling essentials bundle and a $100 gift card for giveaway participants. Details of the giveaway are given with a red headline, which is proper for attracting attention.

Apart from these, an image of a child and a father is given, which is suitable for this special day. Also, e-gift cards of the brand are promoted with an offer, and an image of colorful balloons is added to increase the festiveness.

H&M giveaway email's second part

At the end of this giveaway email template, gift ideas for dads are given with product images and names. Using precise and high-quality product images, H&M upsells its other products that can be bought as a gift on Father’s Day.

H&M's members only giveaway email

Another giveaway email template of this brand is an excellent example of members-only giveaways. A members-only giveaway can help you build a customer loyalty program and increase engagement.

H&M organizes a vacation giveaway for its members in this newsletter and simply welcomes them by saying “Hello H&M members” on top of the email. Giveaway details and dates are given, simple and consistent with the newsletter’s style.

Two CTA buttons are given at the end for entering the giveaway and signing in to the member account. Also, a clear image of the vacation place is provided to grab members’ attention.

6. Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee's giveaway email's first part

Stumptown Coffee starts with an appealing headline that says “Fresh Start Giveaway” and a woman smiling while using the giveaway products. Then, the giveaway details are given, and positive phrases such as “lucky winner” and “refresh your home” are added to make this newsletter more attractive.

Stumptown Coffee's giveaway email's second part

After explaining the giveaway, the headline “Enter to win!” is added with an arrow pointing at products included in the giveaway. Towards the end of this giveaway email template, the value of the giveaway and the deadline are given.

Finally, the newsletter ends with a CTA to the giveaway link and an illustration of the brand to capture attention.

7. Herman Miller

Herman Miller's giveaway email template

Herman Miller ’s giveaway email newsletter starts with a product image of the brand and the headline “Let’s Keep Our Conversation Going.” This newsletter has kind of a conversational style since the copy increases its sincerity of it.

Starting with references to their previous email newsletters, Herman Miller’s email is similar to catching up with a friend. They give the option to unsubscribe from their newsletter after the catch-up part.

Then, the paragraph starts with “Now the fun part,” which is proper to grab readers’ attention. Finally, the brand explains its giveaway and includes an “Enter to Win” button at the end of the newsletter.

8. Resy

restaurant explorer company called Resy's giveaway email template

Resy ’s giveaway email newsletter is an excellent example of the gamification of marketing campaigns. The brand builds a coherent holiday campaign by using Halloween-related phrases and images.

The headline “No tricks, just treats” is a great beginning of a Halloween giveaway campaign, and a smiling pumpkin with a whisk adds more playfulness.

Being a restaurant exploration platform, Resy includes Halloween-related food and restaurants in their giveaway.

By offering a dessert from a bakery in their giveaway, the company aims to increase its American Express Card members. In addition, since this giveaway is a member’s only one, it can increase the American Express Card members of the Resy.

After stating the giveaway information, the newsletter ends with a CTA “BOOk Now,” a witty wordplay related to the Halloween season.

Explore our content about marketing holiday calendar to plan your marketing campaigns.

9. Postable

card company called Postable's giveaway email template's first part

Postable, a card company, creates a $100 giveaway for Valentine’s Day. Their giveaway email template starts with the brand’s logo and the headline “$100 Valentine Giveaway!”. After this remarkable headline, the giveaway details are stated in the description part.

The brand creates a giveaway that takes place on Instagram, which is a great idea to increase social media interaction. People can enter this giveaway by tagging their friends or loved ones on Postable’s Instagram, which can boost the brand account’s engagement.

A CTA button to enter the giveaway is given, and the emphasis is made on the “$100 valentine giveaway” with a different font and heart illustrations.

card company called Postable's giveaway email template's second part

At the end of the newsletter, Valentine’s Day card ideas are given so that people can get more excited to join the giveaway. Also, sentences like “Make your own!” and “Send now” are added below the cards, prompting visitors to enter the giveaway or buy the cards for their loved ones.

10. Bobbi Brown & Lunya

Lunya and Bobbi Brown's giveaway email template

Bobbi Brown and Lunya establish a Valentine’s Day giveaway which has a self-love theme. These two brands enrich their target audience even more by including self-love rather than a gift for a valentine.

This giveaway email starts with the logos of these brands and a letter with a self-love concept. Below the letter, the “Self-love Letter Giveaway” headline is written, and the description part that explains the giveaway rules is added.

Since it is a collaboration, each brand includes one of its products in the giveaway and states that there will be five winners until Valentine’s Day.

At the end of the giveaway email template, a classic CTA button that redirects people to enter the giveaway is added.

11. Birchbox

a beauty product brand called Birchbox's giveaway email template

Birchbox, a beauty product brand, creates a gamified giveaway. The email’s subject line is “Lucky You!: There’s Still Time to Claim Your Prize,” creating a positive feeling.

The headline of the email, “We see something awesome in your future,” goes hand in hand with the game included in the email. By adding a fortune teller game made with origami, Birchbox adds mysteriousness.

The description part is simple and playful, and the “FREE PRIZE” is also emphasized. The style of the newsletter is friendly and witty, and it aims to make people wonder. Finally, the CTA button says “Let’s Play” is added, leading people to the giveaway page.

12. Apple Music

Apple music festival's giveaway email example

Apple Music ’s giveaway email’s subject line “Win Tickets to Apple Music Festival in London.” is a minimal and effective one.

Apple creates a giveaway for their music festival in London to promote Apple Music. First, event details are given to the artists participating in the festival. After that, the CTA button that says “Win Tickets” is added below.

A hashtag special to the festival is added with the sentence “Join the #applemusicfestival conversation.” to boost customer engagement. That way, more people will hear about the music festival, and the brand’s visibility can increase.

Also, the social media platforms of Apple are given at the end of the newsletter to increase social media interactions.

13. Adidas

Adidas' giveaway email template

Adidas’ email subject line “Enter our trail running a challenge and find your own summits” is a catchy title with a brief explanation of the giveaway. The headline of the email, “Enter to win a trip to compete in the golden leaf half marathon,” is a long yet descriptive sentence to capture the attention.

Then, the details of the trip giveaway are stated in a long paragraph. It might seem a bit long, but it gives the event’s information in detail.

At the end of the description, two CTA buttons are attached. One is for entering the giveaway, and the other is for running brand products.

Adidas aims to upsell its products related to the marathon by including a button that redirects to their running products.

14. Tie Bar

a suit company called Tie Bar's giveaway email's beginning

Tie Bar creates a giveaway campaign for custom suits and includes other prizes. The subject line of the email is “Win A Custom Suit (For Free!),” and thanks to trigger word, “For Free,” people can click on this mail immediately when it pops on their mailbox.

The headline “Win A Custom Suit! Courtesy of Miller High Life” is a proper sentence to attract beer and suit lovers. Tie Bar collaborates with Miller and includes a trip to Chicago and a custom suit in this giveaway. The giveaway link is given after the details with bullet points as well.

a suit company called Tie Bar's giveaway email's ending

At the end of the email newsletter, Tie Bar promotes its product with a well-written copy. Also, a clear image of a suit is given with two CTA buttons, “Shop Now” and “Shop The Collection.”

15. Clive Coffee

a coffee brand Clive Coffee' giveaway email's first part

Clive Coffee ’s giveaway email subject line “Your shot at a free ECM or Profitec espresso machine” is a well-written example that includes a pun. The newsletter begins with a clear product image and a headline, “10th machine free giveaway”.

The brand announces that there are 15 more days for the giveaway to end and creates this email as a giveaway reminder.

a coffee brand Clive Coffee' giveaway email's second part

At the end of the email, winners of the giveaway are announced with product names and images. The brand does a great job adding winners’ names and cities in this part. Also, a CTA button that says “Put your name on the list” is added below after customer names.

16. NARS

cosmetics brand NARS' giveaway email's first part

The cosmetics brand NARS’ giveaway email’s subject line “Free bronzer. All year. Enter now.” is an effective and to the point one that includes power words.

Email newsletter starts with a product image before the headline “Limited time only” is written to create a sense of urgency. Email’s headline “WIN BRONZER FOR A YEAR” is great enough to grab attention.

The description part contains trigger words such as “best” and “never-before-seen formula,” which are effective in convincing people to enter the giveaway. In addition, the “Enter now” button is attached at the end of the descriptive paragraph.

cosmetics brand NARS' giveaway email's second part

The newsletter ends with other products of NARS and a link that redirects people to the product page. Overall, the newsletter goes hand in hand with brand’s identity, and it has a minimal style that doesn’t overwhelm its target audience.

17. Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market's giveaway email template

Sprouts Farmers Market’s subject line for their giveaway email is “Have you entered our giveaway yet? Enter now!” The newsletter has a colorful and eye-pleasing style with images of groceries.

The title “Want to win free groceries for a year?” is an excellent CTA example with trigger words. Below the headline, the description part explains giveaway details in a single sentence.

In general, this giveaway email example is a bright and minimal one that will appeal to its target audience, which can be literally anyone, since it is a giveaway of free groceries. That’s why the newsletter is to the point yet effective.

Tips for Creating a Giveaway Email Newsletter

a pink gift box with a yellow ribbon

After these giveaway email examples, you might consider forming your own. Here are a few giveaway email ideas that can accompany you while creating yours:

  • Give away something relevant to your audience. It would be best to organize your giveaway campaigns considering your target audience’s wants or needs.
  • Start with a creative and engaging subject line that will make people want to click on the email.
  • Give details of your giveaway campaign briefly. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with much information and complex details.
  • Add an image of what your giveaway includes and show people what they’re in for before they take action.
  • Make it personal and sincere. Newsletters that are well-written in a conversational tone can make the audience feel like a close friend is speaking to them.
  • Explain the date ranges of your giveaway and state how you’ll announce the winners at the end.
  • Don’t forget to add a CTA button that people will use to enter your giveaway.
  • Inform your subscribers that they can unsubscribe at any time if they don’t want to receive future emails from you.

Wrap Up

That is all for giveaway email templates! Now you have a clear image of what email giveaway templates look like. Thanks to these templates and famous brands’ giveaway newsletters, you can generate yours that will help you to increase your sales.

These email campaigns are also great for interacting with your visitors and turning them into loyal customers, so be sure to use them properly.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this topic thoroughly and would love to see you in the comments below! 👀

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do You Announce a Free Giveaway?

You can announce free giveaways by using different marketing channels. Email and social media platforms are popular places to announce a giveaway. By building effective giveaway email campaigns and social media posts, you can reach the right people who will want to enter your giveaway campaigns.

Why Do You Need to Create Giveaway Email Campaigns?

Giveaway emails are a great way to get people to subscribe to your email list. Also, it is a clever way to get people excited about your product or service. By including product information and images, you can upsell your products.

What are the Use Cases of Giveaway Email Templates?

You can use giveaway emails to promote a new product or service or to celebrate something like the launch of a new website or blog. You can even use it to encourage people who have already signed up for your email list if you want them to share something with their friends.

Also, organizing a giveaway email campaign during the holiday season or special days can be great since many people are buying gifts for their loved ones.

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