Best Call to Action (CTA) Examples that Boost Sales 2022


Most people who come to your website are probably not ready to buy something.

They are just browsing around, looking for valuable information that they can get for free.

To turn them into actual customers, you need a strong call-to-action (CTA).

What Is a Call-To-Action (CTA)?

A call to action is a phrase or a statement that tells your customers to take a specific action.

It is the step-by-step direction of what you want them to do next if interested in your offer.

If you want more leads from your website, you need to use high-quality calls-to-action on every website page.

Using persuasive and attractive calls-to-action can make or break any business.

We will go over different kinds of CTA examples from different areas and platforms to guide you better.

Let's start.

Landing Page & Website Call-to-Action (CTA) Examples


target cta

The first example is for the Target website. We see a Black Friday deal banner immediately when we land on the site.

CTA: Black Friday Deals

To support CTA, they added top picks below the CTA with discounted prices. And they also gave a limited time just above the CTA to trigger FOMO.

2. Adidas

adidas cta

Our second example is Adidas's homepage, where they promote their Black Friday Deals. Again, the CTA button is above the fold with a simple explanation above.

CTA: Shop Now

You can quickly locate the CTA, and it is straightforward.

3. Grammarly


The following example is Grammarly's homepage.

I especially like this one since the CTA stands out and there is enough white space around it.

Also, they stated "It's FREE" in the CTA, which is also highly effective for the prospects' decision.

CTA: Download Grammarly. It's free

They also show what will happen when they download the tool right next to the CTA button.

4. Simplified

simplified cta

The next one is from Simplified. I enjoyed how simple the homepage is designed, just as the name of the product suggests.

This correlation also is essential for the prospects since it evokes trust.

CTA: Get Started For Free

The color choice is also made correctly since CTA stands out easily from the other content, even if, in this case, the page is not crowded with images and other content.

5. Netflix

netflix cta

This one is also a great example since the CTA is highly distinguished, and it is clearly stated what you should do to do the action on the button.

In this case, you have to enter your email address to "Get Started."

Their offerings are also put right above the CTA.

CTA: Get Started

6. Wendy's

wendys cta

Another example of the website's CTA's is Wendy's. This one is definitely yummy.

They made their offer very clear on the page with a massive image of fries.

They also put the price, which is one dollar, with a slogan above the CTA. It is hard to resist this CTA. Right?

CTA: Order Now

7. Headspace

headspace cta

The last example of ours is Headspace. Let's look at their CTA button for one of their offerings.

What I like about this is that they offer a free recording before you make your decision to start.

For this case, they offer a 5 min meditation for their "Mindfulness" category. After the recording, you can click the CTA button and start your meditation.

CTA: Start your free trial

E-commerce Call to Action (CTA) Examples

While e-commerce is a rapidly growing industry, some brands struggle to convert their online traffic into sales.

That's why we've compiled several examples of effective CTA strategies you can use for your site.

1. Shopify

The first example for eCommerce CTA's is an eCommerce platform Shopify.


Shopify's choice of CTA is an offer for a free trial. They show the platform via screenshots right next to the desired action.

Right below the CTA, Shopify closely details what will happen when they perform the desired action.

CTA: Start free trial

2. Versace

versace cta

Let's look at the second example for the eCommerce CTA's. This one is for the product page of Versace.

As you can see, there is no way that you miss the CTA button. Both the placement of CTA and the color choice are set correctly.

CTA: Add to Bag

It is crucial to have all the information right next to the CTA button on the product pages.

For example, they have the price, the sizes, the product image, and the description of the product.

3. Victoria's Secret

vs cta

Another e-commerce retail CTA example is from VS. The window below pops up after you add an item to your cart.

There are two CTA buttons here, but the main goal of VS is to convince customers to continue shopping with offerings like the "Pairs Perfectly With" section.

These items back up the CTA "Continue Shopping."

They also put "Check Out" CTA if the prospect wants to go straight to the basket.

4. La Roche Posay

la roche posay cta

The fourth example is from the La Roche Posay website. When you try to open from another country rather than where you are, they show you a popup stating you are shopping from another country/region.

The CTA is put to guide you to the correct area you'll shop. (We'll show you more of popup CTA's)

CTA: Change Region or Country

5. Best Buy

best buy cta

The last example for this category is from Best Buy.

It is interesting to me; When you add an item to your cart, say it is a vacuum cleaner.

They offer a protection warranty with a popup window. There are multiple CTAs on this window.

According to your purchase, they offer two different protection options for you, which allows them to show their offerings regarding that product.

CTA: Select A Plan, Go to Cart, Add Totaltech

Popup Call to Action (CTA) Examples

Popup call to action (CTA) examples are a great way to get visitors to interact with your website.

They allow you to ask for an email address, download a file, or even take the visitor directly to another page on your site.

1. Popupsmart

popupsmart cta

Our first example is one of the popups prepared by Popupsmart, no code popup builder for Black Friday.

As you can see, the CTA stands out from the rest of the content. What the prospect should expect from taking the desired action is also summarized in the popup.

CTA: Upgrade Now

2. WWF

wwf cta

The second example for popup CTA's is from WWF. This CTA is to get prospects' emails with an offering.

This one is an emotional trigger since the cause of WWF is to protect climate & animals. ".. learn how you can make a difference."

The message they put on the popup directly plays a massive role in the prospect's decision-making process.

One thing I would do differently is maybe I would choose another word for the CTA button for continuity.

CTA: Continue

3. Everlane

everlane cta

The following example is from Everlane's Black Friday popup. They sure know how to grab the visitors' attention with those colors!

They also put a countdown timer to trigger FOMO. Finally, they put two CTA's, but it can be counted as one since one is for women, and the other is for men.

4. Beefeater

beefeater cta

The next one is from Beefeater. They show a popup to collect prospects' emails with an offering.

For example, they offer a discount to their online shop for a newsletter subscription. Their CTA button is red, which correlates with the brand and other colors.

Email Call-to-Action (CTA) Examples

Every single email you send has the potential to convert a lead into a customer, but only if it's compelling.

And to be compelling enough to make someone take action, your call-to-action (CTA) needs to stand out from all the other emails that are floating around in your reader's inbox.

1. LinkedIn

linkedin cta

The first example is from LinkedIn marketing emails. I find these emails quite useful, to be precise.

They send entirely personalized emails based on your company and company industry.

In this email, they are promoting their courses. The CTA button is clear and tells you precisely what you will be about to do if you press the button.

CTA: Start Course

2. Loom

loom cta

The next one is from Loom. Again, they are reminding customers that their trial is about to end, highlighting what they will lose if they don't upgrade their plan before the CTA.

CTA: Add Payment Details Now

3. Mixpanel

mixpanel cta

Mixpanel is promoting their webinar in this example by giving necessary information about the webinar.

First, they put the CTA at the end of the email, which is very common for email CTA's.

Then, just before the CTA, they placed the date, venue, and other details for the webinar to leave no question marks for the prospects.

CTA: Save your seat

4. Grammarly

We have another Grammarly example for you this time, for email CTA's, which I found pleasing.

First, they start by asking an interesting joke to engage the reader with the email, which leads them to read the rest of the mail.

Then, they offer a BF offer for their premium plan after the joke.

CTA: Get Grammarly Premium

grammarly two cta

Instagram Call-to-Action (CTA) Examples

Instagram is the most popular social media platform with over 1 billion monthly active users.

So it's no surprise that brands are looking to Instagram as a new way to reach their target demographics, and it works!

By using attractive imagery paired with a call-to-action (CTA), you can prompt consumers to take action with your branded hashtag or website link.

1. Milagron

Our first instance is from the Stories property of Instagram. Milagron shows their products via a short story and adds a CTA to lead prospects to the site.

CTA: Shop Now

milagron cta

2. PG

The second example is from P&G. They chose the post property of Instagram for their ad with a simple explanation on the description and an image supporting the description. They put the CTA as Apply Now since they offer an internship.

pg cta

3. Coursera

The following example is from Coursera; again, it is from a post.

They are promoting their courses via this ad & they choose a CTA "Learn More" to help the prospects get more information about the courses.

coursera cta

4. KylieBaby

The last example for Instagram is for KylieBaby's own Instagram profile. Instagram provides multiple CTA buttons, and they also put the "View Shop" button along with others.

So the customers can view the shop of KylieBaby directly if they please easily.

kylieskin cta

Google Ads Call-to-Action Examples

Call-to-Action (CTA) is one of the essential elements to creating a successful Google Ads campaign.

A CTA is an instruction for the user on proceeding, such as "Buy Now" or "Learn More."

1. Cigna

cigna cta

The first example for Google Ads CTA is Cigna, an insurance company.

They put two different CTA for their ad; one is a "Contact Us" button, and the other matches the headline.

2. Spotify

shopify cta

The second one is Spotify's Ad. Their headline includes CTA "Try 1 Month Free" and "Unlimited Skips" to promote their offerings.

They also add multiple features in the meta description, which supports the main ad.

3. Atlassian

Atlassian gives the CTA right at the beginning of the ad; "Make Tasks More Affordable" is also a common approach to CTA use in Google Ads.

atlassian cta

4. Trello

trello cta

The following example is from Trello. They promoted themselves with the headline "To-Do List Software" and added two CTA's.

Creative Call-to-Action Examples

To be effective, a call-to-action needs to accomplish a few things:

  • It needs to be noticeable.

  • It needs to stand out from the rest of the page somehow, shape, or form.

  • It needs to invite interaction.

Plus, if you want a successful CTA, you need a creative one!

1. Full Bundle

full bundle cta

Our first example is from Full Bundle, a web design agency.

They created a minimal and straightforward homepage with a different CTA.

Their most powerful tool to get conversions is to show what they have done before. Therefore, the CTA choice is a strategic one.

2. Uber

uber cta The next one is from Uber, which I like a lot. Their CTA is "Sign up to ride" which is perfect for Uber's business model.

Although they put the CTA above the fold, it is also apparent.

3. Dunkin' Donuts

dunkin donuts cta

The third one is from the delicious donut shop, Dunkin' Donuts.

When you choose an item from the menu, this screen shows a CTA: Dunkin' Delivers. This one is also creative since they put "Let us come to you" right above the CTA. The choice of the colors and fonts are also fit the brand image and are noticeable.

Call-to-Action (CTA) Statistics

  • Research shows that personalized CTAs convert 202% better than default versions.

  • The Average Click-Through Rate of CTAs is 4.23%.

  • Including One Clear CTA in Emails Boosts Clicks by 371%, Sales by 1617%.

  • The average CTR for button CTAs is 5.31%. The highest button CTA click-through rate was almost 70%.

  • 70% of small business B2B websites lack CTA.

  • 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see.

A call to action can be an effective tool for boosting sales, lead generation, and more.

But it's not always easy to create one that will work well on your website. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best CTA examples and explain why they are so effective at capturing visitors' attention and encouraging them to buy. I hope you enjoyed it.

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