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How to Increase Conversion Rate for Shopify eCommerce

Shopify is a highly competitive e-commerce platform. That is why you need to learn how to increase your conversion rate for Shopify e-commerce and stand out amongst other online stores.

In this article, we are going to look at 9 useful tips to help you understand how to increase conversion rate for Shopify.

If you need more general guide about conversion rate optimization, You can take a look at CRO guide after this content.

1. Arrange Your Webpage Elements

Web page development graphic

Make sure you give your customers a simple user experience to lead them into purchasing your products.

Home Page

CRO home page

Your home page is the first page your customers engage with. Include important details that will convince them to stay on your website and take the desired action.

It is important to:

  • Have a mobile-friendly website
  • Include video content to increase reliability
  • Have a chat box to show that your customers can easily reach you
  • Add a free signup button
  • Highlight your top-selling products
  • Offer support and contact

Product Search Page

CRO product search page

Your product search page should convince your customers to purchase your products. Arranging your product search page will result in higher conversion.

  • Provide auto-suggestions to simplify the product search process.
  • Test your search options accuracy before putting it into practice.
  • Ensure your search covers singular, misspelled, or suggested words.

Product Page

CRO product page

This page is where browsers decide whether to buy your product or not. To convert more browsers, your product page should;

  • Include high-quality images and videos of the product.
  • Have clear calls-to-action such as BUY or ADD TO CART.
  • Include filtering options and category structure.
  • Provide delivery time of the product and offer free shipping.
  • Involve social proof and testimonials.

Pricing Page

CRO pricing page

Convince browsers to purchase your products by showing that your product is better than your competitors’.

  • Clearly explain your product’s features.
  • Support your customer’s purchase activity via live chat.
  • Highlight your products’ benefits.
  • Offer free trials or samples of your product.
  • Make product comparison available ensure conversion.

Checkout Page

CRO checout page

Do not let your customers abandon their carts. You need to have an appealing checkout page without long forms or continual input errors.

  • Provide input examples for each field.
  • Have an auto-fill feature to simplify the process.
  • Clearly show your shipping and refund policy.
  • Offer free shipping.
  • Vary payment options and show your store’s security.

2. Identify Your Target Customers

Man aiming at a target

What is your customer profile? Identify your target customers to give them exactly what they need.

You should find out more about your targeted customers and aim for converting them.

For example, if your store contains clothing in a specific style like casual clothing for young adult women, put yourself in their shoes.

Highlight the products they like the most or emphasize why your brand is more suitable for their needs.

3. Have a Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile-responsive online shopping graphic

If your website visitors are browsing on their mobile phones. It may be tiresome to open your page on their computers.

Do not lose your potential customers. Have a mobile-friendly website and convert the customers using mobile phones to shop.

This way you will decrease your cart abandonment rate and increase conversion rate.

4. Add Clear Calls-to-Action

Online shopping call-to-action

Remember, customers, do not want to go through a complex shopping process. Make your calls-to-action precise and to the point.

Moreover, you need to test your CTAs to see if they lead to the right pages. You can use CTAs on your popups, product page, and landing page to have a higher conversion rate.

5. Have a Prompt Customer Service

Phone call customer support

Being available when your customers need assistance about your products, or their orders is key to have repeated customers and increased conversion.

You can provide live-chat with a successful human resource team or chatbots on your website. There are successful customer service apps for Shopify available as well.

Work on improving your customer service to retain your existing customers and obtain new ones.

Offering multiple ways to contact can boost your engagement traffic and show your store’s reliability to your customers.

Make sure you return to your customers’ contact requests as soon as possible.

Why should you respond to your customers within a short time?
  • Because when it comes to online shopping, customers can easily leave your website in seconds.
  • They may even make bad comments about your brand and products, which will decrease your brand image and conversion rate.

6. Never Underestimate Social Proof

Social proof and rating product

Think of it like this;

Online shoppers have no other way to see your product’s quality than relying on other customers’ comments or influencers who try and advertise your product.

How many times have you purchased something online that has no comments or ratings? Not many I suppose.

This is exactly why you need to include social proof, testimonials, and guarantees on your website and for each product.

Convert your hesitated, “not sure if I should buy” browsers into customers by proving your products’ quality with social proof.

If you are unsure about definition of social proof, you can search for the best social proof examples.

How to encourage your customers to write comments about your products?

Offer discounts or coupons on the condition that they give their comments about the products they purchased. This way, you will have social proof by satisfied customers and increase conversion rate for Shopify by having repeated customers and new ones.

7. Improve Your Website Speed

Woman analyzing website

Your website visitors will leave right away if your website takes forever to load. A slow website can cause;

  • Increased cart abandonment
  • Lower website traffic
  • A decrease in conversion rate

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

You should test your website speed and ideally have a website loading in 2-3 seconds to increase conversion rate for Shopify.

8. Include Conversion-Driven Popups

Email subscription popup

Popups are one of the most efficient ways to increase the conversion rate for Shopify.

What you need to consider is your popup service’s reliability. A better popup service should;

  • Not decrease your website speed
  • Not interfere with customer experience
  • Beautifully designed to attract customers
  • Not affect the SEO performance of your website
  • Have advanced targeting options

A popup service provider like Popupsmart can help you grow your website and maximize conversion with seamless integration.

What can you do with popups?

You can grow your email list, offer discounts, giveaways, or coupons, collect submission forms, ask for cookie consent, promote your products, increase phone call traffic, inform your customers about upcoming discounts, and so on.

9. Prevent Cart Abandonment

Woman online shopping

There may be various reasons why your customers abandon their online shopping cart such as;

  • Extra costs (tax, shipping)
  • Website error
  • Creating an account obligation
  • Complicated checkout process
The global average rate of cart abandonment is 75.6%.

This means lots of lost customers and income, right?

You can decrease cart abandonment rates by email marketing, popup campaigns, and website improvement.

Moreover, there are email marketing apps for Shopify that can increase your conversion rate.

Just make sure you carry out a planned email marketing by considering certain tactics in mind such as finding a converting email subject line.


There are various ways of increasing your e-commerce conversion rate that you can test for your Shopify website.

Popupsmart conversion rate optimization tips infographic

It may take time to learn what works best for your website and how to increase conversion rate for Shopify.

Plus, You can optimize your conversion rate gradually by testing these tips and understanding the gist of a successful conversion rate optimization.

Are you doing your Shopify SEO at maximum capacity? Take a look at our Shopify SEO checklist for higher ranking on search engines.

Let us know if these tips helped you optimize and maximize your conversion rate.

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