Popupsmart vs Optinmonster

Popupsmart and Optinmonster are both powerful conversion optimization SaaS service providers, but one will help you make money faster. Which is the better investment for your business? Decide yourself.

Optinmonster Alternative Popup Provider: Popupsmart

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Popupsmart and Optinmonster are both powerful conversion optimization SaaS services. Unlike Optinmonster, Popupsmart goes a step further in terms of its price, advanced features, and friendly user interface.

Here are some summarized reasons for why you should switch from Optinmonster to Popupsmart.

Conversion Ready Popup Templates

Optinmonster has a drag and drop editor for popup building, which grants great ease if you have design experience. Otherwise, it is hard to build thrilling campaigns without design skills.

So, why use a drag and drop editor when our Smart Editor allows you to create a stunning popup with a few clicks?

Popupsmart has design limits to ensure that the design details are within the necessary dimensions and has the power to convert customers.

We have free conversion-ready popup templates that you may select and customize according to your business needs and popup campaign goals.

Competitive Prices

Optinmonster offers no free trial whereas Popupsmart provides a lifetime free account option for entrepreneur companies getting monthly page views up to 10,000.

Popup builder Optinmonster’s price is $29 per month for 50,000 page views while Popupsmart offers $29 per month for 100,000 page views.

See? Optinmonster costs you twice as much as a better popup builder: Popupsmart.

4 Layout Options in Every Popup Design

Lots of popup providers, including Optinmonster, do not offer different layout options for every popup template because it is hard to integrate all layouts and optimize them for mobile devices.

Unlike Optinmonster, Popupsmart presents four layout options for every popup template: lightbox, full screen, sidebar and floating bar.

Stay Up to Date, Follow New Trends

We know it is hard to follow digital marketing trends all the time. This is why we follow the digital world in detail to consistently provide our customers better revenue-driven conversion solutions.

You may look at developments and fixes in Popupsmart on our Changelog page.

We care about our customers, work hard to help them in the digital world and work smartly to make their job easier.

As proof of how much we care for you, I would like to ask you a question. Do you know any company that both provides popup services and offers a wheel popup template for free? Well, now you do.