How To Increase Sales With 17 Proven Methods via Digital Marketing

Are you an owner who wants to build brand awareness for your business through digital marketing or a digital marketer who wants to increase sales conversion? In this case, we provide this article for you!

Don’t worry if you’re not one of them, but still want to learn digital tips for general benefits, this article fully fits on your interest. Hope you all find it useful!

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1. Start by Creating A Value

Have you ever heard this quote?

‘Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.’ Jeff Bezos, the Founder of Amazon said that to emphasize the importance of branding.

No matter what you do, create value for your customers. There are some ways to offer them something valuable through digital marketing. You’ve probably heard about the modern marketing trends such as Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing . These stand for value!

Example image of content marketing.

You should not only concentrate on your high-quality products or services but also valuable contents. Gladly, these strategies will make your brand a valuable one and help you increase sales. So, better start to think about it!

2. Reflect Your Brand With Your Style and Language

In order to create a wholeness in your brand, you should align your brand messaging and style with your other digital marketing contents.

According to your business, you should create a reputation with your language and design. This will help you to become a strong brand and make people trust your existence.

Accordingly, your conversion rates and sales will increase!

Example image of Apple Instagram account.

3. Define Your Customers & Identify Right Search Criteria

Better getting know your customers by asking their,

  • age scale
  • interest
  • education level
  • location
  • income level etc.

If you ask these specific questions, you can reach them properly and prevent the probability of your service going waste. Target your audience, believe us, it’s essential.

Example image of audience targeting.

If you’ve already had a customer base, you may simply ask their interest and learn their intentions. This will allow you to build a powerful structure for your digital marketing campaigns and get better results in terms of sales conversion.

As an advisory, you can use Facebook Ads to find the data you need and targeted audiences narrowed down with similar interest. Try Facebook Ads Manager to explore much more about your target audience.

4. Segment Your Email Campaigns

You should segment your email campaigns in order to customize your emails for your users.

According to a survey done by MailChimp:

  • Segmented emails will be opened 14.31% more frequently
  • They will have a 100.95% higher click-through rate
  • They offer a nearly 4% decrease in abuse reports.

You may create some lists based on location, business, experience etc. By doing that, you’ll prevent inaccurate targeting and after a while, you’ll see the results!

5. Use Email Automation To Reach Customers At The Right Moment

Marketing automation is very important to reach out to customers at precisely the right moment. You may send email to an abandoning visitor with the help of the automation system.

Email automation example with MailChimp.

Also, tracking the metrics and managing all the things at the same time can be overwhelming. You should get help from the automation system to help your customers with right solutions.

We call it ‘Digital Marketing’!

 6. Be Competitive

Illustration of the competitive advantage.

Give them a reason for buying your service, show them it’s benefits and outcomes. Make them sure that they’ll enjoy the results after purchasing your products. Make an effort on emphasizing the pros of your products. Reflect your unique brand and show them the difference.

While doing that don’t forget to study your competitors, their audiences and results. You can analyze their;

  • posts
  • social media sites
  • linking
  • comments in order to get some insights.

By doing that, you can reconsider your methods to reach them!

7. Give Them a Motivation to Buy

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, why would you buy that product? Personally, I’d never think about purchasing a product without a good campaign or special offer. At least, it should be interesting.

In order to provide that you can use strong call-to-action messages, as well as discount coupons. Provide something they’d like! Build a confidence with your good services.

In this case, we should mention the importance of effective email marketing campaigns. Take it as an advantageous way to increase your sales. Use unique characteristics with valuable content.

Don’ forget that email marketing is a very important metric in terms of the traffic to your website. Use one of the best-rated email services to;

  • organize your subscriber list
  • plan email marketing campaigns
  • create attractive email designs.

Pay attention to your subject line and plan your email campaign schedule strategically. In this case take a look at Increase Email Open Rates Guide For Beginners to reach proven methods and tips for your email marketing benefits.

Popupsmart's design for building an email list blog.

8. Measure Your Content

After creating the best content for your target audience, you should track your data to understand the most popular content on your website. Basically, it’s an effective way to see what people are looking for on your website.

Furthermore, you can see the number of time people spending on a particular page of your website. These results will be helpful for your future posts and increase sales.

In this case, we highly recommend Google Analytics to track your data and get insights to grow your business.

The logo of Google Analytics.

9. Have Strong Call-to-Action Message

Call-to-action or CTA is something you should definitely take advantage of to trigger an immediate response in your audience. They’re generally comprised of short phrases like “Call Now”.

I guess we’re all interested here in the digital newsletter, so we better use clickable buttons that will take a customer to a landing page. You should always think about it’s quality. Simply, the right CTA will be helpful to increase sales by giving your audience a simple action to perform.

What is CTA?

MailChimp call to action example in an email newsletter.

10. Try Opt-In Forms & Popups

In order to add subscribers to your list, you should use effective opt-in forms. Including an option for your website visitor to choose whether s/he was to receive your email newsletter in your form is a good idea! If you search for other companies or brand, you’ll probably see that they have a simple call to action to complete a form

Lightbox & Exit-Intent popups are very useful to increase sales. You may prevent cart abandoning or inform your customers about your best products!

For example, one of our clients wanted to increase sales and conversions. We had a deep analysis on their web page and decided to use the exit-intent popup to increase conversion rates.

PopupSmart's exit-intent popup example.

Exit-intent popups had magnificent effects on conversion rates. We received 1.559 opt-in form after a month and we had %18 sales conversion which refers to 280,62 sales after a month. Take a look at Success Stories to get more details.

11. Choose Best Platforms for Advertising

You can reach your target audience through paid ads. It’s a quick way to increase your conversions and increase sales. We started this article by emphasizing the importance of audience targeting. In this case, if you have identified your audience properly, you will be able to advertise with more precision which will probably lower the cost for you.

We recommend you to use Google AdWords as your media buying platform.

The logo of Google Ads.

You can create paid ads for different browsers based on certain keywords. This option allows you to create ads right below Google’s search bar and on its right bar as well.

However, if you want to pay for the clicks of the clients, you can easily reach the first position of the ads. Of course, as long as your content is relevant!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Illustration of SEM tactics.

If you want to reach a specific audience that is searching for a respective service or product, SEM will be helpful. Because your ads will only be available when someone searches for a specific keyword, you should choose those keywords strategically for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Illustration of SEO tactics.

If you want to reach the best positions in the browsers and searchings, you should make an effort on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this case, you should use relevant keywords in the content of your website.

SEO definition

Of course, there are other criteria that affect your position such as stability and hard bounces. SEO requires some time. You should be patient to see the results and believe us you’ll eventually increase sales with the help of these methods!

Finally, don’t forget to use Pay Per Click Campaigns in order to drive traffic to your landing page where you’ll capture your customer’s email addresses. You can do that by paying websites for sharing your ads. You pay if someone clicks on your ad or by the number of impressions your ad receives.

What is a PPC ad?

12. Use Keyword Research For Content Ideas

You’ve probably known that SEO rules have changed. Google announced that your contents which consist of keywords in a misguided attempt have a negative impact on your rankings.

Example image of keyword research for SEO.

In order to take it as an advantage, you should pay attention to keyword research with regard to your content, in a smarter manner. In order to do that properly, you should pay attention to your customer’s interest, what they’re looking for…

If you identify popular terms with your target audience, you can create that particular content that interests them. Also, by using high volume keywords you will also improve the traffic to your website.

13. Use PPC To Test Your Keywords

Pay Per Click diagram.

If you know how to use PPC, it’s a great resource for your organic campaigns. You can use your paid marketing efforts to test selected keywords for your organic campaigns.

You may create landing pages and ad copy for your intended keywords and see how many customers click on your ad.

It’s a great method to measure those keywords impact on your targeted audience. After looking at traffic rates you can create organic campaigns consist of those high volume keywords to boost your website traffic!

14. Use Social Networks

Social networks are very helpful to maintain your brand’s fame. People like to feel that they have a unique experience with your brand on different social media channels. You should pick the right channels in terms of your business.

Don’t forget that all of the social media channels have different dynamics. So, you don’t have to use all of them. You should concentrate on using them effectively.

For example, Facebook is a great social media channel to engage with your customers through your FanPage. Also, you can invest in sponsored ads, as well as broaden your range of action by reaching a specific audience.

Example image of Facebook Ads.

As another example, Twitter is another great social media channel for you if you’re planning to post some news and spread them fast. You should make a search on different characteristics of various social media platforms to make it better!

Twitter promoted tweets example.

You should never ever underestimate the importance of social sharing. It affects your search engine rankings.

For example, try to add a popup to ask your readers if they want to like your Facebook Page. You can use Popupsmart services to do that easily.

It’s a great chance to analyze the amount of traffic that is driven to your website by particular social media channels. In order to track your social shares, it’s better to use analytics tools to segment and test your campaign sharing.

By doing that, you’ll be able to determine how well your social media campaigns are positively reaching your target audience.

Considering that you aim is to increase sales, you should pay attention to some specific metrics such as shares, referrals, conversion rates, likes, and more.

Don’t forget that social networking helps you build trust and increase conversions.

15. Incorporate Video Into Your Site

In today’s digital world, the video has a magnificent effect on your digital marketing efforts. It is valuable content, so you better efficient enough to use it!

Popular Products

According to HubSpot’s statistics,

  • By 2019, we expect a video to dominate 80% of all web traffic
  • Videos on landing pages will boost conversion rates by 80%
  • Videos in emails will increase click-through rates by over 200%

By using video content inside your text content you’ll able to drive more traffic and increase engagement with your website visitors.

You may convey a message related to your particular product and service or guide your website visitors about new trends in your industry! Believe me, it will be helpful to increase your sales eventually!

16. Integrate Your Marketing Channels

People tend to have stable brand experience across different platforms and channels. In order to provide this experience to your customers, you should integrate your marketing channels. Your campaigns should be in unity to reflect your branding.

integrated marketing cycle image

If you’re wondering how to do manage these things properly, I’ll try to explain it to you.

Let’s suppose that you’re working on SEO and organic searching. In order to support them, you create keywords related to your business and contents.

Meanwhile, the team behind the Paid Searches or Ads can promote your page before the keyword gains the natural traction. Also, in order to promote the created content, Social Media and Email teams can work together.

By doing that you convey a very important message. Your customers will probably indicate that you work systematically, you have a common goal and you’re working to create your brand voice. You will build your trustworthiness. As a result, you’ll drive more traffics and increase sales!

17. Build Remarketing Strategies

In order to increase sales, remarketing is essential.

For example, you can run a remarketing campaign for an abandoned cart. You may remarket with a video on Youtube or Facebook. In order to track them, you should connect an account to an AdWords account. You may develop some email marketing strategies to reach them again. It’s all up to you.

Flow chart of a remarketing campaign.

Now you know more about increasing sales through digital marketing methods.

Also, if you want to capture your prospect’s information on your website and increase sales conversions PopupSmart is a great tool for you!

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about how to use this smart tool and much more. Let’s start converting abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers, together.

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