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50+ Click-Worthy Abandoned Cart Subject Lines + Examples

Let’s face it, every now then you add your favorite products to your online shopping cart, but then out of nowhere you just leave the website without completing your purchase.

It’s not only you but also a lot of online shoppers who decide to leave without a purchase.

Cart abandonment benchmarks show that 69.80% of online carts get abandoned. This is a massive amount of lost money for your ecommerce business.

Abandoned cart email is a great way to remind potential customers that they left the products they liked behind and possibly to win them back.

HubSpot accounts that roughly 80% of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement over the past 12 months.

Yet, it does not matter that you have a great copy in your abandoned cart emails if your subject lines fail to grab the attention of the recipient.

In this article, we will touch upon the definition of an abandoned cart email and a subject line, reasons for cart abandonment, types of abandoned cart subject lines, tips on abandoned cart emails and see 50 best practices of abandoned cart subject lines.

Abandoned Cart Subject Line Examples

1. Straightforward Subject Lines

Kate Spade's abandoned cart subject line "Let's check this off your list"

When writing a straightforward abandoned cart subject line, there should not be any unnecessary words and you should keep personalization natural.

Straightforward subject lines are for simply reminding your customers about the products they left in their online shopping carts.

  • Did You Forget This?
  • You Left Your {product name} Behind!

2. "The Offer" Subject Lines

Chubbies' abandoned cart subject line "Lemme Teleport You Back Your Cart. Free of Charge"

Who does not like a discount or free shipping?

Some of your customers might have left because of the shipping cost or the cost of the product.

In this case, you can win them back by kindly bribing a special offer.

Even if the reason behind abandoning the cart was not related to the price, including your offer in the subject line can grab the customer’s attention.

  • Take 10% Off Your Cart Before It’s Gone!
  • Act Fast to Get 15% Off Your Cart!

3. Curiosity Subject Lines

Casper's abandoned cart subject line "Come Back To Bed"

Now, this is the opposite of a straightforward subject line.

The aim here is to capture your customer’s attention or interest by piquing curiosity and get them to click the email and read the well-written copy.

  • A Gift for You
  • Olivia, Continue Shopping with a Discount

4. Suggestive Subject Lines

Adidas' abandoned cart subject line "Sorry to hear about your WI-FI"

In suggestive subject lines you assume that rather than other reasons such as shipping cost or product price, your customer simply forgot to complete the purchase.

You remind them of the abandoned shopping cart.

  • Forgot something?
  • Olivia, You’ve Left Something Behind

5. Product- Related Subject Lines

Massdrop's abandoned cart subject line "Ash, still interested in the Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set?"

Here’s simple logic; if the customers added certain products to shopping carts then they are interested in those products.

Through product-related subject lines, you aim to resurface the initial want or need for those products by including the product name in the subject line.

  • Your (item) Would Look So Good on You
  • What Did That (Product Name) Look Like Again?

6. Friendly Subject Lines

Chubbies' abandoned cart subject line "Howdy bud"

Friendly subject lines create a personal level in your relationship with your customers, and they do not sound like mere transactional messages.

You need to keep in mind that your brand needs to have a certain tone when interacting with your customers.

So, if your brand has more of a formal tone, then a friendly subject line might be inconsistent for your brand voice.

Know your audience and decide on your tone according to that.

Chubbies is a great example of friend subject lines.

  • Howdy Bud?
  • Where’d You Go?

7. Customer Service Subject Lines

Bonobos' abandoned cart subject line "We noticed you haven't checked out. Just let us know."

If customers abandoned their carts, this might have resulted from a problem occurred during the checkout process.

Reaching out to help your customers can be a great way to increase conversion. You can simply ask what the issue was and try and solve it.

  • Can We Help?
  • Was There a Problem with Your Order?

8. Brand Voice

Your subject lines do not need to include an offer to get your customers to click the email.

If your brand has a unique personality, then you can write your subject lines in that tone.

It might be humorous, conversational or friendly. However, it works well, only if you know your audience and have a consistent tone.

  • “Wanna Know a Secret?” By Chubbies
  • “You’re officially a part of the squad” By Maybelline

9. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Subject Lines

The Honest Company's abandoned cart subject line "Your cart is about to expire, you may qualify for free shipping"

It’s a psychological trick to get your customers to purchase by giving them a fear of missing out.

A lot of ecommerce brands generate urgency in their subject lines in three ways.

Urgency centered on the cart: By telling that the items in the cart are about to expire

Urgency about specific products: By informing about limited items in their cart

Urgency with an incentive: By offering discounts on completing their purchase in limited time

  • Your cart is about to expire
  • Act Fast to Get 15% Off Your Cart!

The same tactic goes for popups as well. Urgency triggers customers to take action. Find out the details in our recipe: Increase E-Commerce Revenue with Scarcity, Urgency, and Exclusivity Popups

10. Creative Subject Lines

Dyson's abandoned cart subject line "All Is Not Lost"

You do not have to use standard subject lines.

Getting creative with subject lines can get the customer to open your email.

Just be aware to not overdo creativity. Again, you must know your audience for this type of subject line.

  • “Don’t open this email” (by REBEL8)

In this example by REBEL8, the email may have a high click rate however, it may also backfire as there is no clear intention stated in the subject line.

  • Olivia, You Know You Want This

11. Personalized Subject Lines

First things first, you need to segment your contact list for highly relative emails.

Then get personal with your customers. Instead of addressing them in general, try to include their first name in your subject lines.

  • Olivia, Your Cart Needs You Badly.
  • Heard it’s snowing in (Location), get (product name) to stay warm

12. Emoji Subject Lines

Using emojis in your subject lines is a bit risky. Customers have various cultures and backgrounds.

Considering this, an emoji might have a different meaning for each. However, you can test using emojis by an A/B test and see if they work for your business.

  • 💥Hurry! Your Cart Expires Soon

13. Emotional Subject Lines

Dote's abandoned cart subject line "Your shopping bag has abandonment issues." There is a black shirt priced $33.95.

You can get a little extra with emotional subject lines.

It may be a funny one or conversational.

  • UrbanDaddy: You’ve Changed

Why Do People Abandon Shopping Carts?

Reasons for cart abandonment can vary, but here are some common reasons:

  • Shipping Costs
  • Having to reenter information
  • Discount code does not work
  • Website issues such as slow loading
  • Complex check out process
  • Comparison shopping such as finding a lower-priced product from another store

Cause-specific abandonment rates are:

  • High Shipping Fees 60%
  • Forced Registration 37%
  • Long Fill-out Forms/Checkout Process 28%
  • Hidden Costs 23%
  • Website Too Slow to Load 20%

If you understand the reasons behind abandoned carts then it will be easier to fix the problem and increase your sales.

Abandoned Cart Email Tactics to Increase Open Rates & Conversions

You can check out more email marketing strategies from our extensive guide.

1. Write Subject Lines In Title Case

There are three common written types of subject lines:

  • Title case: Capitalizing the first letter of each word
  • Sentence case: Capitalizing only the first letter of the first word
  • Lower case: No letter capitalized

Writing subject lines in title case add a professional or formal look to your subject lines, it can increase your open rates.

2. Avoid Spam Folders

You need to be aware of spam-trigger words.

Avoid writing in all caps and using too many exclamation points.

You can read why emails go to spam instead of inbox for detailed information.

3. Send Multiple Emails

Kloviyo stats show that ecommerce brands who send multiple emails make the most revenue and they have higher open rates and click-through rates.

If you stop sending abandoned cart emails after just one email, then you would end up losing potential revenue.

4. Subject Line Performance

Klaviyo subject line performance chart

5. Offer Performance

According to Klaviyo statistics, offer-based emails’ performance is:

Open Rate- Click Rate- Revenue Per Recipient
%- Based Discounts 36.55% 10.35% $2.81
$- Based Discounts 42.78% 8.99% $15.91
Free Shipping 43.39% 12.53% $3.07

50 Best Practices of Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

  1. Your Cart's Loaded & Ready To Go (Under Armour)
  2. Forget Something? (Under Armour)
  3. They're still waiting for you... (Urban Outfitters)
  4. Keep your pants on! We’re revealing our new Naked Chicken Chalupa NOW. (Taco Bell)
  5. Is that new? I love it! – Everyone (Uniqlo)
  6. [URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to watch this… (Digital Marketer)
  7. ♫ Owner of a Lonely Cart ♫
  8. Hey. You left without your shoes…
  9. Hey [name], you forgot something
  10. We’re holding those items for you
  11. Hurry back! Your cart is only good for 24 hours
  12. Don’t let your favorite item sell out
  13. You left something behind
  14. Your items miss you/feel abandoned
  15. Let’s sweeten the deal
  16. Was it something we said?
  17. Shopping cart today, in your closet tomorrow
  18. What happened?
  19. We want you back!
  20. Where did you go?
  21. Take another peek
  22. Don't miss out! Your basket expires soon (BooHoo)
  23. A Gift For You (Everlane)
  24. Choose or Lose! Free Gift Worth up to $210, with your purchase. (Estée Lauder)
  25. Ending in 10…9…8… (AYR)
  26. Blink and you’ll miss it (Happy Socks)
  27. Your [item] would look so good on you
  28. What did that [Product Name] look like again?
  29. [name], I think you forgot something???
  30. Don’t let your favorite items sell out
  31. [name], buy your [item] now and save 15%!
  32. Get it or Regret it!
  33. These would go great with your new [Product name]
  34. Surprise [name]! Complete your order and get 15% off
  35. Remember your [product name]? It’s about to sell out…
  36. OMG [name]! Your [product] is selling out!
  37. Wait [name]. Did you mean to add these?
  38. Still thinking about it?
  39. We might be unable to hold on to your cart, final call!
  40. Say goodbye to [Product name].
  41. [Days] left: save your shopping cart now.
  42. Don’t let free shipping go to waste (Rudy’s)
  43. Does this cart belong to you, [Name]?
  44. [Name], don’t get [Product] get away from you.
  45. [Name], we heard you were interested in [Product name]
  46. [Name], should we hold [Product name] for you?
  47. You’ve come so far, [Name], don’t give up!
  48. Your Shopping Bag Has Abandonment Issues. (Dote)
  49. Sorry to Hear About Your Wi-fi (Adidas)
  50. All Is Not Lost (Dyson)


When it comes to email marketing, subject lines are cornerstones. Your customers decide to open or delete your emails after seeing the subject line. By careful timing and keeping things relevant and consistent, you can increase your open rates and revenue.

I hope you find this article helpful and create eye-catching abandoned cart subject lines for your brand.

You can check out our blog about email marketing for more tips and information.

Don’t hesitate to give your comments and opinions below.