What Is Video Content Marketing and Why Do We Need It?

Almost all of us are familiar with content marketing trends but do you know about video content marketing?

Nowadays many people are watching a wide range of videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. For this demand, a new marketing landscape has arisen that marketers named “Video Content Marketing.”

• What is it?
• Why are video watching rates are so high?
• What are the statistics telling us?
• How do we benefit from such massive engagement?

Let’s look at this landscape and its remarkable statistics!

What Is Video Content Marketing?

how does video marketing work

Video Content Marketing is a new marketing strategy that adopts the principle of producing and sharing relevant & consistent video content to your targeted group to acquire interesting, fascinating and qualified leads.

In today’s digital marketing world, you must pay attention to how your videos rank, how many people follow you, how many people watch your videos or read your blogs; because many people prefer time-saving methods to read, to shop or to visit before taking any action.

Although many people are watching videos, it can be a very challenging issue for video content producers. Because brands want to be attractive and it requires increasingly impressive ideas.

Let me tell you how brands make it work!

How Does Video Marketing Work?

video marketing benefits

If you have any doubts about whether video marketing works or not, look at the following statistics:

  • I can tell you that video marketing works and as time progresses, applying this strategy will become very essential to your digital marketing.*

However, if you’ve never tried video marketing before, you must know there are important numbers to pay attention to.

The most important issue is likely to be whether your video will reach many eyes or not.

Therefore, we suggest creating fascinating video content on a routine basis as part of your digital marketing strategy.

According to the Blue Corona points; producing a series of videos each week or month develops brand authority and lures in your customers who will be eagerly waiting for your next announcement. They’ll start to demand to see content from you on a scheduled basis like TV programs. Undoubtedly, making one video has its advantages, but planning multiple videos addressing regular issues and factors is the best practice.

And never forget, when these videos are created, be careful to share them with diversified channels to give them the best opportunity of ranking higher.

For example, posting videos on Facebook is an excellent way to get your content viewed by more people. But you should also put these videos on your website and social media platforms.

Tip: Your video content creation tools are just as essential.

Why Do We Need It?

the value of video marketing strategy

We understand that video content marketing works very well and we can use it on different social platforms such as our Facebook pages or even our websites. It is safe to say that the social media world is dominated by video marketing.

The Hubspot research results say global consumers prefer four social media channels out of six to watch videos on.

This sounds interesting, doesn't it?

1) Increasing Conversions and Sales

Are you advertising a new product or a service?

By shooting a video, you can show users how your product/service works. For Video Marketing;

  • 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service
  • 76% say it helped them increase sales
  • 76% say it helped them increase traffic

Using a video marketing strategy will greatly improve your brands’ success. Strengthening expressions, confidence and sales are the best examples of how videos can boost your business.

Example image of video content marketing.

Do you want any different tactics for designing videos?

Are you trying to explain a confusing concept?

Animation can bring ideas to life that no text or live video can. Animated videos are a whole mixture of entertainment, nostalgia, and simplicity. And they work. (Dream Grow)

Also, you can use video popups to increase conversion rates. Check out our recipe: How to Boost Your YouTube Views without Disturbing Your Website Visitors

2) Having ROI

How to increase ROI with video content marketing image.

According to the latest Wyzowl’s search, 78% of marketers say video marketing increases their ROI and other extensive amounts of data mining and analytical analysis go into performing the most imperative of digital marketing strategies. Also, recent research has proven that videos are more than just a trend.

A video is, really, the future and the now it is the future of powerful and effective marketing.

3) Building Trust

  • 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
  • 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.
  • 69% of people have been convinced to buy a piece of software or application by watching a video.

By looking at these stats, I can say brands that are publishing regular videos are establishing a brand reliability and their clients patiently wait for more videos and promotions.

Seeing the products in the video provides people with the ability to examine the items or maybe learn how to use them.

Moreover, watching the video doesn’t take up a lot of people's time. It is simply excellent!

4) Google Will Love You

Google vs Video illustration.

Videos enable you to increase the time visitors spend on your site. Therefore, extended exposure builds trust and signals search engines to notice your site.

For Moovly statistics: You’re 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

Now that Google owns YouTube there has been a significant improvement in how video watching influences search ranks.

Video Marketing in Social Media Channels

Pie chart of social media platforms used in video content marketing.

Once we briefly look at the past years of content marketing strategies, we see an increase in the popularity of videos as a content marketing format. In 2017, videos had a reputation in the marketing tactic list. However, Video Marketing has transformed into being the top method for all businesses' digital marketing strategies.

Now, let us look at these platforms’ statistics;


Illustration of Facebook and video content marketing.

  • 68% of marketers have published video content on Facebook
  • Out of those, 87% found it to be an effective strategy
  • 70% of marketers plan to use Facebook Video in 2018

  • Users will use Facebook Creator’s App
  1. to create original video
  2. to go live with executive features
  3. to connect with their community on Facebook
  4. to share more and more stories


YouTube's logo.

  • 87% of marketers have published video content on YouTube
  • Out of those, 90% have found it to be an effective strategy
  • 87% of marketers plan to use it in 2018

The rates say YouTube is the most popular sharing platform for video content and the most advantageous platform!

Although Youtube has a really good reputation, it implements new features like mobile sharing options that marketers can chat, reply to, invite others and use far more features.

You might like: How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers on YouTube.


Video content marketing example image of Instagram.

Brands and marketers participate in related Weekend Hashtag Projects that aim to engage users by challenging them to share photos and videos with their perspectives and the following results shows us how effective it is:

  • 41% of marketers have used Instagram video
  • Of those who used it, 78% found it to be an effective strategy
  • 44% say they plan to use Instagram video in 2018

Also, brands accept the power of Instagram and try to create their Brands' Hashtags to help create relevant conversations.

If you want to learn about Hashtags you should keep this in mind!!!


LinkedIn video ads image.

According to studies, 38% of marketers have published video content on LinkedIn and of those who used it, 75% found it to be an effective strategy.

LinkedIn is especially used by B2B companies for marketing campaigns.

Thus, seeing professionals talk about their experiences makes a much stronger impression on your clients than simply reading about it.

If you take the example of LinkedIn Campaigns, Hubspot is the best answer. They use testimonials which serve as a really attractive method for B2B videos. These success stories answers all concerns that consumers might have.


Video content marketing on Twitter.

Research says 86% of people access news through Twitter and 64 % of Twitter users also share news on the portal.

  • 39% of marketers have published video content on Twitter
  • Out of those, 70% found it to be an effective strategy
  • 40% plan to use Twitter video in 2018.

After all these stats, we cannot ignore the effects of video content marketing and the most compatible landscape is through Social Media Channels.

Video Content Marketing 2020 Statistics Infographic

Video Content Marketing 2020 Statistics Infographic

We like sharing our knowledge with our visitors! You are very welcome to use our infographic on your website for presenting an excellent infographic that shows 2020 statistical data about video content marketing.

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