# How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

You have determined the purpose of your website campaign, created and published your very first popup. Now, it is time to follow your popup conversions. So, how can you calculate the conversion rate?

Conversion represents the number of visitors who fulfill the goal you set for your website while, visitors are the total number of people who came to your website and saw the popup.

In this case, conversion rate is the ratio of the number of people who accomplish the desired goal to the number of visitors who see the popup.

conversion rate calculation formula total goal completions divided by total website visits times 100

For example, assume that your campaign goal is to get a subscription for your mail list. 100 people visited your site, so the number of visitors is 100. Suppose that the number of people signing up to your mail list is 20 – this is your conversion count. Your conversion rate is calculated as 0.2 for subscription's visitors.

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