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Fun Ways to Encourage Popup Survey Participation

If you’re searching for fun ways to encourage popup survey participation for your e-commerce website, today is your lucky day.

There is no doubt that surveys are effective for different purposes, and they have been used for many years. It is, however, easier to create fun popup surveys compared to traditional ones and make them more engaging.

On the other hand, grabbing people’s attention to fill out a form, poll or quiz has some tricks, which we’re now about to cover in more detail.

In this article, we’ll go over some popup survey examples and fun ways that you can apply so that more people can fill out your surveys.

Let’s dive into them!

Why You Should Use Popup Surveys?

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Surveys and collecting feedback are great for improving your e-commerce business engagement rate.

Considering your customers’ opinions, you can make necessary changes to reach your target audience. Also, you can use surveys to interact with your audience regularly.

If you don’t know how to increase survey response rates, popups are great tool that can help you encourage survey participation.

To increase your survey participation rate, you can choose to use popups that are more engaging than other survey types.

There are a lot of reasons why you should use popup surveys, and here are some of them:

  • They’re easy to set up. Popup surveys are usually created with a few clicks in under 5 minutes, so they’re quick to start with.
  • They can be customized to meet your needs. For example, you can customize your popup surveys’ color, size, and text to fit your brand. Also, you can add the message you want to send out independently to get in touch with your audience.
  • Popup surveys are an engaging way for users to respond, which means you’ll get more responses from your survey. In addition, filling out a survey in a popup form is much easier than other surveys.
  • You can analyze the responses to your survey and see your leads properly. Since popup builders like Popupsmart allow you to see the conversion rate and collect lead data of a popup, you can get a better insight into your survey popup campaigns.

Fun Ways to Encourage Popup Survey Participation

Popups don’t have to be annoying; instead, there are many fun ways to use popups on websites! So get creative with popup surveys on your website, and increase your survey response rates.

By asking the right questions properly and including interactive and engaging elements in your popup, you can persuade people to participate in your surveys.

Here we explained proven ways to encourage popup survey participation so that you can use them on your surveys.

1. Offer Discounts and Gifts to Your Survey Participants

People love free stuff and discounts! So, if you offer your visitors a discount or a prize on your survey popup, they will most likely fill out a survey.

So, apart from increasing your survey participation, you can also boost your sales with discount popups.

Include that you offer discounts or gifts on your headline so that people can read the rest of your survey popup.

a popup survey example that says "Win a $50 discount" with green theme and shows checkboxes

For example, using a popup like this can be useful for getting customer feedback.

With the headline “Win a 50$ Discount,” you can grab their attention and convince them to fill out your questionnaire. Also, by adding a description such as “We value your opinions.” you can show that you give importance to customer feedback.

Questions with short sentences and answers are great since they don’t take visitors’ time a lot. In addition, people can be encouraged to answer these surveys by seeing short answers and checkboxes.

At the end of the popup, including an email address input can be great to grow your email list and get in touch with your visitors from time to time.

You might think of including a privacy policy since you collect your visitors’ data to answer the questions in their minds.

Apart from giving discounts, you can organize a giveaway and offer gifts to your visitors so that they can fill in your surveys.

a popup survey example that says "You can win a special gift box!" to encourage visitors in a fun way to participate

This survey popup example indicates that there is a possibility that visitors can win a special gift box in the headline.

Also, the description part includes power words such as “try them before anyone else,” which can create a sense of urgency. By reading this popup message visitors can go and fill out a survey to win a gift.

2. Use Witty Headlines That Grab Attention

By writing witty headlines, you can show that you have a sincere side and interact with your visitors quickly. It is important not to be cringey for sure, but you can make them smile with a well-written headline with small jokes and wits.

Using puns and word plays can be significant in that sense, especially if they relate to your products or services. Come up with a great headline to encourage people to participate in your surveys.

By including that you take feedback into consideration, people can get encouraged to leave a comment about your products or services.

You can either offer them options as in the example we gave or ask them to write feedback for you.

a popup survey example with a title that says "Your chance to roast us"

Including options like in this popup, can be easier for sure, but if a person wants to leave a comment about a specific thing, they should be able to interact with you as well.

3. Include Engaging Images on Your Popups

Choosing a proper image plays a significant role in effective popup campaigns. To encourage popup survey participation, you can select an image that can grab your visitors’ attention.

Including images of your products or services is one of the best ways you can promote them to your visitors. Also, adding images your visitors can be interested in is a great way.

a survey popup example with a cute dog image and a headline that says "Wait! Tell us why you haven't completed your purchase"

Apart from these, you can add a cute puppy image like this one! By increasing the cuteness of your survey popup, reaching out to visitors can get easier.

You can play with different images that akigns with your barnd's style and grab your target audience’s attention to increase your survey participation quickly.

4. Personalize Your Popups with Smart Tags

Personalizing popup surveys is another fun way to boost your survey participation. By using smart tags, you can include dynamic texts on your popups. In that way, you can increase your customer loyalty with personalized messages.

Smart tags extract data from JavaScript API and URL parameters. By seeing your popups with personalized elements, your visitors can participate in your surveys easily.

a personalized popup survey example with a headline that says "Hey Berna!" and an image of Amelie character with a magnifying glass

You can salute your visitors by indicating their names using smart tags and quickly get their opinion about your product or service. For this popup survey example, we used smart tags and added checkboxes.

Apart from name tags, using language, country, region, city, or date tags can be helpful to personalize your popup campaigns.

According to your survey’s needs and target audience, you can customize your own for sure.

5. Show Quick Feedback Rating Popups

Another fun way to encourage your visitors to take action is to ask your them how likely they will recommend your service to their friends with feedback rating popups.

That way, it can be possible to see your visitors’ opinions.

Instead of adding long questions and answers to your surveys, you can simply ask your visitors to rate your product between 1 and 5.

a feedback rating popup example that says "How likely are you to recommend us to a friend" and offer ratings between 1 and 5 and an image of people making heart shape with their hands

For example, we prepared this rating popup example based on how likely visitors are to recommend a product to their friends.

You can use this popup survey template on our Showcase and customize it according to your own needs and preferences.

6. Exit-Intent Targeting for Leaving Visitors

Exit-intent popups are great for interacting with leaving visitors. Using exit intent targeting, you can offer discounts to change your visitors’ minds or get feedback about why they leave your website.

Try not to get too clingy, but suggest reasons why your visitors should stay. Prepare a well-written popup message so that you can grab your visitors’ attention before they leave.

an exit intent popup example that says "Leaving already?" and asking them why they're leaving and providing checkboxes for getting feedback from visitors

You can use these popup surveys to reduce your cart abandonment rate. You can also increase your conversion rate by showing visitors who are leaving your site without making a purchase.

Cart abandonment popups can be a great way to get an insight into your visitors’ opinions about your product or service as well.

7. Add Location-based Survey Popups

Adding location-based popups is another excellent way to personalize your survey popups. For example, you can ask specific questions to people from a particular location.

Location-based survey popups can be great for analyzing your visitors’ behaviors and ideas. Also, you can increase your audience’s user experience by collecting feedback from them.

Focusing on a specific location in a survey can be useful according to different business needs and interests.

a geo location popup example with a headline that says "Welcome to Paris!" with an image of a cafe

By asking a question like this, you can redirect your visitors from a specific location to a page that will serve their needs. For example, you can include a specific image related to a location or write a proper message that will interest your target audience.

In this popup template, we used geo-located targeting for visitors from Paris. By targeting a popup message like this to people living in Paris, you can display specific places or products to them.

Key Takeaways to Encourage Survey Participation

a hand that is writing the phrase "Key Takeaways" in a notebook

The following tips will help you create a more engaging and fun popup survey and boost your participation rate:

  • Avoid Asking Too Many Questions: Don't force visitors to answer too many questions to get a discount or a gift.
  • Give Clear Options: Make it easy for visitors to engage with your surveys by offering clear choices, eliminating the need for them to process and answer.
  • Consider the Timing: You know what is not fun in your customer journey process? An untimely survey popup! Consider your popup survey’s schedule and display it accordingly at the right time and page.
  • Utilize Trigger Words: Using trigger words in your popup copy hooks your visitors' attention and provokes a particular response in them.
  • Gamify Your Surveys: Gamification is one of the most fun ways to encourage your visitors to participate. Create a narrative and ask them to participate in finding out more.
  • Include Additional Comment Section: By including a comment box at the end of your popup, you show your visitors that you're interested in their feedback and allow them to be more specific.
  • Choose Cute Visuals: Using cute visuals that align with your brand style can make your audience pause and participate.

In Conclusion...

That is all for fun ways to encourage your popup survey participation! If you don’t know how to deal with a low response rate in a survey, you can try applying these practices to your business.

Choices are endless if you get creative and want to build engaging survey popups. Don’t forget to create your popups considering your brand identity and target audience.

Adding targeting options to your survey popups can help you reach the right people at the right time to have better survey results.

You can boost your survey participation rate using the tips we included in this blog. Also, by exploring the popup survey examples we have prepared for you, creating your own survey popups will be much easier.

Preparing engaging popups in under 5 minutes is possible with a popup builder like Popupsmart.

Create Your First Popup Survey!

One Last Tip: Don’t forget to include personalized messages and make the most of your popup surveys!

We hope you liked reading this content and would like to see your opinions about popup surveys in the comments section below!


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What is a Popup Survey?

A popup survey is a window that shows up online on websites in a form of questionnaires or polls, generally displayed at the end of the customer journey, asking about their user experience and feedback.

How to Increase Popup Survey Response Rates?

Generally, brief popup surveys generate significantly higher response rates than long surveys with many questions since they are easier to fill. So if you want a better participation rate, you better respect your users' time and design a concise and entertaining survey.

How Can I Create Popup Surveys?

To create fun popup surveys, you can use easy-to-use popup builders like Popupsmart and customize them with your brand’s style and target audience. For example, using advanced features like exit-intent targeting and smart tags, you can capture the attention of your visitors at the right time and encourage them to participate.

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