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The 11 Inbound Marketing Channels That Can Rise your Ecommerce Business

Marketing is challenging. However, knowing the steps you need to take is not that difficult.

Inbound marketing may be advantageous and substantial in terms of marketing for you.

In this blog post, we will give you clues about what inbound marketing channels are and how we can use inbound marketing effectively.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the method of promoting to attract visitors by using some channels with the purpose of providing long term relationships and meet the needs of the target audience.

Inbound marketing channels work for the sake of the business who applies because the efforts are shown, and the visitors find you as the reward of your efforts.

The focus of inbound marketing is placed upon its steps as follows:

  • Analyze→ It is the essential part of getting familiar with the brand itself, and the first impression always matters.
  • Attract→ The elements you use will change everything. The channels here are blogs, social media, SEO, and the website.
  • Convert→ The fact that it is crucial to convert your visitors into customers is significant as obtaining them. CTA, landing page and forms can be given as sample channels.
  • Close→ Keeping your customers satisfied depends on you, and you can achieve this by using email, CRM, leads, and analytics.
  • Delight→The last step is classic but effective in maintaining the effect. You should use social media, CTA, and email wisely.

With inbound marketing, we do not disturb the target audience; we present what we aim and achieve. Then, the target audience decides if it is enough or not for them.

showing the inbound marketing steps with an attempt of turning the button

Also, you can think of inbound marketing as a magnet to visitors because its purpose is to appeal.

All is well, but what about the channels?

11 Inbound Marketing Channels

There are the inbound marketing channels that you can benefit from and can use for your ecommerce business.

a magnet showing its effect by collecting iron little human figures

It is compulsory to take a deep dive into them, and we hope that they all can help you with the improvement and the conversion of your business.

Let's start!

1. Landing Page

Let's start with the best landing page practices for inspiration!

A landing page is the first thing a customer can see and make a mind about the brand.

Therefore, it should be catchy to appeal to the customers.

a landing page sample related to marketing area and a gray-haired man posing for the landing page

You may consider the landing page as your introduction, and it is regarded in the lead generation part.

Also, it would be best if you remembered that your customers find your page as a result of your call-to-action channels.

For example, if your motto may evoke interest in the people, they will absolutely visit your page. So, you should be careful about the process before clicking the landing page.

There are a few points to be careful about like

  • You need to keep it simple but effective.
  • You must give things directly and clearly in order not to make things confusing.
  • The content on the landing page should be to the point.
  • You need to focus on getting a conversion from your landing page.
  • If you have anything related to CTA, you should give it on the landing page.
  • You should show your sensitivity to the cookie consent policy.
  • Adding a social proof can help you.
  • Your landing page should be guiding the visitors for further steps.
  • Colors should be blazing.

2. Website

It may sound that the landing page and the website are the same things.

However, it is not that simple because your landing page creates the first impact, and your website maintains it.

a smart phone a laptop and a tablet showing the same orange webpage from different technological devices and the two plants are located above them

Though there are similar points you should consider, you should think that the website is the center of your users' experience.

  • Your website should not strain the visitors' eyes.
  • The more organized your landing page, the better your website is.
  • You need to think of your customers first because if you have a user-friendly website, your customers will be more apt to visit you.
  • You need to be meticulous about your website's speed because it can also affect the user experience, and you should optimize your website.
  • The media and the colors should be relevant to your brand and your landing page.
  • Since our focus is on the visitors, you may want to add a FAQ page to your website.
  • Don't forget to add your business social media networks because it is another inbound marketing channel that will help.
  • The key elements of your business should be easily reachable.
  • Provided that you have a chat box, you should make it visible that if your visitors have any questions, they should feel free to consult.
If you think all these points are too much, we have something to help you! You're always welcome! ;) 10 Best Website Builders For Small Business (With Honest Reviews)

3. Blog

As one of the steps involved in inbound marketing, blogs and blogging are pretty crucial.

The blog concept gives the idea of your business and its interest.

For example, if you are a B2B, you deal with it, and you give tips to your customers about it. Otherwise, it will do no good to you.

blog on the pc and keyboard and a hand holding mouse on the table and a cup of coffee

Additionally, the writings are your voice to show that you know the profession and you are one of the authorities, so people should take you into consideration for this field.

Though blogs seem as if they are not essential needs, they have many benefits. Let's have a look at some of them!

  • Blogs display your expertise on the issues related to your business.
  • If you promote your product in your blogs, this is a way of converting your visitors into customers.
  • Writing blogs will increase your inbound traffic.
  • Optimizing your blog posts will help you keep up with the times and get more traffic.
  • Using SEO in your blogs will make you get higher ranks in search engines.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of your hands in getting traffic and providing inbound marketing.

With SEO, you reach the target audience and specific niche audience you aim for.

Because you will use the target keywords for the readers, you will find the ones who want to find a brand like you.

seo script and a mechanical hand touching the laptop as a call for the new era

SEO is also effective in determining the quality of your job and customers. The ones who focus on certain subjects will search for the ones who work with specific keywords.

You should know that SEO keeps you awake and alive. This is because you will see the SEO will affect your whole page, from the speed of your website to the uptime and downtime.

Having SEO as one of your guides will help your customers because the meta title descriptions, meta tags, and other related details will give information of utmost importance, and they will directly find you.

The last but not the least significant point is that SEO cares about your up-to-dateness because if you have obsolete content, then you should reconsider the validity of your existence.

If you consider SEO and increase its effectiveness with popups, you can have proof from here: Can a Popup Affect Your SEO? & Google's Requirements for Displaying Pop-ups

5. Analytics

Analytics is the polestar here to follow in inbound marketing because they direct you.

Seeing your whole performance will help you get better results and improve the quality of your job.

To ensure yourself that you have potential and that you use it very well, analytics is the method of understanding this.

statistics taken from an analytics on the screen of laptop

They give you the knowledge of where you succeed and where you fail. Hence, you take your steps accordingly.

You should analyze your website and have your analytics regularly to make sure that you are on the right path.

As a reminder, you need to remember that you need to compare yourself through analytics to see your development.

To do it is not so difficult because there are many tools to help you; check them out from the link: 15 Best Website Analytics Tools to Use in 2024

6. Social Media

Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram… These are the most current terms that we have been hearing and using these days.

As an inbound marketing channel, social media may be the most common and effective one because every single person has at least one social media account.

On social media, sometimes the customers find the brand and the things related to social media promote the product and the service you do.

many social media apps icons ordering based on their color scale from blue to red and purple on a tablet screen

Since we know that the interaction between the channels is highly significant, it is not too soon to mention the use of SEO on social media.

It does not only help with the branding but also makes the customers reach the target audience with target keywords.

Also, it would help if you took the collaboration you will have into consideration with the other brands. Therefore, the impact will be more significant than you have expected.

7. Email

Inbound marketing tells the details of communication, and emailing is one of them.

There is, however, a little problem that emailing is considered tricky because it is regarded as both inbound and outbound.

Gmail logo on the pc screen with a loading page

The thing you should absolutely know is that if the emailing process is done after the subscription has been done, it is inbound email marketing. Yet, most consider the cold email as outbound marketing.

The vital nuance between them is to get the organic interest/ traffic. Inbound does not force you to do something, unlike outbound.

And in email marketing, when the subscribers deal with the product, the business owners feel more confident when they send emails concerning them.

8. Customer Relationship Management

In B2B, your customer is another business, but you still have to deal with people in business.

To initiate a conversation or keep in touch with your customers is vital. Therefore, you need to have an excellent customer relationship management system.

three types of customer satisfaction choices with stars and emojis and a finger choosing a smiling one

CRM is a way of converting visitors into customers because, as the other channels represent the brand, CRM can be more representative than all of them.

In addition to maintaining the marketing part, CRM also controls the sales system. It does the customer segmentation, and it determines the certain essential features of teamwork.

If you want to interact with your customers, we highly recommend the Popupsmart Free Chat Tool to create a popup and use it so that you can form a direct bond with your customers.

9. Reviews

Reviews stand for social proof in inbound marketing.

a purple and pink website example with the stars showing the rank of the page and the positivity of the product with little figures

It is essential to remember the importance of social proof for the visitors to make them turn into customers.

The more your product and service get good reviews, the better marketing a company must have provided.

As with all other inbound marketing channels, reviews are merely a way of presenting the brand but nothing else.

10. Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is entertaining; however, using them for marketing purposes might be interesting as well.

As for the use of social media accounts, podcasts are ways of providing proof that you are authoritative and knowledgeable about the profession you do.

Podcasts provide the voice with words part, and though not all the companies use this channel as an effective strategy, using them can be life-changing.

two women sitting in the living room anf preparing the microphone to make a recording

You can think of podcasts that may not show the impact you expect, yet it depends on what to talk about, whom you talk to, or when to stream.

So, it would be best if you were careful about the podcasts and what to do with them.

11. Call-To-Action (CTA)

CTA is a method that is included in each inbound marketing channel.

However, it is significant to talk about the importance of CTA.

cubes writing start now to make the readers take action on a yellow background

CTA literally calls your customers to your product; however, while outbound marketing channels do it clearly, inbound marketing approaches it with diligence, and it is not done explicitly.

Not so surprisingly, the customers have a tendency to choose CTA-related content, and using it with your brand will be helpful.

How to Provide Inbound Marketing with Popups

Though popups are not so much liked by many, we know you do ;)

Whether you know before or not, popups can also be included in the strategy of inbound marketing.

Following the steps we have mentioned before will be effective in making your customers take action, and you will have many leads.

It is important to be engaging and supportive about the effectiveness of your service.

You can create this effect with CTA techniques while building your popup.

Also, we have some tips for you if you want to consider;

  • You should determine your aim and your target audience to build your popup in this sense.
  • You should organize your website well so that your popup should not give your target a terrible time.
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly so you can enhance the quality of the user experience.
  • You should choose popups that invite visitors to use your product.
Even if you do not consider popups right now, feel free to check Popupsmart's popup creating page by registering and taking a quick look at the entertaining popup design world!


As all questions related to inbound marketing should be answered, we are here to help!

What are the Positive Sides of Inbound Marketing?

If you think that effective marketing comes naturally, you will absolutely agree with the inbound marketing's affirmative side.

showing pawns and important inbound marketing keywords

Because here are the reasons why:

  • Quality → You will create every single detail with attention and delicacy, and it is impossible that it will fail in terms of quality.
  • Finance → If you are patient enough to wait to see the impact, you will have a better ROI experience with inbound marketing.
  • Interaction → Developing your relationship with your customers through inbound marketing is the best thing you can do because you will have more than you expected by doing so.
  • Lead generation → Knowing the target audience gradually and reaching them will raise your awareness, and having more information about them will lead you to earn more traffic.
  • Self-improvement → As the total feature of all, you have an advantage in improving yourself for this sake. You can have knowledge of your business, its ups, and downs, and also the nuances of business.

What are the Negative Sides of Inbound Marketing?

How valuable inbound marketing is undiscussible; it has some opposing sides as well because of some reasons.

It is possible to order them, such as:

  • Time→ Inbound marketing is influential, yet it takes time to grow and perform the necessities.
  • Crew → The more, the better in inbound marketing, but it can cost you some money, and you should be prepared to manage your budget.
  • Quality → The quality of a product is the most important thing here because every single detail is done for it. Therefore, you need to be careful that both your team and strategies should be refiners.
  • ROI → It can be hard to measure with inbound marketing, unlike outbound marketing, because it is not that easy to follow up the things as in outbound since you need time and reaction at the end.
  • Let the race begin! → Since everybody is doing inbound marketing, you need to be creative and consequential, or you are apt to fail -feeling sorry to say that-.

What Does Outbound Marketing Mean?

Outbound marketing is the marketing method that we traditionally get used to seeing everywhere.

outbound marketing elements with a technologic atmosphere rising from a tablet held by a man in suit

The business is more willing to start communication with the customers because it is considered an extrovert method.

It is not the opposite of inbound marketing, but it has a different style of addressing with different channels.

For outbound marketing channels, we can give tv ads, print media (newspapers, magazines, etc.), billboards, cold calling, cold emailing, and trade shows as examples.

What is the Major Difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing?

In inbound marketing, you do the trick, and the customers come to you. However, outbound customers wish to be wanted, so they come.

We generally see that the outbound marketing ads try to attract us as customers in many different traditional ways. On the other hand, the customers look for the channels of inbound marketing, and the channels serve them.

Therefore, you need to know that inbound marketing is both effective in the longer term than outbound marketing and the variety of reaching the customers.

To Sum Up

We have covered the significant points of inbound marketing and offer the inbound marketing channels that you might want to consider for your eCommerce business.

You can choose to show your product and service, whether with content or anything related to the digital world which we presented above.

It totally depends on you, but you will be doing the marketing on purpose and in practical ways with inbound marketing.

You will see their impact after a while, as we say, because it will take some time.

We hope that the tips you have to help you on the path and raise your business as you wish!

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