6 Converting Popup Examples for Back to School Season 2023

Back-to-school season is coming up, and it is high time you should start planning for your marketing campaigns!

One of the best ways to promote your back-to-school campaigns is using popups! By adding back-to-school popups to your website, you can promote your products and boost your conversions.

Back-to-school popups are engaging ways to connect with your visitors. If you create eye-catching popups, people can immediately subscribe to your email newsletter or make a purchase.

Also, you can see the leads you collected with your popups and get a better insight into your campaigns!

For these reasons, we gathered popup examples for the back-to-school season together so that you can get inspired while planning your marketing campaigns!

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Why You Should Add Back to School Popups to Your Website?

an image of "back to school" written on a blackboard along with school supplies like a scissor, a chalk and a clock

Back-to-school season is a great time for marketing campaigns since there are many demands for different products. In addition, students and parents get excited about buying new things for the new school year, so it is an excellent opportunity to boost your sales and user engagement.

It is among the most converting seasonal campaigns, so it is crucial to plan your back-to-school campaigns.

Whether you own a stationary brand, clothing company, tech company, or furniture store, you can properly plan a back-to-school marketing campaign.

According to Statista’s statistics in 2022 the percentage of online shoppers in the USA during the back-to-school period is %50.

That is why adding back-to-school popups to your website can help promote your products and offer discounts to your visitors.

Popups convert more than you think, and if you build a professional-looking popup that suits your brand’s style, your visitors will engage with them even more.

Most e-commerce stores offer special discounts to increase their sales during this period. You can follow the same strategy and organize a big deal focusing on back-to-school collections.

Using targeting options like exit intent can help you reach your customers properly to get the most out of your back-to-school campaigns. Also, social sharing on your popups can increase your social media account’s engagement and interactiveness.

You can customize your marketing strategy with popups according to your business type and relevance to the back-to-school period. That way, you can connect with potential customers or get more loyal visitors!

Best Back to School Popup Examples

We divided back-to-school popups into different categories considering their use cases. By exploring these solutions and the examples that are included in them, you can get an insight into the back-to-school popups quickly!

1. Boost Your Sales with Back to School Discount Popups

Since the back-to-school season is nearby, people are looking to buy new stuff for the new semester. That’s why offering them special discounts during this period can be a brilliant idea.

By including discount codes on your popups, you can boost your sales since it will encourage people to make a purchase.

We prepared a discount popup example for the back-to-school season so that you can create a similar one easily.

back-to-school popup with discount that says "School is around the corner" and an image of brushes

By starting with a headline “School is Around the Corner!” on your popup, you can state your point effectively and grab the attention of your visitors. In addition, adding school-related images can make your popup look excellent and related to the season.

You can include your product or service image on your discount popup, so people will have an idea of what they can buy using the discount you offer to them.

When you are done adding an eye-pleasing image to your popup, continue with a well-written description. Stating what you offer with positive messages can be helpful, as we did in this example.

Then, you can include your discount code in a different input so that it can grab attention.

Adding a CTA button that redirects people to the back-to-school collection at the end can help you to promote your products as well.

2. Giveaway Popup Campaigns for Back to School

Celebrating going back to school with giveaway campaigns can be excellent since people love to get free stuff! Organizing a back-to-school giveaway campaign can help you to increase your loyal customers and user engagement.

Options are endless when it comes to giveaway campaigns, so you can plan one according to your business’ budget and target audience.

You can include small stuff in your giveaways and increase the number of people that can benefit from these giveaways.

It can help you to reach more people and appreciate your existing customers.

On the other hand, you can provide expensive products or services and promote your new products during the back-to-school season. It depends on your business needs for sure, so plan what you will giveaway beforehand.

For the giveaway popup example for the back-to-school season, we prepared this one that includes a sense of urgency element.

giveaway popup example for back-to-school that says "HURRY! THE BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY ENDS SOON!"

By starting with a headline that says “HURRY! THE BACK-TO-SCHOOL GIVEAWAY ENDS SOON!” we included power words, also known as trigger words.

These words can create a sense of urgency, and people can engage with your popups quickly. After a catchy headline like this one, briefly stating the details of a giveaway campaign can be great.

Ensure that you explain the details of your giveaway campaign so that people won’t have any questions on their minds. For example, it would be great to state the date it ends and what your giveaway will provide your visitors.

Adding a button that redirects people to the giveaway page can be helpful in increasing the number of your giveaway participants.

3. Reduce Cart Abandonment in Back to School Season

You can reduce the cart abandonment rate during the back-to-school season with popups. Most people leave their cart without making a purchase, which might result from high shipping costs, high prices, and many other reasons.

By using exit intent targeting, you can detect visitors who are leaving their cart and show them your converting popups. Building effective cart abandonment popups can convince people to go back to their shopping cart and make a purchase.

We prepared this cart abandonment popup example that can be used during back-to-school times. cart abandonment back-to-school popup that says "Don't forget the essential before going back to school"

With the headline “Don’t forget the essentials before going back to school,” you can emphasize that your visitors need these things because these are “the essentials” for a new semester.

Including clear and aesthetically pleasing images on your popups can be helpful in promoting your products.

Be careful not to use spammy and insistent words; displaying a similar popup on exit intent can be functional enough to decrease your cart abandonment rate.

It would be great to state that your back-to-school season collection is there for a limited time so that people can have a sense of urgency to buy them immediately.

Including a button that says “Buy Now” after giving reasons to your visitors to go back to their shopping cart can increase your sales.

4. Interact with Visitors during Back to School Times on Social Media

If you want to increase your social media engagement, you can display user engagement popups during the back-to-school season. Try to find a topic that interests your target audience so that they can get in touch with you on your social media accounts.

It’s essential to know your audience well to lead them to interact with your social media content. You can propose a discount code for those who share a specific topic or organize a giveaway campaign.

For example, asking a question on your popup’s headline is a great way to grab your visitors’ attention.

back-to-school popup example that says "What's on your reading list this semester?" with an image of girl holding a book in a library

With a question like “What’s on your reading list this semester?” you can reach out to your bookworm visitors and interact with them on social media.

Considering that you own a bookshop or a company that sells literature-related products, building a back-to-school social media campaign like this can be helpful in reaching potential customers.

Also, propose a discount and add a CTA button that says ” Follow Us” to promote your social profiles and facilitate social sharing. In that way, people who are interested in a topic you focus on can see your company, and you can reach new customers.

Including a hashtag that is unique to your company or back-to-school season can be an excellent way to use social media profiles properly.

5. Collect Feedback about Back to School Products

By creating survey popups, you can collect feedback from your visitors about products and services. Collecting form submissions is possible with popup builders like Popupsmart, so you can quickly build your surveys.

You can create a fast quiz or include long forms with many questions. In addition, there are many fun ways to encourage popup survey participation, so you can play with your popups to get the most out of your campaigns.

For instance, we created a fast quiz popup focusing on school supplies. Fast quiz popup about Back-to-School that says "What do you prefer to take notes at school?"

In this popup example, the headline “What do you prefer to take notes at school?” is an example of a to-the-point copy that simply asks a question. By including a question like this on your popups, you can ask relevant questions during the back-to-school period.

You can indicate that this is a quick quiz by saying “FAST QUIZ” before your main headline to encourage visitors to take a look at your survey.

6. Grow Your Email List with Back-to-School Popups

You can collect your visitors’ contact data with email newsletter popups during back to school season as well. By stating that you offer valuable content to your newsletter subscribers, you can lead people to sign up for your email newsletter.

Also, offering special discounts and coupon codes for newsletter subscribers can help you to grow your email list quickly. This kind of popup use case can be applied directly to back-to-school campaigns.

email newsletter popup example for back-to-school that says "Back to School Season is Arriving..."

For this email newsletter popup, the headline “Back to School Season is Arriving…” is added to catch the attention of people interested in school supplies. After that, the description of the popup states what the email newsletter offers its subscribers.

Including a popup like this before or during the launch of back-to-school collections can be great since it indicates that newsletter subscribers will be informed about news and discounts first.

After explaining your newsletter briefly, you can add inputs that people will enter their contact information so that they can create an account.

To Conclude

In conclusion, there are many ways to create conversion-ready popups for the back-to-school season. To make your back-to-school campaigns more effective, you can add remarkable popups to your website.

We gave converting popup examples along with their use cases in this blog post. By exploring these examples, you can create your effective back-to-school popup campaigns!

Popupsmart is a popup builder that helps you create conversion-ready popups in under 5 minutes! By using this no-code tool, you can build your back-to-school popups quickly.

Get Started With Popupsmart Today!

What kind of popups do you use on your website during the back-to-school period? Share them with us in the comments section; we love to hear from you! 😎

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