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10 Best Popup Message Examples To Get Inspired in 2024

Popups are one of the most remarkable ways to increase your sales conversions! But do you know how to create effective popups? Messages you include in your popups are crucial, and adding boring ones may not help you achieve your goals.

The headline and description parts are the most critical elements, apart from the popup's design. You need to tell a story that interests your audience so that they can take action.

We explained what a popup message is and tips on creating effective popups. Also, we gave ten popup message examples that you can check out in this blog post.

Let's dive into them!

What is a Popup Message?

A popup message is a text that appears on your visitors' screen. While building your popup, it is essential to include an eye-catching statement. You can add various headlines and descriptions to your popups according to your company's personality and style.

A compelling message makes your popup more interesting. Interesting popup messages make your popup more responsive rather than being a disturbing popup that people click on close immediately.

Popup messages with witty and sincere language make your customers interact more with them. Thanks to well-written popup messages, your popups can convert more!

10 Best Popup Message Examples To Increase Conversion

We have compiled the 10 best popup message examples for you. You can get inspired and quickly form your own popup message by looking at them.

Let's have a look at them together.

1. Co-Schedule's Exit-Intent Popup

co schedule's popup message example

Co-Schedule 's popup is a great example of exit-intent popups. It starts with "It only takes 30 seconds to sign up," implying the practical and easy sign-up process. In that way, people can be convinced and sign up for this website.

This popup promotes the product and service of the company as a marketing calendar software. The message ends with "Finally organize all your marketing in one place" by giving a solution to its audience.

Knowing that their audience is marketers, they made a great choice by implying marketing in their message. In that way, it is aimed at a custom audience.

Displaying a preview image of the product in the popup like this popup can be useful to promote your product. Before buying and subscribing to your service, people can see what they'll get beforehand.

The CTA button that says "Schedule A Demo" redirects to a demo appointment and gives the opportunity to try out the product.

2. Frank Body's Email Newsletter Popup

frankbody's popup message example

Frank Body is a skincare brand that focuses on acne problems. Their popup message starts with a headline saying, "Pants off." This kind of witty headline grabs people's attention immediately. Also, this company offers 10% off to their audience on their first purchase.

The use of language in popup headlines is crucial, and this company made it suitable for their own style. The website's headline starts with "Hi babe," which has a sincere and friendly tone.

This email newsletter popup example's description says, "Give your inbox some love," which is a great CTA example. Then, it implies that once people subscribe to an email newsletter, they can be informed about new products and tips. This one is an excellent popup example that can get interaction from customers efficiently.

Also, the style of the popup is similar to the website's overall design, which makes it seem aesthetic.

3. Lego's Informational Popup

lego's popup message example

This minimal popup of Lego gives information about different parts of the website. As an informative popup, it describes what people can simply see on the website.

The word "more" is used in redirecting the audience to the home page and the play zone of Lego. It implies that the Lego website has many things to offer its visitors.

The style of the popup is straightforward yet suitable for brands' identity. Lego's logo and the color palette are being used in this popup. Also, lego characters are displayed in the play zone part, making it look more playful.

You do not have to enter long descriptions in informational popups all the time; it can be simple and effective like this example.

4. MeUndies' Email Newsletter Popup

meundies' popup message example

MeUndies is an underwear company. They used straightforward popup messages in this one with plain language. Headline proposes 15% off to its visitors by saying, "How's About 15% Off?" and that's it! Sometimes you don't have to form long and flowery sentences.

It is an email newsletter popup offering discounts to newsletter subscribers. "I'd like the best emails in town, please" part is a call to action that signifies the quality of the brand's emails. Using positive words like "best, better, best selling" in popup messages can be persuasive and lead people to take action.

5. Old Navy's Email Newsletter Popup

old navy's popup message example

Old Navy 's popup starts with a 20% off discount. The headline ends with a sentence, "You've earned it." It creates a positive effect and can persuade people to buy products of Old Navy since you know, as it says, they earned it.

The description part of the popup carries on with positive adjectives and phrases that can be considered power words. These powerful words create a positive image in people's minds.

"You'll officially be in the loop for NEW arrivals, BIG deals. EXCLUSIVE sales AND MORE."

The description sentence of this popup uses capitalized words to emphasize. For example, the words "new, big, exclusive," and "more" are capitalized to increase the effectiveness of this sentence. You can improve your user engagement properly by capitalizing certain words in your popup message.

6. Pitviper's Retro-Style Popup

pitviper's retro-style popup message example

The sunglasses company Pitviper 's retro-style website includes a popup that looks like an old-fashioned window. However, it does not even look like a popup, and it efficiently integrates with the website's homepage.

Apart from mastering the brand identity, this popup also has witty language. The popup's headline is "We really shouldn't be doing this..." and in the description part, it says their address book is pretty full, but they can fit you in.

Description part of this popup gives the sense of scarcity with playful language. It implies that so many people have already signed up for this newsletter, so you should as well. It is an excellent example of FOMO and can prompt more people to sign up.

7. The Pool Factory's Email Newsletter Popup

poolfactory's popup message example

The Pool Factory is a company that sells pool products. Their popup design grabbed our attention with its design that resembles a pool splash. Using a design related to a company's products is a great start to catching attention.

Their popup headline simply says, "SIGN UP & SAVE." That's it. There is no need to add fancy words since the design is unique and signifies brand identity already.

In the description part, the sentence "Be the first to hear about exclusive deals, news, product releases, and giveaways." is written. The Pool Factory offers many perks to its visitors with this popup message.

8. Revolve's Complimentary Popup

revolve's popup message example

Designer clothing brand Revolve 's email newsletter popup starts with a discount offer headline that says, "Get 10% off". It is enough to grab visitors' attention since it offers a discount.

When it comes to the description part of the popup, it says, "Hey, good lookin'!" which has a friendly and complimentary tone. It is a great way to lead people to take action. It carries on with the phrase "be the first to know about new arrivals, sales & promos!" which is great to catch people with a fear of missing out.

Then it ends with a colloquial sentence: "No thanks, just let me shop." This popup is like a daily conversation with a friend; it doesn't disturb visitors at all and proposes special offers casually.

9. Tsuno's Friendly Popup

tsuno's popup message example

Tsuno is a company that sells natural sanitary pads and organic cotton tampons. Their email newsletter popup has a friendly and sincere message. It starts with a headline, "Let's stay in touch."

Tsuno's popup description states, "We send monthly emails with interesting & empowering information inside. Join us!" which signifies that their emails are helpful and fascinating. It also creates a sense of community by saying, "Join us!"

This popup has a clear and straightforward message that informs visitors about the content of the newsletters.

10. Woven Store's Discount & Email Newsletter Popup

woven store's popup message example

A clothing brand Woven Store 's popup headline "Discover the woven store journals when you sign up." offers visitors that there are many things to discover. It is another popup example with plain and straightforward language.

It includes a note part that says, "P.S When you sign up to our newsletter, we gift you 10% off your first order with us. Simply enter your email below." Woven Store used the word "gift" in this description also seems friendly and persuasive.

Also, it ends with a call to action by saying that entering an email is simple.

Create Effective Popups with Popupsmart in Under 5 Minutes

Creating popups with Popupsmart is very easy! You can register for free and start building your own popups in under five minutes. Let's see how you can create popups with Popupsmart step by step.

1. Sign up if you haven't already & click on the "+New Campaign" button in the dashboard.

step one of creating a popup in popupsmart

2. Give your campaign a name and choose a domain for your campaign from the dropdown menu. Then, click Save to proceed to the builder screen.

step two of creating a popup

3. Then, you need to select your business goal. We have various business goals for different needs!

step three of creating a popup

You can promote your products or make announcements by including pictures and well-written descriptions. Growing your email list and increasing phone calls are possible as well.

Also, it is possible to collect form submissions and get permission for cookie storage with popups. Choose which one works best for your campaign and start converting more!

4. Select a template for your popup from the template gallery. You are able to choose your template according to the popup type (Light Popups, Full-Screen Popups, Floating Bar), and you’ll also have filters for animated and multistep popups.

step four creating a popup

5. After selecting the template, you can add new elements from the “Customize” step.

step five of creating a popup

6. Make necessary design changes in the “Style” step. For example, adjust the size of your popup in the Style screen.

step six of creating a popup

7. Click on the “Segment” section from the left vertical bar to choose a predefined segment.

step seven creating a popup

8. Or, you can create your own rules from scratch.

step eight of a creating a popup

9. When you finish customizing your popup and making sure it looks fantastic, go to the "Target" section.

step nine of a creating a popup

In this section, you can choose your target audience & visitor behavior. Also, you can customize your popup's schedule options and view frequency to reach out to your visitors conveniently.

When you finish choosing your targeting options, click on the "Next to Publish" button.

10. Click on the "Publish" button, and your popup will get ready.

step ten of creating a popup

Note: You’ll need to verify all the websites you added to your account in order to show popups on them. Verification works only if you correctly embed the Popupsmart installation code on your website.

Useful Tips to Create Conversion-Ready Popups

  • Make sure you add CTA (call to action) words in your popup message.
  • Adding words that create a sense of urgency and scarcity, such as "limited time, for a while," can trigger FOMO.
  • Don't insist on your visitors to subscribe or buy your products by using spammy words. Using simple, clear, and plain language is always better. Most of the time, people don't read long sentences in popups at all.
  • You can use these power words in your popup to get more attention. Power words include: "Simple, affordable, try for free, sustainable, approved, cancel anytime, bestselling, no questions asked."
  • Creating popups with playful and witty language can be beneficial. Add a bit of sense of humor in your popups and make people smile. :-)

To Cut a Long Story Short…

Thanks to this guide, now you can build your own with popup builder Popupsmart in a short span of time. By looking at these examples we have compiled for you, you can easily get inspired and start composing your conversion-ready popup messages!

Don't forget that it takes time to create witty popup descriptions and headlines. You can write minimal popup messages that don't overwhelm your visitors.

Don't look like you are trying so hard to be relatable and funny; it can be understood by visitors and might seem cringy. Take one step at a time, and you can improve your messages by trial and error.

What is the best popup message you have encountered? Please don't be shy and share with us! 🤓

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