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130 FOMO Subject Line Examples to Inspire Your Email Marketing

Have you ever clicked on an email subject line that genuinely intrigued you? We've all been there, experiencing the pull of FOMO.

FOMO subject lines are a valuable component method in email marketing that you can count on to get more people to open your emails.

That's why we've compiled a list of 130 FOMO subject line examples to inspire your email marketing.

Now, let's see in detail how these FOMO subject lines can increase the open rate of your email campaigns!

How to Write FOMO Subject Lines?

Here are some tips for effectively writing FOMO subject lines:

- Use trigger verbs: Start your subject lines with power verbs that create urgency and excitement.

  • Don't miss it
  • Grab your discount now
  • Seize the opportunity
  • Jump into savings

- Create a sense of urgency: Emphasize the limited time or stock availability.

  • Limited stock available
  • Just a few remaining!
  • Only a few left!
  • Almost sold out!

- Personalize your subject lines: Use their name or take a look at past purchases.

  • [Name], we've got something special just for you

- Leverage social proof: Include customer testimonials or reviews.

  • Join thousands of satisfied customers

- Use numbers and countdowns: Numbers help make your subject lines more eye-catching. In this way, you can highlight your discounts or emphasize time sensitivity.

  • 50% off everything ends tonight!
  • Get $20 off your next purchase

- Avoid using all caps, excessive punctuation, or too many words: They can be perceived as spammy.


- Avoid spammy or misleading words: These words, exemplified below, can damage your reputation and credibility.

  • Free: For example, “Free trial” may sound tempting but may require a credit card or subscription that will be charged later.
  • Guaranteed: “Guaranteed confirmation” or “Guaranteed delivery” words may be misleading as there may be factors beyond your control.
  • Final warning: For example, "Last warning: last chance to take advantage of this discount" is a word you should avoid if you might be offered the same deal again.

130 Effective FOMO Subject Lines Examples for Email Marketing

FOMO Subject Lines for Event Announcements

Maze’s FOMO Subject Lines for Event Announcements:

"Have you registered for Disco Conf yet?"

🌟Why It’s Good?: This subject line aims to create a sense of urgency by asking the person who receives the email.

Maze event announcement email example

Slack’s FOMO Subject Lines for Event Announcements:

"Why you won’t want to miss Slack Tour"

🌟Why It’s Good?: This subject line emphasizes the exclusivity of the "Slack Tour" and creates a sense of curiosity.

Slack event announcement email example

Ready-to-Use FOMO Subject Lines for Event Announcements:

1. Be part of something big: Join us at [Event Name]

2. Limited seats left! Secure your spot at [Event Name]

3. Countdown to [Event Name]: Are you in?

4. Ready for an epic night? We’re waiting at [Event Name]

5. Mark your calendar for the [Event Name]

6. The event we've all been waiting for…

7. The excitement is loading – See you at [event name]

8. Experience [Event Name] live – RSVP before it's too late!

9. Join the party: [x%] of last year's attendees can't wait for round two!

10. See why our event sold out quickly - secure your spot now!

11. Don't miss [Event Name] of the year - [x%] of industry leaders are attending!

12. Get ready for an unforgettable experience

13. Last year was great; this year will be epic - join us!

FOMO Subject Lines for Product Launches

Samsung’s FOMO Subject Line for Product Launch:

"The smartphone everyone's talking about."

🌟Why It’s Good?: The word "everyone" in the subject line makes the recipient feel like they might be missing out on something significant, encouraging them to be part of the conversation.

Samsung product launch email example

On Running’s FOMO Subject Line for Product Launch:

"☁ Be fast, the new Cloudboom Echo just dropped."

🌟Why It’s Good?: This email subject line conveys urgency and the idea that something exciting has just become available.

On Running product launch email example

Ready-to-Use FOMO Subject Lines for Product Launch:

1. Get ready for something unique: Our highly-anticipated product launch is here

2. What would you do with [Product Name]? It's here now!

3. The wait is over: [Product Name] is here

4. Exciting new product launch - Get 20% off

5. Something new is coming…Get a sneak peek.

6. Say hello to [Product Name]: Prepare to be amazed

7. It's here! [Product Name] is ready for you

8. Hello there! Want to try something new?

9. Be among the chosen few to experience our game-changing product first.

10. Introducing the must-have product - get it before everyone else!

11. Join our product launch VIP list!

12. Save the date for a product launch like no other

13. The countdown is on! Presale for [Product Name] is open.

FOMO Subject Lines for Flash Sales

National Geographic’s FOMO Subject Line for Flash Sales:

"Black Friday Extended – Geno 2.0 for only $49.95 | Save up to 70% on Nat Geo gifts!"

🌟Why It’s Good?: This flash sale subject line effectively combines numbers (70% discount and $49.95 price) and words (Black Friday, Extended, and Save) to create urgency.

National Geographic example for flash sale

Columbia’s FOMO Subject Lines for Flash Sales:

"FLASH SALE: 50% off select footwear starts now!"

🌟Why It’s Good?: “FLASH SALE” is written in all caps to create a sense of urgency, emphasizing the significant 50% discount.

Columbia email example for flash sale

Note: As mentioned before, excessive use of caps in your email subject lines can be perceived as spam.

Ready-to-Use FOMO Subject Lines for Flash Sale:

1. Come and get it! Our flash sale is going on now

2. Ready, Set, Shop: Flash sale is live!

3. The flash sale rush is on!

4. Quick, it's here: flash sale savings

5. Blink and it's gone

6. Incredible prices for a limited time. Don’t miss out!

7. Need a reason to get excited? Here's our flash sale!

8. Hurry! Exclusive flash sale is ending soon!

9. Grab your favorites at a discount in our flash sale!

10. A flash sale is coming up today. Act fast!

11. Time to start the perfect weekend with our flash sale!

12. Kickstart your week with our flash sale!

13. Flash sale coming! Pick up your favorites.

14. Who doesn't love a good flash sale?

15. Hours left to grab your flash sale deals

FOMO Subject Lines for Early Access

LOFT’s FOMO Subject Line for Early Access:

"Want first dibs AND an extra 10% off?"

🌟Why It's Good?: By combining the expectation of receiving "first dibs" with the incentive of an "extra 10% discount," it creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity that increases buyers' motivation to take action immediately.

LOFT email example of early access

InVision’s FOMO Subject Line for Early Access:

"Reminder: Your early access to InVision Studio starts now"

🌟Why It’s Good?: It conveys urgency with the word "Reminder," suggests that the recipient might have forgotten or overlooked something important, and emphasizes exclusivity with "early access,"

inVision early access email example

Ready-to-Use FOMO Subject Lines for Early Access:

1. Be the first to know: Early access to our latest release!

2. Sssh, catch the early bird discount while everyone sleeps 💤

3. Grab before everyone else: Early access inside!

4. Tick tock! ⏰ Early bird discount are here, but not for long

5. Get in early and save big: $50 off inside

6. Early bird catch the savings - Secure yours today

7. Be first in line, be first in savings

8. Calling all early birds – Exclusive preview inside!

9. Hey, guess what? Early Access is now live!

10. Ready for some exclusive deals? Early Access awaits!

11. Don’t wait to be first in line for early access!

12. Surprise! Your early access privileges have started!

13. Don't be left behind: Early access starts soon

14. First come, first serve: Enjoy early access benefits

15. Hurry, your early access won't last long

16. VIP pass: Early access to our unique selection

17. Act before the crowd: Early access starts now!

FOMO Subject Lines for Social Proof

Skillshare’s FOMO Subject Line for Social Proof:

"50% Off: “A phenomenal place for learning and community”

🌟Why It’s Good?: Starting with a 50% discount that grabs the reader's attention and adding a testimonial from a satisfied customer increases brand credibility and social proof.

Skillshare social proof email example

italki’s FOMO Subject Line for Social Proof:

"Don't just take our word. Hear their stories with italki."

🌟Why It’s Good?: It encourages readers to explore real success stories on italki, relying on social proof and curiosity to drive action.

italki email example for social proof

Ready-to-Use FOMO Subject Lines for Social Proof:

1. See what others are loving - social proof inside!

2. What's hot right now? Social proof knows

3. Real people, real praise: social proof is in

4. Take tips from our happy customers

5. See what others are raving about: Social proof you can't ignore!

6. You are invited to join our Happy Shoppers Club!

7. [x] of our customers recommend us- Learn why

8. Join our community of [number of your community members] satisfied customers - here's why!"

9. You're one step away from experiencing what [x%] of our clients already have.

10. Discover the magic of our 5-star customer reviews

11. Shop with confidence – Proven by our satisfied customers**

12. Thousands are already enjoying the benefits – you can too

13. Want to be part of the success stories? Jump in right away!

FOMO Subject Lines for Giveaways

Otter.ai’s FOMO Subject Line for Giveaways:

"There’s still time to win 1 year of Otter Business or $100"

🌟Why It’s Good?: It conveys urgency, highlights a valuable prize, and implies that recipients may miss out on the opportunity if they don't act quickly.

Otter.ai email example about giveaway

Hume Supernatural’s FOMO Subject Line for Giveaways:

"Your chance to win a Supernatural prize pack"

🌟Why It’s Good?: It offers a tempting opportunity to win a valuable Supernatural prize pack and motivates buyers to act quickly to avoid missing out.

Hume Supernatural email example about giveaway and collabration with Nora

Ready-to-Use FOMO Subject Lines for Giveaways:

1. Our friendship comes with benefits

2. Ready to be a winner? Our giveaway Is Calling you

3. We'd love to eee you win – Enter our giveaway now!

4. Our Giveaway's Nearing the Finish Line

5. Ready, set, enter our giveaway today!

6. You’re one step away from a free prize!

7. You’re in luck! Enter our new giveaway today

8. Exclusive giveaway for our loyal subscribers!

9. Only a few hours left to enter and win big!

10. Reminder: Enter the giveaway before it's too late!

11. Hurry! Grab your chance to win now!"

12. VIP access to our exclusive giveaway

13. Don't miss out on this incredible giveaway opportunity!

14. Act fast: Limited spots available for our giveaway!

15. Exclusive giveaway alert: Enter now or regret later!

FOMO Subject Lines for Win-Back Customers

GoDaddy’s FOMO Subject Line for Win-Back Customers:

"You've still got time to save 30%"

🌟Why It’s Good?: "To win-back your lapsed customers, the "You've still got time" phrase conveys a sense of opportunity, and mentioning a discount provides a clear incentive for customers to re-engage with your brand.

GoDaddy email example about win-back customers

Asana’s FOMO Subject Line for Win-Back Customers:

"Since you’ve been gone…"

🌟Why It’s Good?: This subject line makes the reader wonder that many things might have happened since she/he left, and it is an excellent example of the FOMO subject line.

Asana email example about feature update for win-back customers

Ready-to-Use FOMO Subject Lines for Win-Back Customers:

1. Jump back in. Our new features await!

2. Packed with innovations! We'd love to welcome you again

3. Join the circle and catch what you missed

4. Don’t leave a good thing behind

5. Come back and save [x%] discount!

6. It’s been a while! Enjoy [x%] off on us!

7. Special comeback offer: [x%] off

8. You're going to love these…

9. Your shopping cart misses you - Discount inside!

10. It's been too long, [Name] Let's make up with [x%] off

11. You’re always welcome here; jump back in and save [x%] off

12. They're back! Get your favorite items now.

13. [Brand Name] deserves a second chance - here's why

Wrapping Up

FOMO subject lines can be a powerful tactic to engage your subscribers and encourage them to take action.

Remember, although FOMO stands for 'fear of missing out, it's not about scaring your valued customers or prospects; it's about getting them excited about the opportunities they're missing out on.

The examples we share on this blog are like finding that sweet spot between fear and excitement.

Feel free to personalize and modify these examples to fit your products, services, and people you're trying to connect with!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are FOMO Subject Lines Important for Email Marketing Campaigns?

Email subject lines are where the recipient sees a trailer of what you have to say, and FOMO subject lines make that trailer very interesting.

First, the sense of urgency they create drives people to click on your email.

They increase open rates because they catch the eye and make people curious.

But it doesn't end there. They turn your subscriber's interest into action, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Should FOMO Subject Lines Align with the Content Inside the Email?

Yes, maintaining alignment is critical for your brand's reputation.

If your subject line gets people excited, but there needs to be something in the email content to sustain that excitement, it can lead to disappointment and a loss of trust.

You can maintain harmony by checking out Popupsmart’s “10+ FOMO Marketing Email Examples to Boost Conversions” blog post!

In Which Industries Are FOMO Subject Lines More Effective?

FOMO subject lines in email marketing are a powerful tool, especially in specific industries.

For example, FOMO subject lines stand out in the e-commerce and retail industry, where flash sales, limited-time offers, and limited stocks are common.

They are also highly influential in the hospitality and travel industry.

Additionally, the entertainment industry, where events such as concert ticket sales and movie screenings take place, can significantly benefit from using FOMO subject lines.

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