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Best 100+ Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines to Win Hearts

"They do not love that do not show their love." W. Shakespeare

Believe it or not, e-commerce brands care about Valentine's Day as much as lovers because they should not miss it to communicate with their customers.

To inform them about the Valentine's Day sales campaign, emails are good way to go and you need the best Valentine's Day sales email subject lines to increase your email open rates.

We have collected the best email subject lines for you to create an inspiration field for this Valentine's Day and help you get a unique one!

Why Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines are Important?

Creating email subject lines may look so straightforward to handle, but grabbing the attention of the customers is demanding.

Therefore, since Valentine's Day is a notable time for most of the brands, it is essential to have a distinctive email subject line.

That’s how you can win hearts and easily direct to your customers to your website.

To see the importance of the Valentine's Day email subject lines, we need to draw attention to Valentine's Day:

  • It is a good chance to show your love to your customers, so choose your words sincerely.
  • Clichés bore people. Take advantage of this special time and create a new campaign opportunity.
  • If you run a special offer, it might be the right time to make it shine.
  • Your product may be the love of your customers. Think amorant and design your email accordingly.

100+ Valentine's Day Sale Email Subject Lines

Here you can find both email subject line examples and email subject line ideas to perform or inspire.

Because brands have strong examples to use, we want to include them while we provide useful subject lines for you.

Sincere Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines

“You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on." Austen thought this was the sincerest way to confess love.

Yet, when it comes to love, there are speculations. So, choose your own way of being sincere.

There cannot be a better time to drop the l-bomb for your customers.

  • "A Valentine’s Day Giveaway (we love our customers!)"
  • "It Means a Lot to Be Together!"
  • "Thank you for supporting us in becoming who we are today!"
  • Fulton: "A gift that says "I love you from head to toe"
  • Postable: "$100 Valentine Card Giveaway! ❤"
  • Five Below: "still need valentines?? we gotchu!"
  • King Ice: "♥️💎 VALENTINES DAY: Get a gift card ASAP 💎♥️"
  • Starbucks: "No flowers, but alllll of the chocolate"
  • Fitbit: "We're all heart eyes for this sale 😍"
  • Movable Ink: "Roses are red, violets are blue, this floral retailer lifted conversions – and so can you!"
  • Paperless Post: "Thoughtful Valentines for every Love Language 💌"
an email sample with rose and lovely words on a pick background highlighting the romance language

Reminder Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines

Love is best when it’s the right person, the right time, and the right place.

So, show them you’re the right brand in this sense.

Last-minute emails are the favorite of most of the customers because of the intensity of their days. They are the savior.

If your email can create a sense of urgency for the customers, this can lead them to buy as soon as possible.

Therefore, our advice is that don’t make people worry, but reminder emails can be helpful and relieving to see.

  • "PSST…Today Is Valentine’s Day"
  • "You Forgot Us; We Didn’t 🥰"
  • "Hurry! You’ve Still Got Time to Impress Your Valentine"
  • "10% Valentine's Discount Ends Soon ⏲️"
  • "This will end in 5 hours. But our love won't!"
  • TARLA: "Last day to order you Valentine's Je ne sais qui"
  • Philosophy: "Last Chance! For your Valentines Day Offer 💝"
  • Wigsbuy: "SALE ALERT | Happy Valentines Day❤️"
  • Saxx: "Hurry! Last Chance For Valentine’s Day with Express Shipping"
  • Cracker Barrel: "Valentine’s Day is almost here!"
  • La Mer: "A last-minute miracle for Valentine’s Day"
  • ROAMAN’S: "Last minute Valentines gift?! We’ve got you covered ⚘"
a sample from Roaman brand featuring gift cards for the last minute and sharing the love

Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines Including ‘Love’

If “LOVE” is in the air, using the four-letter word can’t make it any worse.

It might sound ordinary, but the theme is love on Valentine's Day. Therefore, don’t hesitate to include it.

In fact, you can remind the importance of the day in a way. That is how you serve two purposes at the same time.

You’ll get this!

  • "Love Us Like You Do & Check Your Gift. 🧧"
  • "Love is all around. 20% OFF Full Priced Styles."
  • "Shall We See This Offer, Love?"
  • "Love is... 10% off. Today only!"
  • "We Love You. Do You? ❤️"
  • "Nothing Spells Love Like Our Valentine’s Day Sale Today"
  • "All You Need is Love. But a Little Shopping Doesn’t Hurt 😀"
  • CLEAR: "With love: 2 months of CLEAR"
  • Disney+ : "Can you stream the love tonight? ❤️"
  • GasBuddy: "Share the love and save 15¢/gallon"
  • Airbnb: "Feel the love, even from afar"
  • MacPaw: "Love is... Treating someone dear to CleanMyMac X 💕"
a purple love email suggesting the use of a gift on a yellowish background

Legendary Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines

It is time to awaken the old wives’ tales.

If you want to get super creative by keeping your focus on folklore, modify your email subject lines for the past.

Valentine's Day can be celebrated in many different ways, and using mythology, literature, or art can be one of the best ways.

We suggest you choose more common figures to attract attention at first glance.

And don’t forget; if you use the old tales properly, it will make your subject line more elaborated from the outer perspective.

  • "It’s Cupid’s last round – shop now!"
  • "You Forgot! But Cupid remembered…"
  • "Cupid’s Leaving us in 24 hours.⌛️"
  • "LAST Chance to Onboard the Cupid Train"
  • "Like Romeo Sees Juliet...😍"
  • "And That, Dear Readers, Is How We Met You"
  • "This is 14th of the 500 Days of Love 💟"
  • "Can’t Find a Cupid-Approved Gift? 🎁"
  • "Get a jump on Cupid"
  • Society6: "Can You Feel the Love?"
an email featuring Cupid as a figure and sharing a discount on the top with pink and red colors

Listicle Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines

You can share your lists on Valentine's Day for sure.

We will block you to broad about thinking about how you keep sending your newsletters on Valentine's Day.

On the contrary, you need to think of it as an advantage for your connection.

There are many email subject lines to find and adapt that we have created and found:

  • "Best Gifts to Tell Her She is Everything"
  • "X Spots to Spend This Valentine's Day 🍽"
  • "Step by Step for the Night on Valentine's Day 🌉"
  • "Found the Perfect Match… for Your Clothes on Valentine's Day ✅"
  • "Try These X Ways to Make Her/ Him/ Them Happy"
  • "Time to Decide Among Millions of Gifts"
  • "X Steps to Make Your Valentine Get Ready for Surprise"
  • "Looking for DIY Ideas for This Valentine's Day? You’re Welcome! 😌"
  • Path: "Enjoy a Free Sticker Pack as an Early Valentine from us to You."
  • MAC Cosmetics: "💘 In the mood for love? Crush on these products"
  • Liebherr: "💘 Your Three-Course Valentine's Menu Is Here"
a sample from Liebherr relating love and cuisine concepts together with pink and purple tones

Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines with Discounts

You can buy love sometimes… We are not serious, obviously. However, you can relate your products with love.

It is more practical to make your customers think about the product and love at the same time.

This way, you can both celebrate their special day and give them discounts.

We are sure that this duality will make them happier and more surprised than usual ;).

  • "30% OFF Sitewide. Lovin’ us back yet?"
  • "Enjoy 14% OFF | Happy Valentine’s Day!"
  • Joma Shop: "Get YOUR VALENTINES GIFT in Time (Up to 75% OFF)"
  • Sending "❤️: 40% off + a Valentine’s Day treat"
  • True Facet: "NEW ARRIVALS - Valentines Sale Event - CODE: VDAY10%"
  • Pulp & Press: "15% Off Any 2 Cleanses Ends Soon, Lovebirds! 🥰"
  • H&M: "💝 14% off is better than roses"
  • Milted: "Quick gift ideas for your valentines ... plus 15% off!"
  • Anna Scholz: "Happy Valentines Day - Have 10% Off On Us 💗"
  • Lucky Brand: "Calling ALL Valentines: Order Your Gifts NOW To Receive By Feb 14!"
a discount email for Valentine's Day specifically featuring the discount and a beautiful girl

Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines with Questions

Love is not something questionable if you feel it.

However, if you direct a question to your subscribers that will boost their interest, they will be ready to answer.

Brands use lovely words - which works-, but we also recommend questions to raise curiosity on .

These questions will make people open your emails and increase your email open rates.

  • "We Have Some Surprise. Are You Free for a Month?"
  • "Give the Gift of Gratitude?"
  • "Do You Wish For X or X for Valentine's Day?"
  • "Remember What the Beatles say about Love? Listen & Happy Valentine’s Day!"
  • "Love Me... Love Me Not? Valentine picks"
  • "What you doing for Valentine’s?"
  • "Accept Our Appreciation on Valentine's Day. Will You?💞"
  • Ritual Co: "Be ours? ❤️"
  • Paper Source: "Will you be our Galentine?"
  • FabKids: "What will you wear this Valentine’s Day?"
  • Yelp: "Who goes out on V-Day without a reservation?"
a sample of Yelp recommending a plan for the couples on an email with red background

Personalized Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines

It is good to be remembered, and everyone loves to be remembered.

Valentine's Day will be a valuable opportunity to show your customers that you remember them.

If you choose to send them personalized emails, that will help more with your credits.

Since the brand is addressing them, they will feel more focused on being cared for.

  • "Dear {name}, Happy Today!🥹"
  • "Here is Your Valentine's Day Gift, {name}."
  • "Are You Ready for Valentine's Day, {name}?"
  • "It is Not Only Your Valentine That Has a Present for You, {name}."
  • "We’ll Always Love You, {name}.💞"
  • "From {the brand name}. To Its Favorite, {name}.😉"
  • "We Hope You Like Our Gift, {name}."
  • "{name} We Feel You Need Some Gifts for Today.💐"
  • "Is Your Sweetheart Waiting for Gift, {name}?"
  • Sigma: "John, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 💌"
  • Sephora: "Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him?"
  • LOFT: "Hey, Valentines! 50% off + EXTRA 14% off sale styles"
LOFT email sample with a girl holding flowers and email addressing the customers

Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines with Tips and Advice

Although creating an email with a subject line focusing on Vakenbtines’ DAy only can be easy to handle, we have an issue.

If you are a brand that wants to give tips and pieces of advice, you need to be smoother than the other brands.

People love gift ideas as long as they are applicable.

Therefore, create a smooth process to include tips and have an effortless Valentine's Day email subject line.

  • "Confess Your Love with This Gift"
  • "You are So Beautiful As You are, But We Have an Advice for Tonight.😍"
  • "Need Ideas for a Loveful Dinner? We Set Your Table."
  • "Prepare a Memorable Valentine's Day with This Vacation."
  • Levenger: "❤️ Gifts for Valentines & More.❤️"
  • We Are Hah: "Your Next Valentines Day Fit 💖"
  • Tattly: "Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day"
  • Urban Planet: "Practice Self-love This Valentines Day 🥰"
  • Arcteryx: "This Valentines, Treat Yourself"
  • Nike: "Better Than Roses ❤️"
  • Guess: "Let us set you up this Valentine’s Day"
  • Avaline: "Make your night a little more special"
a sample from Avaline featuring the wines with a chic concept hosting green tones

P.S.: We have benefited from Newslettersearchengine.com, reallygoodemails and Email Tuna for the Valentine's Day sale email subject lines from brands. There are more or similar examples that you might have a look at.

Tips for Your Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines

You shouldn’t think we can leave you without more tips and tricks.

We have observed that brands care about love too much sometimes; however, Valentine's Day is open to be commented on.

There is no problem with showing your perspective differently. You can change and adapt any topic to Valentine's Day.

Here are the basic and the most crucial tips and tricks for you to pay attention to and speculate:

  • Choose your words sincerely and wisely to appeal to your subscribers.
  • Don’t beat around the bush to celebrate. Be direct and short to describe.
  • Special offers are able to highlight your brand image more. However, don’t use spammy words to emphasize it.
  • Think amorant and design your email by considering it is an essential time for most of the people.
  • Create a subject line for your target audience and make it ideal for them if it’s going to be classic or modern for the era.
  • Personalization should be emphasized more than one time, so take another look at the title, Personalized Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines.
  • Call them. Don’t be pert, don’t be cold-hearted; just use a conversational tone to see the email.
  • It’s nice to use emojis, especially on Valentine's Day. Hearts, heart-eyes, and love letters are common and functional to use.

As a friendly reminder, these are very common tips and tricks that can help you. To adapt them to your brand totally depends on you.

You can have mind from them or not use them at all, but we suggest you show your care no matter what :).

All in All

You don’t need to show something extra, but displaying your creativity will make your customers and subscribers more indulged.

These best 100+ Valentines Day email subject lines can inspire you to create yours with ease for your familiarity as a thoughtful brand.

Don’t hesitate to share your favorite Valentine's Day email subject lines with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question marks in your mind, let us help you with answers that might help.

How Can a Valentine's Day Email Sale Subject Line Affect Our Sales?

The emails you send are the symbols of care and affection so that they will fix or improve your brand recognition. A good email changes everything. As we have pointed out, this is a special day, and people want to feel special. Make your arrangements and prepare an email with an assertive Valentine's Day subject line.

Do the Valentine's Day Email Sale Subject Lines Have to Be Lovely?

No. Email subject lines can be however you like, but you need to be careful about the fact that it is the striking point of emails. Whether your main focus is love or something else, it has to be about the day and the connotations of your brand.

Is It a Must to Send Valentine's Day Email?

Of course not. Valentine's Day is one of the important days in the marketing calendar. Therefore, sending emails on this day can make your customers happy, and if you have any campaign to relate to, it is highly likely to be the day's gift.

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