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What is the Best CTA Button Color? 7 Compelling Examples

Deciding on the best color is hard, but deciding the best colors for CTA buttons is not anymore.

For sure, there are significant criteria that you need to consider when things are related to business.

We will be checking them all together with supportive questions and let the colors speak for themselves.

Also, the button colors and examples will be mentioned for you to find the best CTA button color.

If you are ready to start and learn the details about colors and discover, let’s get started!

How Colors Affect Our Psychology?

Colors can have precise meanings when considered generally.

For example, red and pink refer to love, blue means security and clarity, white stands for purity, and so on.

However, colors have more impact than just common knowledge.

The study of Interve Marketing suggests that 90% of people tend to buy based on color by listening to their impulses.

a man dealing with colors and graphics to match

Also, the study by the University of Loyola claims that colors can increase brand recognition by up to 80%.

When it comes to the decision of people, Singh’s study shows that 60% of people make their decision to accept or deny the product by considering the color only.

Under the light of these statistics, you need to start thinking about the best CTA button color more deeply.

How to Choose Call-to-Action Button Color?

As you are here, you have knowledge about call-to-action buttons, which help brands to grab attention and move to action.

For more information, you can check What is Call-to-Action (CTA)? CTA - Definition and get back to choosing color.

Having learned the significance of the colors on people’s lives, you can imagine how much it will affect a brand as well.

While deciding the colors of your CTA button, there are important points that you need to consider.

1. Know Your Brand:

Though you start the brand, choosing the right color can bore you. Therefore, to decide, you need to know the details about your brand.

For example, the first thing that can help you is the color palette of your brand. The colors may match, contrast, or simply there may be one color.

However, you should follow the general guidelines of your brands to maintain consistency and harmony.

a meeting for the deisgn by a team

2. Decide Your Goal:

What you want to do with your CTA button is highly crucial because CTA buttons can used everywhere.

And if you don’t pay attention to the necessity of CTA, you may overwhelm your audience.

In terms of goals, based on your brand, you can use CTA buttons for subscription, shopping, paying, reaching a source, and so forth.

three people design goal meeting

3. Keep the Meaning of Colors in Mind:

Though we can change the color’s meaning, everyone may not.

The important thing is that you should choose specific colors and match these with the story of your brand.

That is, let people think about the meaning of your brand is related to your brand at first.

a person watching patterns on color swatch

4. Benefit from Contrast:

Using more than one color is useful.

There is no doubt that you will have a base color for your brand and logo, but you should make a contrast between your colors to highlight.

That way, you will have more ways to catch the eyes.

5. Focus on General Design Element:

The main topic is the CTA button color here. However, you should consider other details to make the button shine.

The shape, size, font, and location of your button can affect the perspective and decision of visitors as well.

a team asking web designer to add design elements

Why CTA Button Colors Are Important?

About the importance of the CTA button colors, there is more than one answer.

  • The color gives an idea to the audience about the brand identity.
  • The color contributes to the brand and people by psychologically creating an image.
  • Choosing the right color increases the possibility of grabbing attention.
  • The more engaging the colors are, the more engaged the people are.
  • By choosing a striking color, you can direct your message more clearly and effectively.
  • Every element on your website can increase your conversion, so even the color should be so inspiring that people should act.

The Best 7 CTA Button Colors and Examples

We have chosen the best 7 CTA button colors and examples for you to make things easier and inspire you at the same time.

Each color has its own meaning and the examples are correlated with the colors directly.

1. Red

The color red is the most assertive color on this list and the Earth.

Red generally attracts, catches, and evokes.

Therefore, brands are apt to use red on their brands in a quite practical way.

When red is the main color of a brand, the brand is remembered without any effort, whether it is on the market or online.

To prove this, if you ask your friends about the most popular brands right now, the number of colors of the counted brands should be around 5 out of 10 at least.

And it should be guessed that the brand does it on purpose in order not to be forgotten.

Netflix homepage with a movie-based background

As an example, we determine the homepage of Netflix.

Netflix is a famous streaming platform that includes TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other entertainment content for people.

To start with Netflix is more than easy since its CTA button color leads visitors to take action.

As one of the succesful above-the-fold examples, Netflix provides an email input field on a background where the shows are displayed.

Also, there are two CTA buttons with the same color but different words. These two buttons are for the same purpose: increasing subscription rate.

2. Blue

Blue conveys the trustworthiness, security, loyalty, and coolness of the brand.

Blue supports a brand, and it feels way easier to interact with the color blue.

Generally, banks and businesses want to make customers feel safe and secure by using color and providing the necessary service.

Though blue is not as attractive as red, the representation of blue reveals more tendency to communicate.

the Facebook login page with a blue CTA button

As an example, we want to share the login page of Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most popular websites, and there is literally anyone who does not know Facebook -except infants, of course-.

Here, the desired action is to help users log in to their accounts.

And although there are other buttons that can be used as a call-to-action, but this time, positioning matters.

After collecting forms from the users and the login process, the blue button is at the top of other buttons, and people will click on it at first.

3. Yellow

Yellow represents optimism, joy, and youth.

Wherever you are, you can easily see yellow because it shines and makes you look in fact.

Yellow is also used for clarification and normally catches the attention of people.

When the brands use yellow for their identity, we can understand the wishes of positivity they want to spread.

the homepage of IKEA whose CTA button is yellow

The example of yellow is another famous brand, IKEA.

Plus, the most direct and visible CTA button in this list belongs to IKEA.

The reasons are the color is more than enough, the font and font colors are coherent, and the size of the button is clear.

Since the target of visitors is to shop, the button encourages them to go shopping directly.

4. Green

Green reveals refreshment, rebirth, and restoration.

You should always remember that green represents sustainability.

So if a brand emphasizes the color, green more than necessary, then it aims to be sustainable, healthy, or environmentally friendly.,

Green may sound like a rare color to use, but you should take the industry into consideration as well.

the Plant Based Treaty homepage with green CTA button

The brand we choose to exemplify green is The Plant Based Treaty.

The Plant Based Treaty is a treaty campaign to make the world a better and green place.

When the brand wants to collect signings and donations as a non-profit, the identity should be modest but direct.

The homepage of the brand has more than one CTA button, but the first ones that catch attention are at the top left of the page.

Scrolling down the homepage, there are other green CTA buttons for calling people to sign the treaty.

5. Orange

Orange means fun, energy, and passion.

We don’t know if you have ever realized but the people who love the color orange are either the ones that love fun and energy or that look for energy.

The representation of orange is effective and provides the positivity and action that a brand needs.

the Zapier homepage with orange CTA buttons

When it comes to the example of orange, we decide on Zapier.

You can easily do the math because the definition of Zapier and the definition of orange are nearly the same.

The CTA buttons of Zapier are both orange and located very carefully on the homepage.

You can both find them practically and they already catch the attention when people first land on the page.

6. Pink

Pink is one of the risky colors when it comes to a CTA button, but when it is used correctly, it looks perfect.

Like all the colors, pink has meanings. These are warmth, love, tranquility, and nurture.

The ambiguous part of pink is that if you use pink more than needed, then it can bore people rigid.

Therefore, if you have a pink brand, maybe a second color might help based on the industry you belong to.

the homepage of Dunkin Donuts with a pink CTA button

As an example for the color pink, we present you Dunkin Donuts.

With an appetizing homepage, Dunkin Donuts has done a favor for itself by locating the buttons in the right places.

Visitors will visit the page and can easily realize the buttons though they are not huge, but greatly positioned and colored.

7. Black

Though you may think that black is a neutral color and can be ignored on the backdrop, there are effective examples.

Black is serious, strong, and direct.

The brands who use black for their brand identity in general want to convey the exact aim of their brand depending on their sector.

However, what is interesting is that the brands whose logos are not black can use black for their CTA buttons.

the Brevo homepage with black CTA button

We have chosen Brevo as the example.

The general outlook of the brand is green, but when we come to the CTA button, we find it black.

When we consider this detail, black is highly useful because the button and the brand create contrast.

Thus, people can find the button more easily in both locations.

To Wrap Up

Colors can help you with your life, habits, and business.

The most important part of deciding the colors is the time when you start your brand or business.

This is because you can shape your brand, brand identity, and brand perspective together easily.

However, deciding the CTA button color later on in the process might hold you.

But now, we hope that with the pieces of advice we provide and examples we have researched, you can find the right color for your brand.

You will always be calling your visitors to action with your color, which means, boosting your sales, increasing engagement, and maximizing your conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer the questions about the best CTA button color for you, and here are our specific additions.

Is Choosing the Best Color Enough for a CTA Button?

It changes. However, though you have a very impressive CTA button color, you still might need to take button size, shape, and text into consideration because they will enhance the effectiveness of your CTA button. The more attention-grabbing, the better.

Should a CTA Button Change Color Frequently?

A CTA button should fit your brand at first. Yet, depending on time, occasion, and special campaigns, the CTA button can change color. Of course, it still should fit the brand’s general design.

What to Avoid When Choosing CTA Button Colors?

Firstly, you should not choose different colors for your CTA button. A direct color to represent your brand is better. Then, your favorite color is not always the best color for your brand. You should contemplate your industry, brand goal, and target audience. The last but not the least, take care of what your users will think so you can use user testing while making a decision.

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