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15 Best Browse Abandonment Email Examples to Boost Sales

Browse abandonment is a shopper behavior that shouldn't be overlooked. By sending browse abandonment emails, you can win back those who lose interest while browsing your products.

You can discover the 15 best browse abandonment email examples and ready-to-use subject lines we have listed to get inspiration for your emails. We also included tips on how to send effective browse abandonment emails. 

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What is a Browse Abandonment Email?

Browse abandonment email is an automated email type used by businesses to re-engage users who have shown interest in their products or services by browsing their website but did not complete a purchase. 

These emails remind users of their abandoned browsing sessions and encourage them to return to the website to complete their purchases.

Unlike cart abandonment and checkout abandonment, which are the last steps of the customer's journey, browse abandonment is at the beginning of the process. 

It is about when they lose interest in your products while browsing them, so sending relevant emails to win them back is crucial. 

15 Best Browse Abandonment Email Examples

Let's discover the 15 best browse abandonment email examples with their subject lines and why they work. By exploring these, you can get inspiration and create your emails effectively.

1. Perc Coffee

A screenshot of Perc Coffee's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: Did something catch your eye?

Perc Coffee sends a short, to-the-point yet effective browse abandonment email. The subject line proposes a question, which is a great way to boost email open rates.

Then, the mail also starts with the question, "See something you liked?" and a clear image of the browsed product is given with its name. 

Below the product title, a CTA button, "View product," is given, and another CTA, "Continue shopping," is also included.

Perc Coffee's minimal browse abandonment email is a great example of reminding the product visitors displayed before and encouraging them to keep shopping with CTA buttons.

2. Judy

A screenshot of Judy's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: 👏 nice work 👏

Judy uses a short and attention-grabbing subject line that includes clapping emojis. 

After grabbing attention with this simple subject line, Judy starts its browse abandonment email with the headline "We saw you looking…" and a clear product image.

The headline is finished with "...and may we say, kudos!" below the image. The company congratulates its audience for browsing the emergency preparedness kits and states it was a great choice.

Rather than simply encouraging people to keep shopping, Judy appreciates their choice and uses a witty tone.

Below the appreciative description section, the CTA button "Get prepared" appears with an arrow to encourage visitors to "get prepared," which is buying the emergency kit.

Also, satisfied customer reviews with ratings are given as social proof at the end, and the "Get prepared" CTA link is included again. 

3. Feals

Subject line: Eyeing up the Gummies? 🍊

Feals uses an attractive subject line with a fruit emoji, which fits the brand's juicy gummies. 

Before getting into the headline and the body of the email, the header part includes a discount offer for the first order and a coupon code. Feals first promotes its offers to encourage visitors to engage.

Then, Feals emphasizes their products are natural and organic and starts the email content with a "What's in your Feals Gummies?" headline.

Details of the product are given with short sentences, bullet points, and relevant emojis throughout the email. Also, attention-grabbing CTAs "Get them for 10% off" and "Shop 10% off" are included. 

Once again, the brand emphasizes its irresistible offer on CTA buttons in its browse abandonment email.

4. Buffy

A screenshot of Buffy's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: Still looking?

Buffy also sends a subject line with a question to increase engagement. 

The email begins with the headline "Fluffytown is Waiting," and the description part encourages visitors to come back for butter-soft, sustainable bedding in a clear way.

Also, Buffy includes a photo of a person smiling and using their bedding products in this browse abandonment email.

A classic "Shop now" CTA button is also included in the photo. 

Then, satisfied customer reviews are included along with the product images on the left side and CTA buttons that take people to product pages. 

That way, Buffy aims to upsell and cross-sell its other products. 

5. Rareform

A screenshot of Rareform's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: You've got great taste.

Rareform also appreciates its audience with the subject line "You've got great taste." The email starts with the headline "Take another look" and a person using a Rareform bag and smiling. 

Also, the "Keep Browsing" CTA button that leads people to the product page is included at the beginning.

Rareform reminds people about products they browsed before at the start of the email, and to strengthen the relationship, it explains its values and key elements under the "Responsibly Repurposed" section.  

Once the details related to the brand are given, another "Keep Browsing" CTA button is included, but this time it has a black background. 

As Rareform does in this email, you can also try out CTA buttons with different colors or various copies in your email to see which one works best for your audience.

6. On

A screenshot of On's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: ☁️ We saw you looking...

On's browse abandonment email is a great example of a short, minimal, and to-the-point email. 

That it is about previous product browsements is given with the subject line "We saw you looking…" 

Then, the email straightforwardly begins with the headline "Free shipping, just for you*," and the description quickly explains the 30-day return policy.

The "Shop Now" button is included below the description, and recently viewed products are given with product images, names, and Shop Now buttons. 

That's all. On keeps the email short and sweet while reminding people about the products they viewed before.

7. Veronica Beard

A screenshot of Veronica Beard's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: Still Deciding?

Veronica Beard is another brand that uses a question format in its subject line and keeps it short. 

The email content is also short and to the point. It starts with a product image that shows the previously displayed product. Below the image, "Pick up where you left off…" is added, and the "Shop now" button is included.

Also, the brand includes its other products with clear images and descriptions to recommend its wide range of products.

If you don't want to overwhelm your audience with long email content, keeping it brief, like in this example, can be useful.

8. Cole Haan

A screenshot of Cole Haan's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: Open to see the styles curated for you

Cole Haan adds a touch of personalization to its subject line by saying, "curated for you." 

Including personalization words like these or addressing your customers with their names can be great to get their attention. 

The email starts with the question, "Like what you see?" the description includes a FOMO element by saying, "Bag this one before it's gone."

Sending FOMO marketing emails like this one can be useful for your browse abandonment email campaigns. 

Seeing that the product they browsed can be out-of-stock soon, people can encouraged to complete their purchase.

Cole Haan also includes a clear product image and another CTA button that says "Check Availability" to create FOMO again.  

9. Rael

A screenshot of Rael's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: We noticed you, noticing us. 😉

Rael uses a sincere tone in its subject line and includes a friendly emoji. 

The headline "We saw you checking us out" also includes an emoji and makes a sincere entrance. 

Below is a browsed product with pricing details and a CTA button: "Take another look."

Rael also displays recommendations with product images and descriptions and adds another CTA button, "Shop Now." 

Overall, the email has a sincere and colorful design, encouraging visitors to keep shopping without overwhelming them.

10. Snake River Farms

Subject line: You have great taste 👀

Snake River Farms refers to previously browsed items by saying, "You have great taste" in the subject line. 

The email starts with the headline "Something missing?" and the sub-headline says, "Have another look and bring it home today." This section has an attention-grabbing and catchy tone that can quickly boost sales.

Product images are included throughout the email, and an encouraging CTA button, "Get back to it," takes recipients to the product page.

Apart from the product recommendations and images, the company also encourages people to read about their approaches and standards with the "Learn more" button. 

11. Herschel Supply Co.

A screenshot of Herschel Supply Co.'s browse abandonment email example.

Subject line: Looking For Something?

Herschel Supply Co. uses a question in its subject line as well. The email also starts with an engaging question," Still Thinking About It?"

By saying, "It's still available - take another look," the brand promotes its products and emphasizes that they are still available. 

Then, there are previously browsed products along with their images, details, and "Shop Now" buttons. 

Instead of promoting only one product, Herschel lists various products to increase the chances of boosting sales. Overall, the email has simple and effective content focusing only on browse abandonment. 

12. Murad Skincare

A screenshot of Murad Skincare's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: We love the item you're looking at, too. 😍

Murad Skincare states they also love the item that their recipient was looking at in the subject line to form a better relationship and boost open rates first.

Then, the email begins with the headline "Still On Your Mind?" and says, "Beautiful skin is waiting!" That way, it is emphasized that people can get beautiful skin by purchasing these items.

Associating products with their benefits, like in this example, can be a useful move to encourage people to purchase.

The email includes a clear image of the product and its name and a classic yet effective "buy now" button.

This browse abandonment email example also promotes other products to upsell and emphasizes that there is a free shipping offer.

In the end, Murad promotes other offers like free samples, free shipping over $50, and the buy now, pay later option with relevant icons. 

13. TeePublic

A screenshot of TeePublic's browse abandonment email example

Subject line:  Small stuff, same big ideas.

TeePublic announces its free shipping offer at the top of the email and includes a "Shop now" link. Then, the actual email content begins with the headline "Come back and bundle."

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For those who abandoned their browsing, TeePublic offers product bundles to grab their attention and interest. With the CTA button "Bundle Now," recipients can quickly purchase the product bundle offer.

That way, the brand provides an irresistible offer to those who abandoned to recover them.

Also, the email includes other special brand offers, including "Shop now" buttons with quick details. Apart from providing a bundle, TeePublic also aims to upsell its other collections. 

While promoting your offers in browse abandonment emails, keep them short and focus on what certain customers who browsed certain products can be interested in.

14. Jord

Subject line: No One Gets Left Behind

Jord has a thoughtful subject line that says, "No one gets left behind." By attracting recipients with this remarkable subject line, Jord begins the email by saying, "Come back." 

After this persuasive tone, the description part says, "That's right, we saw you browsing. It made us blush!" 

It can be said that Jord uses a persuasive yet friendly tone to get the most out of this browse abandonment email campaign. 

Also, the sentence "Don't worry, we'll keep it safe for you" is excellent for forming better customer relationships. 

Apart from these conversational sections, Jord also promotes its product with an image, product, and price details. It is also stated that a limited quantity is available to boost FOMO and the sense of urgency.

15. Saatchi Art

A screenshot of Saatchi Art's browse abandonment email example

Subject line: The Artworks You Looked at Are Being Discovered

Saatchi Art uses a subject line that says other people are discovering artworks. That way, the company aims that their audience will get FOMO and fear that the artworks they browsed will be out-of-stock.

After grabbing attention with the FOMO subject line, Saatchi Art keeps the same tone by saying "High Sell-Out Risk," which can create more urgency.

With the headline "Complete your purchase today with 10% off", it offers a discount to its audience to complete their purchase.

The CTA button "Get my 10% off" is an encouraging one and takes people to use their discount. 

Browse abandonment can have so many reasons, like high prices, so offering a discount like this can be useful. 

Saatchi Art displays original artworks with images and details, along with "Check Availability" buttons, which signifies that these are in demand and may not always be available.

34 Browse Abandonment Email Subject Lines

Creating compelling subject lines can be the key to unlocking higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. 

So, let's explore some browse abandonment email subject lines that can make your emails stand out in crowded inboxes.

Personalized Product Recommendation Subject Lines

  • "Hey [Name], Spotted Something You'll Love?"
  • "Your Personalized Picks Await, [Name]!"
  • "Did You Forget Something, [Name]?"
  • "Take Another Look, [Name]! We've Got Recommendations Just for You."
  • "Spotlight on Your Favorites: Take Another Look!"
  • "Your Perfect Match Awaits – Dive Back In!"
  • "We Found Your Next Must-Have, [Name]!"
  • "Curated Just for You: Your Cart's Top Picks!"

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Sense of Urgency & FOMO Subject Lines

  • "Act Fast! These Items Are Selling Out!"
  • "Limited Time Only: Complete Your Purchase Now!"
  • "Don't Wait! These Items Won't Be Reserved Forever."
  • "Urgent: These Items Are Waiting – Grab Them Now!"
  • "Hurry Back: [Product] Won't Wait Forever!"
  • "Last Chance to Claim Your Cart – Time's Ticking!"
  • "Don't Delay: [Product] is in High Demand!"
  • "Urgent Reminder: Your Items Are Ready to Go!"

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Curiosity-Piquing & Mysterious Subject Lines

  • "Surprise Inside: Open to Discover!"
  • "Something Exciting Awaits You..."
  • "You Won't Believe What's Waiting for You!"
  • "Ready to Be Amazed? Click to Find Out!"

Problem-Solving Subject Lines

  • "Having Trouble Deciding? Let Us Help!"
  • "Struggling to Find the Perfect [Product]? We've Got You Covered!"
  • "Need Assistance? Our Experts Are Here to Guide You!"
  • "Stuck in Your Decision? Let Us Make It Easier for You."
  • "Stuck in Decision-Making? Your Cart Holds the Answer!"
  • "Decision Paralysis? Let This Guide Help You!"
  • "Need Help Choosing? Let Us Be Your Guide!"

Playful & Engaging Subject Lines

  • "Oops! Looks Like You Forgot Something – Let's Fix That!"
  • "Lost and Found: Your Items Are Waiting for You!"
  • "Don't Let Your Shopping Trip End Yet – We've Got More!"
  • "Ready for Round Two? Let's Complete Your Shopping Spree!"
  • "These Items Feel Lonely – Give Them Some Love!"
  • "Cart Adventures Await: Let's Pick Up Where You Left Off!"
  • "Don't Leave These Hanging – They Miss You!"

Tips for Effective Browse Abandonment Emails

Sending browse abandonment emails that resonate with recipients and drive conversions is essential. 

Here are some tips to help you create compelling browse abandonment emails:

  • Personalize your emails: Customize and personalize your messages to the recipient's browsing history and preferences to make them feel valued and understood.
  • Create compelling subject lines: Capture attention with engaging subject lines that clearly explain the value proposition of your email and encourage recipients to open.
  • Include dynamic product recommendations: Include relevant products based on the user's browsing behavior to increase the likelihood of conversion. That way, you can upsell and cross-sell your other products.
  • Offer discounts and coupon codes: Provide exclusive discounts, promotions, or free shipping offers to incentivize recipients to revisit the products they abandoned.
  • Optimize for mobile: Ensure your emails are mobile-friendly to reach users browsing smartphones or tablets.
  • Use clear and encouraging CTAs: Make it easy for recipients to take action by including encouraging and visually appealing call-to-action buttons that direct them back to your website and product pages.
  • Create a sense of urgency & FOMO: Encourage immediate action by highlighting limited-time offers or low stock availability to create a sense of urgency and FOMO.
  • Follow-up strategically: Implement a series of follow-up emails at strategic intervals to remind recipients of their browse abandonments and keep them engaged.
  • Use email automation: By sending automated emails, you can reach the target audience properly. If you own a Shopify store, you can use Popupsmart's email automation for Shopify to send automated emails with certain triggers and reduce browse abandonment rates.

Wrap Up

We gathered 15 browse abandonment email examples and 34 subject lines you can use to reach your audience in this blog post. 

You can create your emails by following the tips we listed and getting inspired by the examples of famous brands.

While creating these emails, focus on your audience's needs and interests and increase your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Send A Browse Abandonment Email?

The timing of sending a browse abandonment email can vary depending on your business and industry. However, sending the email within 24 hours of the browsing session is recommended. 

Sending the email promptly while fresh products are in the recipient's mind can increase sales and engagement.

What is a Browse Abandonment Flow?

A browse abandonment flow is a series of automated emails sent to users who have abandoned their browsing sessions on a website without completing a purchase. 

The flow typically includes multiple emails sent at strategic times, each designed to re-engage the user and encourage them to complete their purchase. 

Why are Browse Abandonment Emails Important?

Browse abandonment emails are important because they offer a second chance to capture sales from potential customers who have left a website without purchasing. 

By reaching out to these users with targeted emails, businesses can re-engage them and increase the likelihood of conversion.

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