# Exit-Intent Trigger

The exit-intent trigger is a behavioral technology that helps you detect visitors who attempt to leave a web page, then triggers a popup campaign to win them back.

So whether you want to keep them engaged on your website as much as possible or reduce your cart abandonment rate, you can set it in seconds and reach your conversion goal.

# How It Works

On desktop devices, the exit-intent technology determines the visitor behavior based on the user’s mouse movements. You can set the trigger’s intensity (low, medium, or high) to show visitors a targeted message depending on the intensity of their mouse movement speed.

On mobile, the technology works differently. It detects the exit intent based on the scroll speed upward the page. Note that to display your popup on mobile, you need to activate it for mobile devices. You can set it from Target > Visitor Device.

# How to Set Up the Exit-Intent Trigger

Step #1: Log in to your Popupsmart dashboard. Click on the campaign you want to add the trigger to, or click on the Create a New Popup button to create a new one.

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Step #2: Once the builder is opened, navigate to the Target section from the left bar. Click on Visitor Behavior and select On Exit Intent.

Where is popup show frequency

Step #3: Set up the intensity from the dropdown menu. You can choose to show your campaign independently from other targeting settings or not. Once it’s done, click on the Save button before closing the modal.

Where is popup show frequency

Step #4: After completing the settings of your campaign, proceed to the Publish section. In this step, you can configure additional options like Integrations, Respondent Email Notifications, Self Email Notification, and Google Analytics Integration.

Where is popup show frequency

Step #5: Now your exit-intent campaign is all set to Save to publish later or Save & Publish to set it live. Make sure to check your campaign’s status from the Dashboard. If it’s switched off, the campaign is deactivated or vice-versa.

# Exit-Intent for E-Commerce

Typically, the most common use case of the exit-intent trigger in e-commerce is reducing cart abandonment. Store owners target shoppers who attempt to leave with items left in their cart before completing the purchase.

You can use the trigger to show targeted campaigns like:

  • Coupon code
  • Special discount offer
  • An invitation to start a chat with your support agent
  • Lead magnet to get them to join your email list

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# Exit-Intent for Content Marketing

Another common use case of Popupsmart’s exit-intent technology is for content marketing or growing your email list. Oftentimes, website owners set a campaign trigger on their content pages to target readers with a special offer such as:

  • Signup free for a webinar
  • Download a free case study or an ebook
  • Book a consultancy call

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