How Segmentation Works?

We all know that the best way to show our popup campaign is related to finding the best segmentation along with the other designs.

After you have done with your customization and adjusted the style of your popup, it’s time to manage the segment to target the most related audience for your campaign.

Popupsmart has useful and direct segmentation options to help you reach your target.

Let’s learn how the segmentation of Popupsmart works!

1. Since we have created our campaign and made arrangements on the Customize and Style steps, click Segment to start.

choosing segment step

2. Since every template on Popupsmart’s template gallery, you come across a segment here. You need to click “Change” to see the other customization options.

change segment

If another current segment is available on this step, you can arrange it by clicking “Edit.”

3. A modal of Predefined Segments will show up, and you have options there. You can choose among the specific titles or create your own segment on “My Segments.”

predefined segments modal

4. When choosing “My Segments”, you need to click “Create.”

my segments

5. The first part of the Segment is “Audience,” where you can target your audience. Click “Add audience targeting” to reach the options.

audience segment part

6. The options for Audience targeting include different segmentation related to the device, location, website, language, and source of your audience.

audience targeting options

You can add more than one of them based on your needs.

7. The second part is “User Behavior,” where you can decide when to show your popup based on their behavior.

user behavior

8. You can see the User Behavior Targeting modal after clicking “Add user behavior targeting.”

user behavior targeting options

9. The last part is “Frequency Settings,” where the frequency of popup appearance is determined.

frequency settings

You can configure them on the related dropdowns. For more information about the frequency settings, please take a look at Popup Display Frequency Settings.

10. When you complete all the segments, you need to scroll up and click “Save” to save all the arrangements.

saving the segment

You can also see the Targeting Summary of your Custom Segment on the left side easily after you save the changes.

You’re ready to publish your popup with custom segmentation options.

Don’t forget that you need to decide your segmentation based on the behavior and timing of your audience to make the most of your campaigns.

Find your target audience and then segment for your campaigns.

While doing so, feel free to contact us if you have any questions in your mind.